Top 10 Annoying Things About Super Smash Bros Brawl

In my opinion Super Smash Bros Brawl was better than Super Smash Bros Melee though many would strongly disagree, despite this Brawl like Melee was not without its constant announces.

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1 Your Character Randomly Slips for No Reason

Seems like Diddy Kong put tons on banana peels on the maps. - GehennaTheSecond

This is super annoying as you randomly slip for no apparent reason and this happens more often than not and always at the worst possible time. - egnomac

They call that "Random Tripping" and this entry should be named that as well. - LarkwingFlight

Diddy KKOOONNG! - GehennaTheSecond

2 Using the Wii Remote Controls are Real Awkward to Use

I don't really like the Wii, and the controller is one of the biggest reasons for that - kempokid

Stick to using the game cube controller instead. - egnomac

3 Zero Suit Samus Not Being Selectable

Thankfully this was fixed in Smash 4 Zero Suit Samus was a new character yet you could only play as her after using the smash ball attack. - egnomac

4 Too Many Moving Stages

They really went overboard with the moving stages in Brawl. - egnomac

5 The New Pork City Stage is Too Big

Not only is it the largest stage in the game but it makes stock matches go really really long. - egnomac

6 Unlocking Zero Suit Samus's Trophy in Classic and All Star Mode is Ridiculously Difficult

The reason it's so difficult and the disadvantages of not having Zero Suit Samus selctable is the only way to play as Zero Suit Samus is to obtain the Smash ball during play which is annoying as the smash ball appears almost too rarely during Classic or All Star mode. - egnomac

7 Rumble Falls Stage Moves Way Too Fast at Times

Worst map in the game

At least the stage is kind enough to warn you when the stage is about to move fast but it still doesn't change the fact that this stage is impossible to have a decent match as with the Icicle Mountain stage you spent more time moving up then fighting. - egnomac

8 No Reward for Clearing All the Event Battles

Whats the point of clearing all the event battles if there's no reward for it. - egnomac

9 Having to Replay Classic Mode to Unlock All of the Trophies of a Single Character

For example Zelda, Pokemon Trainer and Samus, though in Melee when you cleared Classic or Adventure Mode with Zelda you unlocked both her and Shieks trophy but in brawl you have to clear them a second time as Shiek and the same goes for Pokemon Trainer by beating the game with Charizard, Squirtle and Ivysaur and the same goes for Zero Samus. - egnomac

10 The All Star Mode is Too Long

You should see Smash 4's. It's WAY Worse. - Drawbox

The Contenders

11 Overhyped 3rd Party Characters

Granted, here it was just Sonic and Snake, but then one of the biggest criticisms of the next game was Snake's absence and his return for the newest game dominates all discussion thereof.

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