Best Call of Duty Nazi Zombies Perk-a-Cola's

The Top Ten Best Call of Duty Nazi Zombies Perk-a-Cola's

1 Juggernog

Jug is obviously king cause nobody wants to get double swiped. For me the close runners up are Quick Revive in Solo (picks you back up and a must), double tap 2 (2 bullets at the cost of one is necessary in later rounds when ammo becomes scarce), and speed cola (when you're reloading you're vulnerable). Other perks are luxuries.

Juggernog doubles the player's health. Therefore, in order for a player to be downed, it will take 4 normal zombie and space monkey hits instead of only 2. Juggernog will also make it so that it takes 5 special zombie (Hellhounds and Crawler Zombies) hits to down the player instead of 3, which is very important in the later rounds as the player can get 'double-swung' a lot more often. - decorulez97

Jug is the best perk cause you can survive for a long time like your the best but the jug is not good without a good combination example: phd flopper mule kick and speed cola if you have a hk21 or rpk or quick revive is good for online

Easly the best. Without this perk. NO ONE Would be able to get past round 15. (well I sure wouldn't. Along with speed cola and quick revive is the best. Glad to see its at number one. By the way without it. 2 hits your dead. With it. 6 (i believe it was) and you were dead. So yeah. VERY VERY VERY HANDY 4 LATER ROUNDS

2 PhD Flopper

This is awesome because if you don't know the raygun hurts you when you shoot it up close so when you get surrounded by zombies you shoot them with the ray gun your hurting yourself while there killing you which makes the ray gun useless. But when you have this perk it you can't damage yourself therefore when you get trapped cornered or surrounded you can shoot them with the ray gun and you have a better chance of getting out

PhD Flopper allows the player to not take any explosive or falling damage, also when the player dives-to-prone from a position that would normally hurt them, a medium sized explosion will surround the player and kill any zombies in it's radius, unless the player is past round 22. - decorulez97

I have a glitch that I get the ray gun and I always die but when they made this it was a life saver

Phd Flopper is on my favorite maps: Call of the Dead and Moon

3 Speed Cola

Speed Cola reduces the time spent reloading weapons by half. It also allows the player to put up barriers faster, but the time between individual boards is longer to balance it out. - decorulez97

Most effects out of all the sodas:3 faster rebuilding of barricades, mobility and sleight of hand all in one

Boi, when you're camping it is vital that you do not get over whelmed, and that is why speed was born

Hey guys subscribe me and my friend and speed is the second most important perk in zombies

4 Stamin-Up

Giving the player a sprint that lasts for approximately two times longer than usual, allowing players to get to places more quickly. It helps evading zombie attacks, possibly saving the player's life and on each map. - decorulez97

This is one of the most useful perks that you can get. Even though you can jog faster than the zombies anyway, it is very useful to quickly sprint through a gap in between zombies, or make a desperate dash to a max ammo or bomb. In between rounds you can make it to the toybox without worrying about getting cornered or buy a perk and get out of there before the zombies comer you. - TheGrammarPolice

I don't understand why it's so low. I think its because MOST of the people here are campers. Yeah I know we have all camped at least ONCE in a zombie map. But lately most people I know or watch on the internet are campers. Its not fun to camp it's A LOT more fun if you run around the map shooting randomly (figure of speech) and that can be really helpful if you have stami-up. Its basically marathon and lightweight put together (not pro versions though ):) it makes you run faster and for more time as well. I ALWAYS get stami-up due to how useful it is. Not like that dead-shot crap... Well I think it is... Well I hope the next time you play zombies... I hope you have fun with it and run around... Doing... Stuff... :p and get stami-up... I GIVES YOU SONIC THE HEDGOG (laugh out loud I spelled it wrong) LEGS... (that's you slogan I just gave it )

You can run faster, and farther. Allowing you to save teammates and escape zombies safely.

5 Double Tap Root Beer

Double Tap Root Beer reduces the pause time between bullets fired on all weapons by about a third. It is useful in later rounds, when Zombies have higher health and require a high number of bullets to kill. As it increases rate of fire, it is the most risky as many weapons have high rates of fire anyway. - decorulez97

Double tap 1 is bad because it increases your fire rate by 33% and you just burn through ammo. Double tap 2 is good by not only doing what happens in double tap 1, but you put 2 bullets out in 1 shot but only counting 1 shot.

Double the damage means double the ammo. Which means less points spent on ammo. Plus the perk is pretty cool looking.

