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1 Erza and Jellal

I shipped them from the getgo. these two just created that atmosphere ya know? and the turtoil they both must have gone through while he was Seigrain! the almost kiss is proof enough but enough it would have been good for him I wonder if she would have given in or punched him in the face?

Jellal and Erza Are both opposite but like What others said "both opposites attracts and the same Repel to each other".

They were always meant to be together! I love how he brings out the girl in her and she makes him more shy and bashful!

They care for one another and work so well together one keeping the other good. Without one another their lost..

2 Juvia and Gray

Do y'all mind if I set this straight? Escpecially you Clorox bleach guy. GRUVIA is one thing that gives me a reason to live. So I can find love like that one day :)
Look this is my OTP and here's my reason why:
Gray showed Juvia the sun for the first time in her life. They trust each other so much. That's the reason why they are able to do Unison Raids. Plus they are so compatible. Ice and water? Mashima has shipped this from the start. Plus GRAY CONFESSES HIS FEELINGS IN CH 545! CANON BOOM.
Plus Juvia makes Gray stronger and vice versa. They're fueled by their feelings for each other. The thought of Juvia stops Gray from casting iced shell on his dad and the idea of Meredy killing Gray fuels Juvia to protect him. Their feelings are obvious. And in Chapter 499 Gray says quote "I could never bring my self to hurt a comrade... no the thought of hurting YOU any further I... " This shows Gray holds Juvia at a higher position than a comrade. Why? Because he loves her! And when ...more

Clorox Bleach was looking for this pairing... It killed itself before getting near it... It is that terrible...

Juvia is my favorite character, and Gray is beautiful. I mean, it's ice and water! I love this ship!

Even Mashima post just a few times ago a pic for a Juvia Day! He really seems to love this pair.

3 Levy and Gajeel

This should be #1 since Levy is the only on to kiss there lover in the 277 episodes that are currently out (excluding the 2 gunners, they get married and have a kid so I ain't counting it), and yes, Levy is 100% in love with Gajeel as this is brought up a few times in the later arcs. there was even a question stating who does Levi have a crush on and she answers in the anime, though its not audible, you can tell her answer is Gajeel by looking at her lips when they do the close up.

I thought this will be at least in the top 10, because it's actually very popular. But well, it doesn't change that I love this ship, their evolution and their relationship. It wasn't a surprise that they're become canon, but I'm really happy about it.

This ship should be higher! I think they have a beautiful relationship, based on forgiveness and trust. I'm so happy they're canon (although it was always clear they would be) and that they become parents.

Levy and gajeel are just the best! They fit like a key in a keyhole! I love how their relationship has grown all throughout the manga/anime. They are, hands down, my all time favorite fairy tail ship!

4 Natsu and Lucy

How can you not ship these 2 after everything they have been through together? At this point it would make no sense for them to be with anyone else especially after Natsu told Lucy they would be together forever or always be together from now on.

He doesn't like to go out and do jobs without Lucy. They're together 99% of the time. They basically live together. Its clear as day they have feelings for one another.

They are always there when the other one needs them.

Natsu got Jealous when other people hit on Lucy so he burned them. Lucy calmed Natsu down when he lost control and told him "Its alright, I'm here" and he calmed down.

Lucy almost died rewriting the book of END to save Natsu's life and was devastated when he disappeared with Acnologia balling her eyes out.

Just from the very beginning it was clear these 2 were perfect for each other and it's a great ship.

The #1 ship in my opinion and it would make no sense for either of them to end ...more

Since the first episode it was clear they were meant to be. Honestly they are so perfect for each other. Lucy is quite stubborn and gets annoyed with Natsu easily but, she clearly cares about him and his feelings. A few times Lucy could have DIED but Natsu kept fighting for her and saving her. Lucy also fantasized about Natsu confessing a few times. Natsu has risked his life more times for Lucy than I can count and more than anyone else in the guild! I hope they will one day make another episode, like an epilog, where they ship NaLu and other ships I love but they never have in the show. This ship is my favorite ship of all of the fandoms I'm in.

