Levi x Petra


Can I just say to the person who said "This is simply a relationship of trust and respect" that you are COMPLETLY WRONG and that it was more than "respect" and "trust".

Firstly, did you SEE the way that Levi's face darkened when Petra's dad came and talked to him about marriage or are you BLIND?

Secondly, you know it was Petra's hand with the bite mark because YOU CAN SEE HER FACE. And if you can't identify her face, you can see her unique BRIGHT GINGER HAIR.

Thirdly, brutal position? Are you kidding me?!?! Levi has seen WAY WORSE than that! The directors of the anime definitely DID NOT make him look at her for so long because of that stupid reason. They were hinting that Levi was upset but he refused to show it. And they didn't want to put any major romance in it since romans wasn't in the genre. That's why the just hinted it. DUH. It looks to me like you're just a Hanje x Levi shipper so you're making excuses.

To me, this ship makes the most sense (of the Levi ships). Think about it. Eren x Levi is disgusting. They're over fifteen years apart. Gross. Second, there is no chemistry at all. Levi does not have feelings for Eren for sure. I don't even think Levi thinks of Eren as a friend. And Levi did not want to go back for Eren because he liked him. It was because it's practically Levi's job to protect Eren. He is very important to humanity's salvation. I also think it is partially because he had just lost nearly all of his squad. Eren was the only remaining member aside from Levi himself. He probably didn't want to lose another soldier. Plus, he was obviously taking out his anger of his squads death on the female titan. He was not rushing to save Eren. And the Mikasa x Levi is again, disgusting. They're RELATED. Plus, they greatly dislike each other. The Levi x Hanji ship just doesn't make sense. It's a known fact that he just tolerates her. I can sort of see Erwin x Levi but they more like ...more

I don't see this ship. I see Levihan more clearly. People only ship this just because they saw one little scene. I know he cared for her, but they are just good comrades! Levi and Hanji are BROS, and who says you can't be in love with your best friend?

Haters back off on this ship. First of all to be honest, I ship Hangi x Erwin, Mikasa x Eren and Levi x Petra to me these ships make sense. I some people could say he had high expectations for his team or he wanted to show off his skill to kill the titans, but the great thing about this anime is that you can she the emotion through there eyes. Levi obviously cared for his team ( SPOILER FOR SEASON 2; course after losing both Isabel and Farlan) probably more for Petra since he actually stayed to take a good look at her before leaving. As well even though Levi made the suggestion to abandon the bodies he seemed to look hurt as he saw HER body begin throw off, and the guilt on his face when Petra's father talked to him, he didn't have the same look of guilt when he pasted the bodies of his other subordinates. Don't Hate It's Just My Opinion, DEAL WITH IT!

I don't see why people call this adorable... What moment between the two was adorable? None. Levi and Hanji had way more adorable moments...

People say oluo x Petra is canon, but it's not. That text you may have seen from Isayama that said Petra and oluo were going to get married is fake. It makes a lot more sense than Eren x Levi (sorry) Eren is 15 and Levi is in his early 30's. I feel that Petra did like Levi and as for Levi I feel that if she did not die so soon feelings probably would have developed even more. There are a couple scenes that's show hints of this. Such as the scene when he looks at Petra's corpse and when Petra is thrown from the wagon. Also Petra has a total of 58 kills but Levi is always assigning Petra tasks away from the titans and Levi takes Petra's badge. In spoof on Titan Petra draws a love umbrella with her and Levi's name. We also see that Petra knows quite a lot about Levi's past and that is private info that we know nobody knows, but Petra does maybe Levi told Petra because he trusts her. Both Levi's and Petra's voice actors ship rivetra. This is just my opinion ship whoever.

We don't know much about this ship, or Levi and Petra's relationship, but Petra was clearly the closest to Levi out of his squad. He was the most affected by her death, and she was the one he gazed back at as her body fell. He also looked straight devastated when Petra's father mentioned marriage. It makes more sense than Eren x Levi, that's for sure.

Nothing happens between them...Levi and Hanji have a lot of things between them

I dislike it! I See no Chemistry or developement + in my opinion their characters are just don't hit for each other..

I prefer Levi x Hanji to be honest plus, Petra and Levi didn't even have a lot of time together anyways._.

To be honest, I really like both characters but I just can't see it.

They weren't meant to even be together. Auruo and Petra were actually meant to hook up and not Levi and Petra. Look it up. - RoseRedFlower

This isn't just fangirl stuff, there was actual proof they probably loved each other... He stared at her body constantly after she died, he took her survey courps badge, and her father stated how much she looked up to him and didn't want them to get married. I think he even cried while he watched her body as it dropped. When confronted by her father, he doesn't answer at all. She's in a good age range for him and talks about him a lot. She's even annoyed when that guy imitates him. Levi always sent her on the safest missions, until he couldn't avoid it anymore. Now that she is dead my ship has moved on to him and Hanji. They are sooo opposite, but have a good relationship and work well together. Yet Levi and Petra were for real, its not my ship, cause she's dead.

I never saw them together in my head, ever, Ereri got in the way, but I'm not saying this because of my passion for ereri, I am saying this because it just would not work out, ya know, plus petra is dead so I would get sum serious feels if it was even mentioned that one of them like the other in the manga/anime - ImABanana

I know a lot of people doesn't like this, but to me it makes more sense than all other Levi ships. I mean, it was pretty clear that Petra really looked up to Levi, and that Levi was really hurt when she died.

I don't think Levi x Petra would be a good relationship/pairing. Yes, we all know that Petra had feelings for Levi but Levi didn't. Fangirls are saying that Levi was only staring at Petra's corpse but if you look closely he was also staring at the rest of his teams corspe, so fangirls can stop going crazy.

There are many examples of rivetra. Look at spoof on Titan. There are also various scenes in the anime. I personally love this ship

They are so together, I dobt get why people are on this ship. Petra looks so nature hisbfis fighting skills are godly, while petra is cute, responsible, kind, loyal, and will always trust the lance corporal

I love this ship, it's so adorable! I hate the Eren x Levi ship because of their age difference and it's just...not real guys, I'm sorry. THIS ship gets so much unnessesary hate because they ship something else, but come on! Us Rivetra shippers can ship our ship, and you guys ship yours...ok? Go say how much you love Levi x Eren or Hanji somewhere else, this is for Levi x Petra shippers to give their opinions on how much they love the ship. I believe that Petra loved Levi, and he might have had the same feelings. If you really look into it, this ship makes the most since out of all the Levi ships. I didn't see Levi looking at any of the other members of the squad, he even took Petras badge! And gave it away because he knew that's what Petra would have wanted him to do

I will go down with the ship! It's kind canon when you think about it.

Can I just say that I don't like this one a lot but I don't hate it... I mean They are cute and I wouldn't mind seeing them together. EREN X MIKASA 4 LYFE!

When Petra died, I understand that Levi was loving her because Levi's eyes were... different? Also they zoomed the Petra's body, Levi was looking her. Actually Levi was loving Petra, but unfortunately she died

I ship these 2 the most but Connie and Sasha where pretty close to getting my vote

This is a great match. They both care about each other, and whether yoy know it or not, (WATCH THE ANIME) Levis and Petraeus do both like each other, and Petra's dad wanted them to get married.

They are both cute! Same height, perfect together! LOL