Top Ten Best Baccano! Characters

The Top Ten

1 Jacuzzi Splot
2 Firo Prochainezo
3 Claire Stanfield
4 Isaac Dean

Isaac is the heart of the story. Not just because he’s connected to everybody, but because he’s the guy you can be connected to yourself. He always has a positive outlook and cares for Miria above himself. Besides that, his charisma just makes him amazing.

5 Miria Harvent
6 Chane Laforet
7 Nice Holystone
8 Ladd Russo

He should at least be in the top ten. - Undistinguished

9 Luck Gandor
10 Maiza Avaro

The Contenders

11 Ennis
12 Graham Specter
13 Elmer C. Albatross
14 Felix Walken
15 Czeslaw Meyer
16 Eve Genoard
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