My favourite perk. It is very good for taking out large amounts of zombies and I find it the best and most useful

6 Quick Revive

Quick Revive allows the player to revive other players about 4x faster. As said by the machine, it's ice cold. It is essential in later levels when players are going to be downed incredibly often and reviving team-mates is crucial in zombie infested environments. - decorulez97

If you are on solo and you don't have quick revive, you will quickly go down. This perk is a must have as it basically gives you 2 lives instead of one which is awesome! It is personally my favorite perk a cola

A SECOND LIFE IN SOLO! Together with jug one of the 2 must have perks

In solo it's an extra life. In multiplayer you can save your teammates in half the time.

7 Vulture-Aid Elixir

Vulture Aid elixir is an anti-zombie perk. It gives you ammo, money and the ability to hide from zombies. You don't need Juggernog, Tombstone or Quick Revive if you can hide. It also allows you to use Double Tap more efficiently. It will always be the best perk and you are practically untouchable with it. - TheGrammarPolice

The first perk you should buy. Don't get anything else until you have this. (Perks that is) Just kill a green zombie and stand in the smoke. Zombies run away as if they just saw Chuck Norris glare at you. - TheGrammarPolice

I think it should be 4th-6th. Has so many good features and makes Buried better

3 perks in 1. Enough said.

8 Widow's Wine

Zombies that hit the player will unleash a wave of webbing from the player, trapping nearby zombies for 20 seconds. The radius of the webbing seems to be the same as the electric shock wave when the player reloads while using Electric Cherry.

Grenades, when thrown and detonated, will also create the webbing which traps zombies for 20 seconds.

Each of the previous two effects uses one grenade up to the number of grenades the player currently holds, up to 4 times. Grenades can replenish with each round, a Max Ammo, or a killed zombie will sometimes drop a blue spider-icon drop which will replenish one grenade.

The player's knife will cause zombies to slow to a stop, similar to the webbing effect.

Why is this rated so low it is a great perk that saves you whenever your are trapped

Helps you so much best 4000 points you'll ever spend

I didn't try widow's wine before

9 Mule Kick

The perk will allow you to obtain a third weapon. Once the perk is bought, the HUD icon indicating the perk will be seen, and there will be an open space for a third weapon. - decorulez97

It may seem great... The idea of having 3 guns. Until you go down and you lose your wonder weapon that you worked so hard for.

Good for free on buried, otherwise a complete waste of 4000 points... So sick of going down with it and losing one of my guns (that I have pack-a-punched! )

I used to think this perk was ridiculous, until I kept getting it for free on Buried, then I realized how useful it is!

10 Double Tap II

In my opinion, Jug is the best, obviously, but this is a very close second. This perk is very over looked. Double tap 1 is not good. It drains your ammo. Double tap 2 more or less doubles your damage output and you shoot faster. You also pump/bolt faster.

This perk enables you to not only shoot twice as fast like the regular double tap but shoot two bullets for each one bullet you shoot causing double damage per bullet for every bullet type gun. ( no rpg, ray gun, etc)

Double tap 2 is better then double tap 1 because double tap 1 shoots faster but double tap 2 shoots faster and does double damage you twats

Haha, I think that everybody confused double tap II with double tap I, this is my third favourite perk

The Newcomers

? Golden Pack a Punch

The Contenders

11 Electric Cherry

When are you most vulnerable? While reloading obviously! So if your backed in a corner with no ammo loaded, this will buy you some time.

This is one of my favourite perks. Not as essential as Jug, but combined with Speed Cola this perk is amazing. Also it's from my favourite map - Mob of the Dead

I don't like it because if you have a crawler and you reload and he dies

Why is mule kick ahead of electric cherry

12 Deadshot Daiquiri

This perk let's you zoom in on the heads allowing for quicker kills and therefore less ammo wasted and also reduces the crosshairs making hip spraying more accurate plus it has a kick ass song!