- the real life, female reincarnation of Natsu

Sincerely, Mashima-sensei has created many moments where Natsu is about to confess to Lucy, but we all know Mashima loves throwing curve-balls. Take the end of Fairy Tail season 9 for example. Natsu has to tell Lucy something and says,"nevermind." Nalu also has had many more couple moments compared to all the other couples. They have been best friends for many years(counting the 7-year skip) and it has been shown that both obviously like each other more than 'friends.' Mashima has also said himself in Germany that he was planning on putting Nalu together at the END of Fairy tail(Until Next Generation).

It can be seen that ever since the Tenrou Island arc, Natsu has been showing feelings towards Lucy. He cares about her and always cares about her safety first before his own. I mean, haven't you guys seen the latest Fairy Tail chapters? Also, Lucy looks up to Natsu and she has always believed in him. She has also begun to show some feelings for him in the latest chapters.

5 Zeref and Mavis

They are my favorite couple because their story is the best. At the end, Mavis learned to love Zeref, and she killed him. Zeref loved Mavis, and he killed her. Although they both died, this was a happy ending. I'm sorry for spoiling the story.

They're enemies now. Furthermore, Zeref's awesome, but Mavis wimps too much. She just keeps pestering and crying, it's so weak. ( I mean mentally, I know she's one of the most powerful Fairy Tail characters and all...)

That is my favourite couple! I like Zeref and Mavis so much! They also have kissed together!

Even though they are enemies they will become a couple. Even if it takes decades.

6 Elfman and Evergreen

I wonder there not so popular like NaLu for example. But seriously, they deserve more screen time, at least as much as the big 4. And by the way, can ship them with other persons than each other? I really can't, they're so perfect together.

Why isn't it on this list already? It's one of the most touching and funny ships in Fairy Tail!

This ship is my fave

7 Mirajane and Laxus

I can tell they like each other.

8 Erik and Kinana

Kinabra is really a lovely couple and not that disgusting like some people maybe think. Sure, she was his snake, but originally she was human and Cobra considered her as his friend, not his pet (he said it himself). And I don't think he fell in love with her because she was his snake. No, he surely wanted to know the girl who was his snake and then he fell in love with the person she is NOW! Sure this couple has not many moments, but what I know from those two, I believe this relationship is based on trust for eachother, still some friendship and acceptance. So I believe Kinabra is actually a good and adorable couple.

Although it has more moments in the anime, this couple is really cute, kinda hot and has potential. I really love it. And they're canon at the end of the manga, so let's hope we will see more about this relationship in the anime.

I think this couple is pretty sweet and kinda hot. Their moment in the filler arc was also very touching and I'm curious how they began their relationship. Hopefully, we'll see it in the anime.

This couple is very touching, a bit tragic like Jerza but still different from Jerza. Their scene in the filler arc was really adorable with Erik who denying knowing Kinana to save her from jail. I'm glad that they're surprisely canon and I'm curious how it will be in the anime.

9 Happy and Carla

I love this couple! Ever since the Edolas Arc I've been a hardcore shipped of Happy X Carla! Why? Happy defended her from Nabi and Nichiya, and when Erza Nightwalker was going to kill Carla! Also, after this arc, there was so many adorable moments!

I guess they're both a couple because they're both exceeds?

I love cats and happy does liike carla. Carla does too but she hides it.

10 Alzack and Bisca

Surely not popular, but I have the feeling that this ship is one of the rare ships who aren't hated.

I think we can all agree that this ship is really pure.

One of the rare ship that all at least like.

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11 Macbeth and Meredy

They really complete each other. Meredy could open up to Macbeth and I can imagine someone calm like him at her side.

I know that Meredys most popular ship is with Lyon, but I really prefer her mit Macbeth. There is someting special about this ship.

I like Lyredy, but I really prefer Meredy with Midnight/Macbeth. They seem to more complete each other, in my opinion.

They could really fit together, I really love this idea.

12 Wendy and Romeo

I think they would be super cute together, they give each other a sortable balance.

I want to see them having a crush on each other.

Wendy always cares about everyone even Romeo. Here's a song for Wendy & Romeo"Wendy and Romeo sitting in a tree K I S S I N G. There in L O V E spells love. HA HA HA!

This couple is kawaii!

