Top Ten Most Annoying Types of Customers

Wither your working at a fast food restaurant, a supermarket or a department store your bound to encounter some customers who just get on your nerves and make you really regret working there.

The Top Ten

1 Customer who gets angry at you for no reason
2 Customer that can't make up their mind
3 Customer who repeatedly asks you the same question every time they come in

"What time do start selling breakfast"
"Where can I find the dvds"
"What time to you close"
"What time do you open"
"Where can I find this aisle"
"Where are your bathrooms"
"How much does this cost"
"Do you sell hamburgers" - egnomac

4 Impatient customers

You know those customers who are always in a hurry and constantly rushing you. - egnomac

5 The customer who forgets what store they're at

Like when they go to Mc Donalds and ask for a whopper or go to Jack in the Box and order a Big Mac. - egnomac

6 Customer who changes their mind after they ordered

You've just got threw making a huge order then when you finally give it to them they change their minds and end up having to make the hold order again. - egnomac

7 Customers who can't control their kids
8 The ones that can't read
9 Customers who pay with pennies
10 Customer who buys something for a dollar and pay with a 100 dollar bill

The Contenders

11 Customer who makes a constant mess in the place

The idiots who cannot throw away trash, leave shopping carts or food trays in the most random places, or knocks over items every two seconds. Working in a supermarket has made me lose faith in humanity.

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