Meteo L Drago


I bought it recolored with twisted befall bd145 RSF and I got the pack for a few reasons and I tried meteo l Drago first and it looked really cool and made an really cool noise because of the LF tip (my other LF that came with l Drago destructor got worn out so I traded it to a friend for a used WD). The twisted befall had low stamina because the bd145 was stuck in attack mode (on purpose) but it looked cool with the Spintrack being wider than the fusion wheel then I made them battle each other and meteo l Drago own and then I did a bunch of battles between them while I put my other beys back together and meteo l Drago won all of them except 1 and in that one I accidentally did a mislaunch but the battle was really close because of the spin steal (it's way better than the spin steal of l Drago destructor) and then I had it battle every single one of my other Beyblades and it won 8 and a half out of ten times, losing to my trained phantom Orion and tying against my diablo nemesis. You ...more

He can beat Hell Kerbecs, Evil Pisces, Thunder Leone and even sometimes Phantom Orion. Also, it can defeat Lightning L-Drago, Rock Orso, Galaxy Pegasus, Flame Libra, Dark Bull and Dark Wolf. It can blow Galaxy Pegasus and Hell Kerbecs right out of the stadium in one go Sometimes this Beyblade wins a battle with one single attack! I would recommend this Beyblade due to its incredible awesome stamina, it spins for a really long time and is well worth the wait as it knocks and bashes its opponents showing no mercy!

It looks really awesome too with its gold fusion wheel and its golden face bolt and his LW105 spin track can stabilize left-spin attacks to give him huge power in Beyblade battles. His LF tip increases his gripping power so that it is better for battles, also he is a left spin battle top so he can spin in the opposite direction to any normal right spin Beyblade. So please buy him!

Vote Meteo L- Drago all the way. I promise you he is the best Beyblade ever in ...more

Best bey. No one can defeat it. It defeated my storm Pegasus, lightning ldrago in one spin.

Meteo L Drago is my best bey. When I attack my others beys, I win. My friends stay crazy!

Do you know why I voted for this? Because I have been researching for years looking for the best parts so I could make the strongest, longest lasting beyblade, I haven't obtained the materials like the meteo l drago metal wheel and clear wheel, the EDS bottom, the MF-H face bolt, and the mad/dark cancer track. These beyblade pars can make this beyblade spin steal for a long time, the track can be used to increase or decrease the height of the beyblade, the metal face makes the weight of the beyblade increase more than a regular plastic face bolt. In conclusion, meteo l drago is very useful for combos because it is the only beyblade that can withstand attacks, and all that counts for meteo l drago in absorb mode is it's stamina. I recommend you should buy this for combos, or if your a collector, leave it like it is. Overall, because of spin stealing, this beyblade will beat anything you put up against it if it is in absorb mode.

L-Drago Meteo.! His Performance Tip Is Extremely Rare and he could steel the spin power of another beyblade! I have it and it is a rare chance that he might loose. And He is left spin so it makes him even more powerful. He could change his attack power just by turning his fusion wheel. You could spin him by hand and he could steel the other beys power. This is the best beyblade in the world! The King.

I love meteo l drago 1st because he's an awesome attack type bey 2nd he steals the beys spin and 3rd he never loses against my beys he's AWESOME!

I so like this beyblade
it looks good
it is a modern beyblade just to say it is so good I like
the fusion wheel and all the other parts like the energy ring, facebolt, spin track and the performance tip not that I can see the spin track and the performance tip it looks like a very modern beyblade but apart from that the beyblade looks good!

Meteo L Drago defeats other beyblades by spin stealing because all those rubber on its energy ring:L Drago2. And the LRF/Left Rubber Flat is a mirror version of R2F/Right Rubber Flat. And its spin track LW105 is like another mirror version of W105 and its fusion ring:Meteo has gold for claws and silver for jaws. And the face bolt:L Drago2 is like the original L drago but the sticker comes off leaving a face. It defeats Galaxy Pegasus and kills ray striker like hell until it falls dead. Meteo L Drago RULES them all!