13 Sherry and Ren

Their cute and canon

14 Mest and Wendy

Yeah, the age difference is big, but that's not a bad thing. Just let Wendy get older, then this friendship have the possibility to become love. I actually love the relationship between those two and with older Wendy, I actually can see them as a couple.

Ok I know what you are going to say Wendy is a young girl and Mest is to older then her but if you remember correctly Wendy came from 400 years from the past so she is exactly older then Mest. He genially cares about her shown plenty of times just have Wedny grow up in both mentally and physically then they should be together

With little Wendy, it's a cute brother-sister relationship. With older Wendy, it would be an adorable couple.

They already have a great relationship. If Wendy gets older, they could maybe become a couple.

15 Wendy and Chelia

They have a healthy relationship in their friendship and when they grow older, they can become a beautiful couple.

Friendship or Love, those girls are just cute together.

They have a great chemistry.

Aw come on it's so cute

16 Scorpio and Aquarius

I always laugh when I see Aquarius become a softie around Scorpio. This is really one of the most cute ship.

The only reason I like this is because she is so a softy around Scorpio.

They're the first to be cannon and the most cannon after Alzack and Bisca

17 Sting and Rogue

Their like ying and yang, complete opposites but the go together so well. It's practically impossible to think about one without think about the other, they come as a pair. They trust each other so much that Rogue has no fear of giving into his shadow as long as Sting's there because he would never let that happen.
They undoubtly have the best teamwork in all of the series, and this is not just limited to unision raids (which despite being described as extremely difficult to master, to them it's just like any other spell), they work in perfect synchronisation with each other.

18 Rogue and Yukino

It's not very popular, but I think this couple could have worked. He was the only one who cares for her as a Nakama when she was banished from Sabertooth, I began to ship them since then. Also, it's really some poetic couple, like "a star can only shine bright in the darkness".

It's sad that this ship is so underrated, they really seem complete each other perfectly. And besides, it's rare to see a poetic couple like this.

In my opinion, they could match perfectly. Well, others has different opinion and they're not official, but that doesn't mean a ship can't be loved. So I just love Rokino

For me, Yukino is better with Rogue than Sting. They're both calm and at the same time, they complete eachother, a bit with stars and darkness.

19 Laxus and Cana

Mira and erza obvi. and like we all know laxus is a douche bag. plus cana and laxus have so much more potential character growth together. she can get laxus to lossen up a bit and laxus might slow down her drinking. but there was no erza and mira so this is good too. jellal tried to kill her to make "peace" so I don't know why the HELL she still loves him. like bruh if the person who I once loved and then he tried to kill me and my friends asked me out. Dude, I's sing the no song by megan trainor. thank you, next

I laughed when I saw it was teased in the last chapter. But I still love this badass ship, it doesn't need to be canon for that.

They seem to get along very well. And they really look hot and badass, what's cool.

I really can see them together, this is a badass ship.

20 Sawyer and Sorano

I know, this is a totally crackship, but I just love them together. Their personalities seems to match very well with eachother.

That would be a badass couple, it's sad that this ship is so underrated.

That's an interesting ship! I wish it would be a bit better know.

After the panel in chapter 542, I began to love this ship.

21 Lisanna and Bixslow

I don't ship it because I want Lisanna out of the way of NaLu (this is a wrong reason for shipping). I ship it because I think they would look great together and because fanarts & fanfics convinces me to love it. Bixanna is really a cool ship.

I really love this ship, it seems badass and cute at the same time.

It's cute and funny, I really love those two together.

22 Wally and Millianna

At least, it's semi-canon to me, because Wally had obviously a crush on Millianna during the Tower of Heaven arc.

I ship this since the tower of heaven arc. It's sad that is so underrated, because it's obviously a cute ship.

I think this ship should at least be considered as semi-canon, since Wally has a crush on Millianna.

I really want to see more about them, even in fanfictions and fanarts. This couple is one of the cutest ship in Fairy Tail.

23 Lucy and Lisanna

That's a nice yuri ship. Besides, it's a break with those NaLu vs. NaLi fights.

24 Loke and Aries

They have a great relationship and they're really cute together.

Aries is maybe the only girl Loke is in love with.

Lories is the cutest ship in Fairy Tail.

25 Laxus and Sorano

Um... why not! It looks actually hot.

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