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1 They get really mean for the dumbest reasons

When I was in 1st grade my teacher got mad at me because my shoes where squeaking because it was raining and took me into the hallway for it then said that I said I wanted to go in the hallway when I didn't. Then another time a girl ran into me and took me to say I was sorry and held me their and my mom and older sister saw it and then I ran out crying all the way home. I was so happy that my sister made her cry at a parent-teacher meeting and if I see her in the store I glare at her.

I got in trouble for doing work from a different subject after I finished all my work. I was so pissed. And a boy who chews gum in class is just told to spit it out... Talk about inequality. - ArtyLily

Once in a geography lesson the teacher was talking normally, and then she suddenly started screaming at a student who was disrupting the class. This was my face for the entire time she was screaming: O_O

So scary! - Wolftail

My teacher gave my detention for a tiny laugh and this one kid starts making annoying noises every day and plays with the lights and runs around and acts dumb, never gets detention. The teacher laughed at him! She didn’t discipline him! Talk about unfairness!

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2 When you don't have your homework and give them a good reason why you don't have it, they still get mad

You might have it in your locker and you still get a demerit?!

That's very dumber think - belarbi

3 They brag about a student

They bragged about me to the other students, but they bragged about an autistic kid to me.

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4 They don't do anything about you getting bullied

All in the 4th grade me and my 2 friends were getting bullied and we kept asking and asking them to stop it and guess what? One of US moved classes not them and the teachers always are mean to us

If they did there wouldn't be people committing suicide due to bullying at school! !

This should be number one. One time in math I was being bullied by a few jerks and I reported it to the teacher but the teacher didn't do anything(then again he was a substitute but that's still no reason to not do anything about it)

5 Whenever you have had a really long tiring day in the afternoon then they bring out that you have homework
6 They give you around 4 hours of homework

I got 16 hours of homework per day in 3rd grade. Now, I get 45 hours of homework per day in 7th grade.

No you don't

7 When it's the first time you have not brought in your homework yet they get extremely mad at you
8 Dumb punishments

True in January I got into trouble for holding the door open at the end of the day and the teacher said don't hold the door open your letting the heat out, I was doing that to be nice

True I hate it when they get mad at you for stupid reasons like once when I was holding the door open in January and I was trying to be nice

True once they took my water bottle away for the rest of the year because I was playing with it like a gun

True once I got into trouble for playing a game near the end of the school year and they tell me I am not allowed to play games that aren't math related I think they should of told me at the beginning ot the year noy at the end of the year

9 They always want quiet

I had a teacher who would scream "SHUT UP" every 2 minutes, even when there is no talking.

Well I kind of understand them about that.

10 "Let's talk about" conversations that go on about for 30 minutes

They are like human talking Angela's - Ihateschool

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? They lose your homework and claim you didn’t turn it in

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11 When you ask to go to the the bathroom and then they say why didn't you go on the last break when it was about 3 hours ago.

I'm not allowed to use the bathroom, even during break, then they say that.

Right now I'm in 5th, and our teacher is HORRIBLE about this! "Why didn't you go at lunch recess? " Wow, good question! "Because I have a life." And I didn't need to! Freak, just LEMME GOOO.

12 They think you do something that is bad when you did not

I was put in lunch detention for bullying when I never even bullied anybody! The kid that told the teachers that I was bullying her probably thought that me and my friend(Whom didn't get in trouble) were laughing at her when my friend and I were probably laughing at something funny that happened to me or said friend in the past or at a joke one of us made. Still, I told the teachers that I didn't bully that student. Guess what? Still got lunch detention anyway!

I think this kinda means naive. but here's the tip,speak to the teacher FIRST and do not let the bully speak first or,the teacher will believe you. i think this is the teachers now. very naive. also,doesn't mean I laugh doesn't mean I already done it. i was kind of laughing and,that means I was close to crying.i'm very sensitive,guys. also,i am a bully. but doesn't mean that I'm a bully doesn't mean I'm the big bad always,also.i'm 8th at the class and because they think I'm the suspect of the incident,i became 13th. i can't speak to the psychologist,because. i have social phobia. you confused now? I am a bully and I have social phobia,i can't talk to strangers because,i have paranoia. if I get to know the strangers in days. i can talk about him/her. that's it,i'm sorry if I'm talkative much

13 They're sexist

I'm my school they always called on girls

They are always hard on the guys! Even as a girl, I don't think it's right. Just because you have a v@gina doesn't mean you can get away with everything!

14 They take pride in killing trees V 1 Comment
15 They talk for the whole period, and never let you get work done. Then, they complain that it's not finished.

True on my 1st 2 days of computer science my teacher would stop talking for the hole block I got very board and wanted to do something

So true I thought I was the only one that noticed this

16 They mispronounce your name too
17 They don't let you go to the bathroom when you really have to go

My math teacher does this. There's a rare chance that she'll let me go to the bathroom though.

18 They call you out just for one mistake.
19 They tell you not to be on your phone when they are on their phones
20 Giving everyone detention because of 2 guys messing around
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1. They get really mean for the dumbest reasons
2. When you don't have your homework and give them a good reason why you don't have it, they still get mad
3. They brag about a student



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