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1 They get really mean for the dumbest reasons

My special ed teacher in high school got mad at me for the following reasons:

-another kid put stuff in my backpack
-messy classroom
-me doing my homework
-being 1 second late
-delivering a pizza
-attempting to get seconds during a class holiday party
-having the wii remote for more than 10 seconds during a game of wii sports
-expressing my own interests
-using the computer
-having fun in graderoom
-having our backpacks with us
-joking around with friends
-drawing pictures
-another kid trashed a different classroom
-trying to explain my side of the story
-accepting gifts from other teachers
-visiting my favorite teacher

I am sure there are many more reasons, but I can't remember them all...

So, my 4th grade brother and I get together sometimes at night to talk about how teachers are so dumb. He told me that today, he saw some kid who raised his hand to get up and go to the lunch line to get some chips. She said yes. On his way back to his seat, this super old lunch monitor stops him and tells him he can't get up without permission. The kid tells the super old lunch monitor that he asked another monitor who said yes. She then says something absolutely idiotic. " No, you ask me. " Then she takes away his chips, which he bought with his own money and makes him go sit down. Don't even get me started on Ms. Thompson. She yells at everything any kid does and when you're crying she says, " GET UP, LETS GO, ALISA! " She doesn't even care and puts you on the wall just for speed-walking. JUST LET ME GO LADY, I GOTTA CLASS TO GET TO. Then, the teachers make us sign a " not prepared " binder for not having the right stuff even when they tell us to hurry it up! Ugh... I just wanna be ...more

When I was in 1st grade my teacher got mad at me because my shoes where squeaking because it was raining and took me into the hallway for it then said that I said I wanted to go in the hallway when I didn't. Then another time a girl ran into me and took me to say I was sorry and held me their and my mom and older sister saw it and then I ran out crying all the way home. I was so happy that my sister made her cry at a parent-teacher meeting and if I see her in the store I glare at her.

I have ADHD, and it's difficult for me to concentrate on something for long periods of time, and I looked around for literally a second, and my English teacher immediately tells me to get back to work.

Another time, I was checking the time on my phone because I can't read the clocks on the wall very well(I'm much more used to digital clocks), and the teacher immediately tells me to put my phone away.

2 When you don't have your homework and give them a good reason why you don't have it, they still get mad

You might have it in your locker and you still get a demerit?!

Yes I had a teacher who did

That's very dumber think

Me: We had family time
Teacher: Still have demerit
Teacher: Still a demerit
Me: Ffâ€"

3 They brag about a student

English is the only subject I am good and my teacher constantly praises and compare with the rest of the students in the class, it's really embarrassing and it makes me not want to be good in the subject anymore.

They bragged about me to the other students, but they bragged about an autistic kid to me.

(When I was in high school, a kid brought in the latest Apple product to school)
Special Ed teacher: Look class, (insert students’ name here) got a new toy!

It just annoys me

4 They don't do anything about you getting bullied

Ugh, how I hate bullies! Bullying is just as bad as other crimes and should be considered a crime itself, it shouldn't remain unpunished! So many bullied kids get unfairly punished and the bullies always get away with it! Argh, it makes me furious!

All in the 4th grade me and my 2 friends were getting bullied and we kept asking and asking them to stop it and guess what? One of US moved classes not them and the teachers always are mean to us

This should be number one. One time in math I was being bullied by a few jerks and I reported it to the teacher but the teacher didn't do anything(then again he was a substitute but that's still no reason to not do anything about it)

And then they get mad when you stop it yourself. It's like some of them like you being miserable - Unnamed Google User Remade

5 Whenever you have had a really long tiring day in the afternoon then they bring out that you have homework
6 They give you around 4 hours of homework

I used to spend my weekends doing what I wanted to do on my own accord, but now I have a teacher who gives a ton of homework and doesn't teach well, so we have to study everything on our own and teach ourselves how to do things. He gives so much homework, even FOUR HOURS would sound good to us. I usually spend about six hours doing homework.

I got 16 hours of homework per day in 3rd grade. Now, I get 45 hours of homework per day in 7th grade.

No you don't

I had to read SEVEN CHAPTERS for my online classes last week!

7 Dumb punishments

I got forced to wear a diaper in my middle school special education in front of the whole class due to a stupid potty accident strict rules

True. When I was in 1st grade kids had to face the back of the classroom while standing on a small piece of carpet with an x duct taped onto it if they were being bad. I have been sent there quite a few times.

True I hate it when they get mad at you for stupid reasons like once when I was holding the door open in January and I was trying to be nice

and this is why the paddle was removed from schools, in fact I prefer getting hit by a paddle than sitting for 2 HOURS looking at an ugly fat teacher say a stupid speech in detention

8 When it's the first time you have not brought in your homework yet they get extremely mad at you
9 They always want quiet

I had a teacher who would scream "SHUT UP" every 2 minutes, even when there is no talking.

Well I kind of understand them about that.

I hate that so much


10 "Let's talk about" conversations that go on about for 30 minutes

Especially the lectures about behavior. They don' teach us anything. All it does is waste 30 minutes of our lives when we could've been learning stuff or doing homework!