This is literally aimbot if a map has this then I will always has it as a second perk (other than jugg) but still a powerful and known jingle and a hack for just (1500) points in the game I’d say that in origins it is more useful than ever because the panzer will screw you over unless you have Deadshot as it zooms on the head aka the only way (other than the fire staff aka the best staff) to kill the panzer Soldat

This perk changes auto-aim so that it locks onto an enemies head rather than the body, makes the reticle smaller and removes the idle sway from sniper rifles. - decorulez97

It has the most bad ass perk song ever! Other than that it isn't that good and I would never think of taking it on a map with a bunch of perks like origins but I guess it would help for Panzer

13 Tombstone

Tombstone is effectively insurance. When you go down and then die, a 'tombstone' will then be placed at the location you died. When/if you re-spawn, you will then be able to collect your tombstone, which will then give you all of your perks and weapons back. This is a great perk as it's relatively cheap, and can save you both the trouble and points of having to buy all your perks and guns again. It also gives you the option to kill yourself when you go down, ensuring that no one revives you. I would recommend doing this if you have a lot of perks and you think that the rest of your team can survive the wave.

This is my no. 2! It's heavily underrated, as this perk takes away the worry of dying and losing all your weapons and perks. You don't have to revive anybody if they have it! That's insurance in a nutshell! Do you wanna buy another $2500 for Juggernog, or get all your perks back and just buy another tombstone for $2000. The only negative is you'll die for the round and be forced to watch another person play

Tombstone is a useless perk. If you were any good at the game then you wouldn't be dead in the first place. - TheGrammarPolice

If you die you get to keep your perks and guns. So if you can't be revived this can be a real blessing.

14 Pack-A-Punch

Increases the damage of a weapon, increases the amount of ammunition held in the magazine and reserve for a gun, adds on attachments to some weapons.

This isn't a perk-a-cola.

I love pack a punch but it isn't even a perk

You need a pack a punched gun if you don't you will die

15 Banana Colada

Crap this should be higher

It USED TO BE a rule perk.

I that even a real perk

Best perk ever

16 Who's Who

It really is the best because it gives you as many lives as you want really if you play on single player. If you revive yourself you keep all of your perks and guns and if you are playing single player and you revive yourself, you get to keep your quick revive and don't have to risk loosing it after 3 downs.

Who's Who = an infinite solo Quick Revive for the skilled. Only appears on Die Rise, though, so the only other place you'll see it is in custom Zombies maps. Underrated but good if you get skilled with it. Allows beyond 4 perks if you pick up more perks in your "ghost form" before reviving.

This is the best you can revive yourself while on multiplayer. If you have some people who don't revive people never mind you can help yourself there is no explanation really needed this has to be the best

He at perk if you know how to use it and if you get. Down you get your who's who body and get all your perks back but that one

17 Logan Miller

Autism Speaks

Very useful, especially in late rounds

This is a trash perk: too much autism.

Autism Speaks

18 Double Dew

No, just no

yes please

19 Self Spawn Soda

You need some self spawn soda

When you die and spectate u don't have to wait until the next round.
U can just spawn in with your guns but you loose you perks.
You don't have to wait until the next round you can just spawn in and kill the zombies but first get the perks

It's ceul

20 Der Wunderfizz

This is quite useful so you can be sure your going get at least a perk

This maybe used for getting perks but its not a specific perk so it doesint belong on the list...

I love the the wonder fizz on der esindrach

21 Coupon Queen

Best custom zombies perk makes everything 30% cheaper even though its 9000

Have never used it because I have never played custom zombies

Treyarch doesn't make all the zombies maps and the perk-a-colas they make are not on every zombies map. This perk-a-cola can be here if it wants to.

This should not even be on here because it is a made up perk. The perks in this should only be treyarch made.

22 Perkaholic

Best gobble gum in the game for sure, it is very rare but useful for high round gameplays.

23 Double Tap Original

It's not as good as double tap 2, but with ppsh is amazing

24 The Deflatriots

The infamous cheaters

25 Pronaide

The predesescer of phd flopper almost got in on ascension and call of the dead

26 Candolier

Would increase the amount of ammunition you could hold. This perk-a-cola was never implemented by Treyarch back in World at War and most probably was replaced by Pack-A-Punch.

27 Amm-o-matic

Would function similarly to max ammo. This perk-a-cola was never implemented by Treyarch back in World at War and most likely was replaced by max ammo.

28 Gobble Gum

A new way of implementing perk-a-cola ideas created by Treyarch for Black Ops 3 to allow players something to use and buy for a variety of effects most for a limited amount of uses or time.

I like the gobble gum because it has perkaholic gum

I don't use gobble gum like that in black pos 3

I love perkaholic in zombies

29 Trail Blazers

It is not good for IW zombies it is like a really bad it is a copy of PHD but u slide in the new zombies so its also not as fun

30 Slappy Taffy
31 Jaw Breaker
32 Juggertap

It do stuff

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