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141 Kill Paris
142 Bare Noize
143 Obsidia

Obsidia makes very original tracks

144 HeadAxe
145 SOFI
146 KOAN Sound

Brought glitch hop into modern day dubstep with their off-beat, memorizing reese basses and funky jazz-inspired songs. Don't tell me that Meanwhile In the Future isn't the hardest funk drop you've ever heard

Think it isn't dubstep? Early songs like Akira, Jumpsuit Adventures and Endorphin are. Same for amazing songs like Funk Blaster, or Mr Brown!

147 M Machine
148 Swedish Revolution
149 Sin7
150 Liquid Stranger
151 Thriftworks V 1 Comment
152 Ben Benecke
153 SaladUK
154 Bingo Players

Mode is their best song.

155 Emalkay
156 Barely Alive

Barely Alive is my favorite Dubstep Artist's. They're creative with the change of tempo at some tracks. When they remix any songs, it's most likely it's far better than the originals. The bass is incredible, I haven't heard a unique bass besides Excision. Barely Alive can be very heavy when they want to. Every song get's stuck in my head. They're allways showing me other talentet Dubstep artists Like Excision, Datsik and Twine. Barely Alive get's slowly more and more popular, and I hope they get to be one of the most popular Dubstep artist's in the future.

Barely alive has a unique style like no other, he puts time into his music and his bass drops are so complex and produce a beautiful sound. Defiantly should be in the top 10

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157 Mad Scientists

Right now, we are being colonized.

158 Virus Syndicate
159 Dan
160 MitiS
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