They are like human talking Angela's

Eh, it wastes time so I don't mind it

There goes 30 minutes of our lives :(

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? They act full of themselves just because they run the classroom
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11 They never understand
12 When you ask to go to the the bathroom and then they say why didn't you go on the last break when it was about 3 hours ago.

Right now I'm in 5th, and our teacher is HORRIBLE about this! "Why didn't you go at lunch recess? " Wow, good question! "Because I have a life." And I didn't need to! Freak, just LEMME GOOO.

I'm not allowed to use the bathroom, even during break, then they say that.

13 They mispronounce your name too

I honestly hate this. It makes me so annoyed. My Maths teacher is the only one to mispronounce it. My name is Sidney and of course, you know how to say that. She pronounces it as: Side-knee. She even sometimes calls me 'Side' instead of Sid when calling me the shorter version. Got detention once for screaming at her while telling her how to pronounce it!

My Spanish teacher can’t pronounce my name if her life depended on it. Heck, my whole class corrects her and then she says they are wrong and butchers my name. Oh yeah, and we get daily referrals for correcting her

Ugh, I hate this. My name is Tayo (the a sounds like an I) and my teacher always says it wih a long A. And people who no my name ask how to spell it. PEOPLE WHO KNOW ME!

My teachers constantly misspell my last name

14 They don't let you go to the bathroom when you really have to go

My math teacher does this. There's a rare chance that she'll let me go to the bathroom though.

I wish we could wear diapers to school because of this

Me: Mr. Johnson (not my teacher’s name), can I use the bathroom?
Teacher: I don't know, can you?
Me: MAY I use the restroom?
Teacher: no
Me: >:(

It's true, even my friends pee in their pants and when it does the teacher will say "it's your fault" how idiotic

15 They think you do something that is bad when you did not

I was put in lunch detention for bullying when I never even bullied anybody! The kid that told the teachers that I was bullying her probably thought that me and my friend(Whom didn't get in trouble) were laughing at her when my friend and I were probably laughing at something funny that happened to me or said friend in the past or at a joke one of us made. Still, I told the teachers that I didn't bully that student. Guess what? Still got lunch detention anyway!

My friends AirDropped 3 images to me which I don't want, which were drawings of silly things. My teacher saw it and said I can't use the computer for the rest of the week. On the same week with Parent Conferences.

In high school another kid trashed a classroom AND THE TEACHERS ALL FRAMED ME FOR IT! Later, surveillance tapes proved my innocence.

I think this kinda means naive. but here's the tip,speak to the teacher FIRST and do not let the bully speak first or,the teacher will believe you. i think this is the teachers now. very naive. also,doesn't mean I laugh doesn't mean I already done it. i was kind of laughing and,that means I was close to crying.i'm very sensitive,guys. also,i am a bully. but doesn't mean that I'm a bully doesn't mean I'm the big bad always,also.i'm 8th at the class and because they think I'm the suspect of the incident,i became 13th. i can't speak to the psychologist,because. i have social phobia. you confused now? I am a bully and I have social phobia,i can't talk to strangers because,i have paranoia. if I get to know the strangers in days. i can talk about him/her. that's it,i'm sorry if I'm talkative much

16 They talk for the whole period, and never let you get work done. Then, they complain that it's not finished.

That’s exactly what happened when my 1st pd teacher was out 1 day. The sub rambled on bout how she felll from the bleachers, how the flu was dangerous, and how her immune system was weak (she got one of the nicest people in trouble for sneezing IN HER SLEEVE). I just copied my notes off of the answer key she handed everyone absentmindedly. And then she gives our class 2 detentions because one guy was messing around on his chromebook

Mays science teacher was mad at us instead of the sub

So true I thought I was the only one that noticed this


17 They won't accept the fact that you have a life outside school

Sometimes, I had so much homework that I couldn't spend time with friends whom I hadn't seen in a long time.

Once I had so much homework that I couldn't spend time with my aunt and grandmother who were both visiting from CA at the time.

18 They take pride in killing trees

Then they complain that students do it

My teachers are paid to do it.

19 They lose your homework and claim you didn’t turn it in
20 They treat you like a little kid but expect you to act like an adult

Perfect description of my high school special ed teacher:

Forces us to act our age, but makes us learn kindergarten math.

My teacher makes us watch only Disney movies and that gets old quickly.

21 They tell you not to be on your phone when they are on their phones

No kidding, my teachers are ALWAYS on their phone in class

This doesn’t even make sense like we can’t use our phones but they use it right in front of us

22 They show favoritism towards mean kids and punish good kids

This should be first. Teacher favoritism is extremely damaging in a school and it has left my impression of a few teachers permanently marred. - railfan99

When I was in high school I had a special ed teacher who would constantly reprimand me, the good kid, for nothing.

23 They always think they are right
24 They never listen
25 They will punish the whole class because of one person

One time in my choir class, my teacher punished the whole class even though only a few students were misbehaving

This always happens to my class, we got 6 detentions! Is there anymore!? We still muck around in detention and it's so annoying! I like my class but I hate bitches

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