Meteo l drago is cool! It is awesome it crushed my flame libra I bought it yesterday. It can also steal the spin of the opponents bey. Earth eagle lost when I made this combo meteo l drago 100 LF it crushed EARTH EAGLE. I have this beys l drago;earth eagle, flame saggitario, storm capricorn, rock orso, rock scorpio, meteo l drago, thermal pisces, dark libra. Meteo l drago defeated all this beys 1 time! GO METEO L DRAGO!

This is truly the best bey in the world, however TWISTED TEMPO GUY is right it does tie or win by 1 tenth of a second. It is very good I bought it yesterday. There is one bey that will not be beat by it. Like this comment if you want to find out Thanks for looking at this. Hope you like this bey. "Beyblade Beyblade Let It Rip! "

Meteo L-Drago is definitely fit to be the the best beyblade ever. But it is hard to control, use and get used too. If you don't think its good then you've never tried it or... You just... Are very bad at using strong beyblades. Not to leave out that this beyblade not only has good battling ability but also it's got the look of a boss.

I think Meteo L drago is the best bey. It has superb attack it keeps attacking other beys until the other bey is stopped or he is stopped. It never give up it also becomes the part of the blader I have played with many beys but I have find it the best I always think that it should be Ginka bey.

Meteo l drago is the best. I put it in a match with 20 Beyblades and they all got crushed after about 2 minutes. Ray unicorno tried to attack under it but all that happened was it scraped the floor and stopped spinning. It has really good attack, it is really fast and it will keep on draining energy until the other Beyblade stops.

It works really good and it crushes everything and it is awesome the first day I got it from the store I had a battle with all my beyblades and it beat every one and I love it. I also like it a lot when it is in uber mode because it quickly destroys the other bey and in regular bey mode it saves the power for one attack. And that is why I love it.

I bought it and I don't regret it. It has awesome attack power and still has a ton of stamina if its attack power is wasted. The paint gets torn off but it is still super good. It beat burn fireblaze, ray unicorno, cyber pegasus, thermal lacerta. I'm going to get galaxy pegasus and rock leone and I'm 100% sure it will beat them.

. looks cool
. has gold on it
. has the coolest lancher with flames
. possible to find at shops
. tip makes it go around in circles makes people dizzy.

I have this bey and it is awesome. It helped me defeat the Rock Leone. I elect Meteo L dRAGO! I love this bey, and you should buy it. I have Earth Eagle, storm pegasus, and Rock Leone. But the Meteo l drago has smashed all of them. None of my friends can beat me. I am the best blader in the neighborhood.

You know, at the end of the day, it really depends on the stadium. The type of stadium favors certain beys over others. HOWEVER, in the standard, normal bey stadium, meteo l drago is definitely the best beyblade (except for maybe lightning l drago). Meteo l drago is very good in a lot of stadiums actually. It can create stadium outs very quickly and when it runs out of stamina, it will absorb power and outlast the other bey in a stamina battle. Attack type beys are the best!

IT IS THE BEST EXAMPLE OF AN AWESOME BAY...! No another bay can but it.. It has 5 star stamina as well as steals spin from its opponent... It also has 5 star*****defense and 16! Star*********attack... The logic behind its spin steal is that it is a left spinning bey... SO BUY IT 2 WIN!

I think this bey is much better and more cool than the original L Drago which I have.
p.s (sorry for all of you who think the original L Drago is more cool)

l Drago is the best I win every time I am glad I spent $30 on it L DRAGO IS THE BEST! I hope you buy it because it is worth the money so change your mind and vote again.

METEO L DRAGO IS A GOD BEY. BUT STILL BECAUSE OF ITS LF TIP IT HAS DISADVANTAGES. For starters, it has low stamina compared to the "hole flat" bottom on lightning l drago. Second thought, because of the rubber on its energy ring there is less contact with the plastic and fusion wheel and might have some decreased smash attack. For third, lf wing has no attack potential or stamina potential and there is added height which is a downside. Nonetheless it is a good attack type option and you should buy it if no defense or stamina type Beyblade is available.


THIS GUY IS THE BEST! he beat ALL of my beys except himself
and he pwned my wall. I mean I like launch it at my wall and it made a large beyblade sized whole in my wall