Top 10 Dumb Decisions Made by Dragon Ball Characters

The Top Ten
1 Goku Giving Cell Sensu Bean

That's one of the reasons why Cell was super strong - ParkerFang

2 Buu Not Sharing the Pudding with Beerus

If he did it then the chaos wouldn't start - ParkerFang

3 Goku Wanting to Start the Tournament of Power Just to Fight Strong Guys
4 Goku Saying to Not Wish to Know Where DR Geros Hideout Is
5 Goku Giving Frieza His Energy on Namek
6 Vegeta Letting Cell Achieve His Perfect Form
7 Goku Not Killing DR Gero with the Rest of the Red Ribbon Army
8 Vegeta Defeating Goku Instead of Letting Him Fight Majin Buu
9 Goku Opting to Train Instead of Fighting Semi Perfect Cell
10 Yamcha Underesting the Saibamen
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