Most Annoying Romance Anime Cliches

I just finished watching Comet Lucifer and was really disappointed. Then I decided to make a list of romance cliches that this and other anime have. These cliches can be good or bad but they're always in these romantic anime! This list will specifically be focusing on the bad sides of these romance anime cliches that aren't very good.

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1 Physical Assault On Men Physical Assault On Men

I totally agree. A woman assaulting a man isn't any different from a man assaulting a woman. And what? Just because they accidentally looked at a revealing part of your body. What annoys me the most is how they justify this behavior. The only anime in which I like the tsundere trope is Maid-Sama. Misaki is the tsundere of the series, but they don't exactly justify her behavior (just watch episode 2). With Usui, it's okay... - listotaku17

"Annoying Romance Anime Cliche"? This is an Annoying Real Life Cliche!

This "everything a woman does is fine" attitude needs to stop. Sincerely, A Woman

I only like girl hitting guy scene when the guy is doing some seriously bad things...

2 Main Character Doesn't Know When Someone Loves Them Main Character Doesn't Know When Someone Loves Them

Oh we all saw this one coming. Most anime have this cliche. It's when a girl or guy can't tell that people are attracted to them and just act clueless. Even though it's so obvious that the person loves them, for some reason they just can't tell at all. - RoseRedFlower

3 Teenagers Fall In Love Teenagers Fall In Love

I'm an adult and I can't help but notice so many romance anime take place in teenage years. Yeah I can assure you that in real life, most people don't end up marrying the guy they were with in high-school. They pretty much separate during college. - RoseRedFlower

4 Love Triangle Love Triangle

Some love triangles feel super forced. However, there are the very rare anime that get the love triangle really good. Most of them just ruin and and over use it though.

Just when the pair of lovers seem to be growing closer, BAM! Someone random comes in and loves the main character. Then we have a love triangle on our hands! And it's really obviously as to who the main character will pick because we saw the MC fall in love with the lead. - RoseRedFlower

This is one of the most annoying things in romantic anime's
just when my ship was about to sail BOOM! another stranger comes in and falls in love the character.And then we will be having ship fights of which of them were better with the main character.I AM SO PISSED WITH THESE THINGS! they won't just let the two supposed to be couples characters just be together and no one disturbing them its just plain annoying!

5 Childhood Friend Rejection Childhood Friend Rejection

Sayori: You got me on that one.

Your Lie In April :v

The dreaded friend zone area. And pretty much anyone who ends up a childhood friend doesn't get the person they love. It happens all the time and I just end up feeling sorry for the childhood friend. You know they love the person but then they're rejected. - RoseRedFlower

6 Perfect Love Interest Perfect Love Interest

Whether female or male, it's the perfect love interest. They're gorgeous, they have a great personality and have zero flaws! - RoseRedFlower

Yep these things annoy me the most.I hate love interest in anime but when the main character dosen't like him or her then we're screwed

7 The Ending Is Predictable The Ending Is Predictable

These anime end up having one of two endings.
1. The Main Character and Love Interest get together
2. They don't get together because they're too dense to notice - RoseRedFlower

Even though it’s romantic and predictable, it’s still a good anime to watch. (EXAMPLE: IF YOU’RE READING A BOOK WITH THE SAME GENRE IT’S PREDICTABLE.) maybe that was a bad example... 😛

8 Harem Forms Harem Forms

I really got annoyed with this stuff. I mean, can't you just make one girl fall in love with just one boy? Why do all the girls have to go for the same guy? It's really irritating!

There's nothing I find more annoying then watching a nice romance form and then suddenly everyone is in love with the main character. It's either for no good reason, a stupid reason or doesn't know how humans work. - RoseRedFlower

Like Sword Crap Online - TwilightKitsune

Most harem anime just suck. - HoneyClover

9 Pervert Scene Pervert Scene

Also don't forget hentai and sex!

There's always that awkward scene where the two lovers see or do something perverted by accident. I'm sure just by reading this, there's already a scenario in your head. - RoseRedFlower

What is going on in that picture?

You can predict when this scene happens and you get ready for the disappointment. - HoneyClover

10 Transfer Student Transfer Student

There's a lot of times when there's a new transfer student that either is the main character or love interest. So you instantly know who's going to fall in love. Yet what I find strange is why people always seem to obsess over the new student. - RoseRedFlower

The Contenders

11 Kiss Interruption Kiss Interruption

It's that very moment when your favourite ship of all time are about to kiss, and then someone interrupts it to ask the guy or girl something. It seriously breaks my heart!

That one time when our favourite ship are so close to kissing, and someone or something interrupts them. Example: a phone call (the most cliche out of the cliches)

12 Both People are Clueless About How They Feel About Each Other Both People are Clueless About How They Feel About Each Other
13 Beach Episode Beach Episode

- TheDuttyGyal

Either they're good or bad. Usually a bit annoying and just fanservice. Every now and then you find a good one but most are mediocre.

14 Love Denial Love Denial

Honestly, this is like in every love story. A character would be in denial when people ask them if they like someone.

15 Useless Female Love Interest Useless Female Love Interest

Like Sakura

This really gets on my nerves when the girl is just a love interest, besides whining & being useless. Bland character which pisses me off.

16 Rescue Romance Rescue Romance

Easily one of my most hated cliches of all time. Why does there have to be a romance when a hero rescues someone? Barf. You can rescue someone without going lovey-dovey. This is why I am so afraid of saying "Thanks for saving me" because of this awful trope.

17 Unrequited Love Unrequited Love
18 Tsunderes Tsunderes

Why why why out of the all the much nicer girls that could end up with the guy, it’s always the angry, rude and abusive brat that gets him in the end?! Louise, Haruhi, Naru, Akane, Kagome, Taiga, Kyou (if you do the sisters route), the list goes on and on. There is nothing ‘cute’ about a bratty girl who beats you to a pulp if you dare do something she doesn’t like and screeches at you 24/7!

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