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21 Titanium Dragonoid

I mean just look at him he can summon a mechtagon at any time and even a mitigation titan plus he is stronger than fusion dragonoid and he looks amazing

He is the strongest bagukan ever because he has the strongest moves

He is stronger than fusion dragooned and his strongest attack is dragon force striker because it can insta ko 6 dragonoids because that is what happened in one of the episodes

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22 Omega Leonidas

Omega Leonidas is my first and official partner

OMEGA I mean isn't that a sick first part of a name

He's good and all but he only has one move


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23 Serpenoid

Serpenoid is a good bakugan I like him because he is a snake and a snake is my favorite animal. I use him under pyrus ventrus and aquos attributes. He squeezes his opponent until they die.

24 Dragonoid Colossus

He can summon a barrier that can stop nuclear explosions. DAAM!

25 Dark Drago
26 Helix Drago
27 Lumino Drago
28 Titanium Drago

24 and 25 are both the same

29 Dragonoid Destroyer

Come on he is the best I agree that he has special gold armour and don't you know what infinity means HE IS UNSTOPPABLE!

Come on he is obvysly strong he has special gold armer that gives him infinity G's

30 Blitz Drago

He has the strongest move ov any bakugan. BLITZ SUPERIOR!

He has the best and strongest move ever. BLITZ SUPERIORR

31 Maxus Cross Drago
32 Razenoid
33 Perfect Dragonoid

1000gs too op

34 Infinity Dragonoid
35 Infinity Helios

He and infinity silent fusion dragonoid are the most strongest bakugan

36 Quake Dragonoid

I think that quake dragonoid is strong but not strong than my subtera scabooid wich has a g power of 1300 by K. M

Why is quake dragoniod here?
Mine has 1000g, it defeated all my bakugan, it can make a quake effect and it is very strong so

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37 Maxus Dragonoid

This is the most awesome thing I has ever lay my eye on. I just went gay for it. Does any body not agree it is the most epic thing ever? Somebody give me my Maxu Dragonoid ever and is really really cool. Mama, I just killed a man.

Maxus dragonoid I mite be the strongest bakugan in the world! and thank you for reading this message

38 Leonidas

He is only found in a bakugan video game

This guy knows how to SHOOP-the-WHOOP!

My leonidas is super powerful

39 Limilus
40 Lumagrowl

From what I've seen, a lot of bakugan lose to this, except Drago and maybe omega Leonidas

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