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1 Lucy Lucy (born as kaede), is a tragic, fictional Japanese Anti-Heroine, and Anti-Villianess, who is the main protagonist of her debut source, a manga officially known as Elfen Lied [alfen leed], written and illustrated by Lynn Okamoto, which was best known for it's T.V. adaptation of the same name, Directed more.

People bully her because she has horns, and because she has horns she starts killing humans. If you think about it, it's all humans' fault. Nyuu only turns into Lucy when she's triggered. If humans treated her like a normal kid I don't think she would've had such a horrible past.

Also when the bullies started hurting the dog I was like 0___0 <(nyuu). So sad how the bullies can kill a puppy without blinking an eye just to hurt someone.

Her situation is by far the grimmest of all in a grim anime. She had to suffer so much and the only good thing she had was her feelings for Kouta. She is a quite deep character.

Her back story is brutal as well as sad! And how she dies at the end makes me feel like a bullet is piercing in my heart!

Acctilybshe appeared on a trailer on a truck when my dad was driving to California he was getting frightend by the truck

2 Nana

Nana is so cute! I love her sweet and happy personality.

She's the cutest character in whole series.

3 Mariko

She’s a good character unlike Yuka but I don’t understand why some of her fans say she’s just a sweet and innocent little girl because she’s clearly a evil, ungrateful, hypocritical, remorseless, egoistic brat and I don’t care that she’s a kid. Nana is the one who’s a sweet and innocent child (she’s actually a 6 year old)

I like Mariko because I can understand her and the other diclonii in the anime

Best character ever and strongest too!

Why is Mariko crying for her dad?

4 Mayu
5 Kurama

He is the guy I identify and sympathize with. And his story : one of the most tragic and conflicted I have ever seen. In addition, his well developed relations with so many others protagonists of the story. I <3 this guy. To create such an amazing and elaborated character, thanks Elfen Lied.

He is the best and all round character of this show

Why is the picture the Kurama from Naruto?

6 Kouta

I guess young Kouta is screaming like a little baby while Kanae is deceased!

7 Yuka

She must commit suicide by hanging herself, she was extremely the least supportive character in the whole anime. I hate jealous people, including Yuka. She should not be jealous just because Nyu and Kouta were having a relationship together. She should be happy that her cousin found the right girl. She seriously needs to support Nyu a lot more than that, she always causes trouble more worse・

I didn't see a purpose for this character. The whole incest thing with her cousin was unnecessary. And all she did was complain about Kouta and Lucy.

I really dislike her because all she ever does is slap her cousin while saying Kouta is a idiot and be a jealous little bitch when she was the one who doesn't understand the situation that is happening between Kouta and Lucy's past!
She just always stands there and be jealous all the time and blame Kouta all the time. She is utterly USELESS if she didn't know how to be at least supportive.

She's annoying and stupid.

8 Kaede

Kaede is so cute! She is way too underrated, and deserves way more screen time. Whenever I think of how she died, I tear up. Like, her last words with her brother were, "I hate you". She died thinking that her brother didn't trust her and her brother didn't care about what she said.

Kinda like Glimmer from the Hunger Games, dying knowing that no one would care if you die and your life can be sacrificed without anyone giving a crap.

Ok, this is Elfen Lied not the Hunger Games so I'll shut up.

9 Nyu

Nyuu is adorable! Lucy is first, but Nyuu is just the cuter, more kawaii, and better version!

10 Bando

Bando is by far my most favourite character of Elfen Lied. He is one of the main reasons why I like Elfen Lied so much. He joined the Special Assault Team (SAT) just so he could legally murder people. Bando might appear to be an aggressive ass in the very beginning of Elfen Lied, but later on, he turns out to be a hero. Bando tries to save humanity by killing Lucy. Even when Bando lost a fight to Lucy and was heavily injured, he didn't give up. He kept trying to kill Lucy, which proves he is extremely goal-oriented. Bando is the best character Elfen Lied has and actually one of the best characters of all series I know. He deserves more screen time.

I am actually surprised to see that Bando wasn't even in the top 10. I thought he would be the first or second in the list.

He has no limits! Love this guy!

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11 Wanta
12 Lucy's Puppy

This cute little puppy was so cute and adorable

13 Director Kakuzawa
14 Kotha
15 Professor Kakuzawa
16 Nozomi

Not only is she adorably shy, she's also incredibly selfless and determined to make her dreams come true despite her humiliating medical issues. Some people look down on her for them and feel that they make her unworthy of being taken seriously as a person, but when you think about it, that exact reaction is how the diclonii are treated in-series. Neither horns nor diapers are reason to ostracize others.

17 Saito
18 The Unnamed Diclonius

The darkest side of lucy

19 Shirakawa
20 The Agent
21 Mariko Kurama

She Is a Crying Face Girl

22 Kanae
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