Eren x Levi


I know that compared to this ship, Mikasa x Eren will have the most percentage of happening/being canon but just because it has the possibilities of happening doesn't mean we can't ship them. This is an Amazing Ship, I believe that Eren and Levi's relationship will get stronger as time pass by.
Let's be honest here, Eren admired the Survey Corps/Scout Regiment/Scouting Legion/Recon Corps (Yes, Survey Corps has 3 other names) and we know that People knew the Survey Corps' Humanities Strongest Soldier. Eren admired Levi when he was a little kid, and now that his under the custody of Levi, That is where I believe their bonds (as I call relationship) will get stronger now that Eren has a chance to get to know more of his idol and Levi taking care (by "taking care" I mean guarding and protecting him.) of Eren. There is a possibility that with their bonds strengthened, Maybe it will come to the point of Levi trusting Eren and telling him his past. I believe that they will not be lovers ...more

I ship these two... like really bad. My girlfriend and I see ourselves as Ereri. No we don't have a age difference but we still see ourselves in this way. I ship them because of their zodiac signs, Eren being Aries and Levi being Capricorn. It is known that because of the age difference the relationship works better. There are a lot of ships with these type of age gaps by the way. We all get the hate because of this ship and we are all sick of it. They both have a terrible past and also communicates through body language... also Eren has allot of respect for Levi and Levi saves Eren's ass a lot... Levi said that he would kill Eren if he lost control of his Titan form but when he did Levi didn't do anything. Levi helps Eren... Eren looks up to Levi. ( down if we mean literally) These are only some of the reasons why I ship them.

Like, seriously...Do I even have to comment on this one?

Okay...I'll do that.


There. You have it. My life revolves around them. There's no one that can actually mess with them (apart, you know...each other)

It is too adorable. And they are actually very alike in some ways. Levi spent his life underground and Eren felt that he was trapped in a cage. That has to be some kind of connection these two have.

I get really upset when people say Levi is a pedophile cause my parents age gap is 20 years and Levi and Eren's is 15-19 years.

They are really cute together and age doesn't matter to love haters gonna hate

Would they have homosexual pairings in AoT? I don't say I have a problem with that but I don't think it would be possible...

I ship these two for various reasons.

One, Levi must deeply care about Eren to do these things: Levi is tasked to be basically Eren's supervisor. If Eren steps out of line even once, Levi is to kill him without hesitation. Eren transforms over a spoon on an expedition and instead of killing Eren like Levi is ordered to, he saves him from his own squad. Levi enters a rage mode, much like the incident in "No Regrets", when the female titan "eats" Eren. Levi keeps making comments about Mikasa caring for Eren in what seems to be in snarky tone half the time. If Levi didn't care about Eren, why would Levi even care to make such comments?

Two: Eren bears a striking resemblance to Isabel, the last of two people he seemed to be open and trusting with. It would be reasonable for Levi to become closer to Eren emotionally, but avoid showing it too much due to the fear of losing another person he is close to. A defense barrier, nonetheless.

Three: The ...more

They are two tormented souls that need love. Eren looks up to Levi as a hero, savior he had saved Eren's life so many times. Levi first saw Eren as a monster, but then he realised that he share the same rage an will to extint the titans that became his purpose to protect and give his life. Also Eren is the only one that possess the cleaning standards that Levi requires. Also they are the wings of freedom Humanity's Strongest and Humanity's Hope. - Kellyrv09

This ship is beautiful in every way. Some people say the age gap is weird but the age gap can be really cute. Ex- Eren can look up to Levi, Eren makes Levi feel young, and they can learn a lot from each other. Eren and Levi are just too adorable and I can't even handle it.

Can you not feel the sexual tension? I mean I can understand how people who are homophobes wouldn't ship it, but if your aren't, there is no reason these two should not be together.

I LOVE THIS SHIP SO MUCH! I don't care what people say about age gap, there are plenty of people who are together with the same gap.

This may not be canon, but it sure gives me a nosebleed! OTP all the way!

They are PERFECT for each other. I really hope that they'll be Canon.

And don't forget the countless times when Eren was in danger and Levi was like: ", Eren is in danger, we need to save him! " Or was I the only one who saw that. Too many people say that this particular pairing is an act of pedophilia but come on, there are hundreds, if not thousands of ships with massive age difference.

It's so hot! The two are very respectable for each other and care about one another. Eren looks up to Levi so much, and I can totally see them together!

I don't ship these two. I just don't see their personalities working together very well. They may have similar backstories, but Levi's mother was a prostitute whilst Eren legitimately experienced the Titans firsthand. Levi has definitely experienced more considering his squad's death plus Isabel and Farlan, and Eren has only experienced a fraction of what Levi has. Love may be love, but this is a 10 year+ age gap, even possibly in the twenties. Sexual tension, all that, would it really be necessarily in a world in which death is at every corner? Plus, they haven't known each other for very long in comparison to Erwin, Hanji/Hange, Petra, etc. I think Levi's forced to trust Eren because of the current situations. I just don't see this pairing working together very well not matter how 'cute' it may be and all. Romantically, I only see about 30 - 45% success, and even if were to work, it would be extremely conflicted in my opinion.

Obviously they could have a gay ship! They have already announced YimrxKirsta is a real thing so it would be kinda sexist not to have a gay one. Well I mean be against it.

They are just made for each other! I just hope it's canon and fanon

I hate when people hate on this ship either because its yaoi, or because of the age gap but guess what if its because you hate yaoi no what I say its not gonna go anywhere so shut up and deal with it and if its because of the age gap well age doesn't matter its just a number, love is love so stop hating or at least if you do hate do it in your head

The sexual tension is practically unbearable for those two!

I must say this is the best ship in history of history!

They are just really cute together.

Can we all just appreciate this ship? Other ships just seriously need to sink.

The passion is there and they got the fan girls going.