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61 Teminite

Shockwave and High Score is the best! He should be higher! - InfernoTopTenners

Energize got me listening to Teminite

Teminite has the best music ever!

Teminite is a BEAST!

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62 Krewella

Krewella should be in the top 5 Krewella has changed my life there music hits you hard they are the reason I continue to listen to dubstep I just love them

I am very disappointed that Krewella is not even on the list

Their music is just pure awesomeness! Should be at least in the top ten

Krewella with Rain Man Best Team. Number 1 Team. Without Rain Man Number 10.

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63 2Bit
64 SKisM

COME ON GUYS! Don't forget him

His tracks r really good

OP Music from him

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65 Alvin Risk
66 Lindsey Stirling Lindsey Stirling

An amazingly unique artist who uses elements of dubstep, pop and classical music... While dancing.

She is the best

67 Burial

Anything else is Untrue.

68 Au5 Au5 Austin Collins, going by the stage name Au5, is an American electronic dance music producer from New Jersey, USA.

I feel the same way this guy is amazing at finding melodies in his song. It's not just a drop that makes his songs that good it's how intricately layers them. It's amazing. Go listen to the songs listed above and don't forget to listen to Halcyon. You'll see what I mean.

Surprised he's so low down here, Blossom is the single best Dubstep song that I've ever heard, and his other dubstep releases are amazing as well (Follow You, Snowblind, Halcyon and Blue).

His music is such high quality, always coming out with bangers! Follow you VIP mix, snowblind, blossom, and his remixes!

Au5 is amazing. The sheer complexity of the songs and the way he heaves melodies in the music is astonishing. His sound design is always on point as so is his music, while the melodies itself just take you away. 1# forever for me.

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69 Shadowbeatz

Shadowbeatz makes a lot of cool songs. Check out his song " Just one more night" it's epic.

I love shadowbeatz and his brand new songs keep making the shadowbeatz

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70 Infected Mushroom Infected Mushroom Infected Mushroom is an Israeli musical duo formed in Haifa in 1996 by producers Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani.

I'm honestly dissapointed this isn't anywhere on the list. These guys are a million more talented and could run circles around skrillex. You want proof? Listen to these songs. Artillery, where do I belong, the pretender, heavyweight.

Heavyweight is probably one of the best and most complex edm songs out there. Heavyweight beats all when it comes to complexity and layering.

71 Bro Safari

Come on, guys! Don't forget him! Their remix of the Worm is awesome! The Drop isn't dubstep, but it's at the right tempo!

72 Razihel
73 Eptic

Can't express my love for his work, Watch your Back is among my favorites (Excuse the English)

Just listen to a few of his tracks, and you'll be hooked!

Why if eptic Is not at second or third place? Eptic is the best? Listen EPTIC - "Jurassic", "Gun Finga", "Death" or "Spellbound" and you Will know why EPTIC needs to be at least on second place

How is Eptic 67? Cosmic...enough said.

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74 EH!DE

What's he doing at 76?! Just listen to 'EH! DE's Moustache' for goodness sake.

I can't believe he's not on top 15

He's should be higher! - InfernoTopTenners

Eh! de can be highter! Is so cool his style.

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75 Klaypex

Woah... Why is Klaypex not in the top ten? Anyone actually heard their music? - XboxShutOff

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76 501

501's remixes of songs are creative, like a personalized style. Check out a fex of %01's remixes and see for yourself.

77 Arkasia

Every song by Arkasia is a work of art. A few of these I would even argue are the best dubstep songs ever. Don't believe me? Listen to New World Disorder, Fall of the Republic, Know Your Enemies, Don't Speak, She's the One, Soldiers, Angel, Epilogue, Into Nowhere, Invisible Bridge, Gravity...the list goes on and on. - Penguincamp

Arkasia is considered the king of Dubchestra by many of his fans. Not only does he make killer Dubstep, he actually builds up to it and drops a burst of melodic sounds as well with heavy bass to make what we called Orchestral Dubstep. Evolution, New Born, and Electronic Symphony are some of the greatest Dubstep albums that exist right now. Arkasia needs to be higher on the list.

Their songs are really heavy and all. But they build up to a drop, instead of just dropping it after like 10 seconds. They are extremely underrated.


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78 Panda Eyes

Come on he's my idol and he should be in 10s! - InfernoTopTenners

What? down in the hundreds? I have not found a panda eyes track I didn't like!

What's he doing so far down, check out 'The Returning' or 'Weed 'n' Fries'!

79 Koven

He truly deserves a place on top 3. His music isn't just a repetitive bass line, it has substance, it has meaning and message. It makes you shiver, since the mixture between the soft sounds and the hardness of the bass is absolutely perfect.

One of the best, if not the best dubstep artist currently on the scene. Meaningful, amazing songs.

Has yet to disappoint me, therefore he is one of my favorite artists!

80 Dillon Francis

He is amazing his music makes the crowd jump and you need to consider money sucks friends rule

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