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1 Season 4

This was 30 episodes of pure hilarity. why is it so low? And how is it below season 12, and while I'm at it, how is season 6 below season 9? SEASON 9 SUCKED!

My order is1. Season 82. Season 63. Season 104. Season 55. Season 116. Season 77. Season 48. Season 139. Season 910. Season 1211. Season 212. Season 1413. Season 314. Season 1

Season 4 is great stop hating on season 9 it may not have been so good but then there were fewer was a good episode - OneWayStreet

Family guy season 1 2 and 3 the best season 4 family guy video game and season 5 good but less pointful sense of humor the rest of the show crap

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2 Season 7

This Season is Family Guy's most acclaimed season. Family Guy was the second animated series to be nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series (The highest Award giving body for Television). The Flinstones was the First to achieve that feat. This was the only season that Family Guy got very high Reviews. Great season!

P.S.: 30 Rock won that award.

My favorite road to Germany love blactually the man with two Brian's oceans three and a half the juice is loose 420 and stew roofs are my favorite episodes of the whole show. Season 7 should be one then 5 then 4

Season 7 is so intense and the jokes are so brilliant!

The best season ever

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3 Season 5

One of my favorite episodes from this season is Saving Private Brian.

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4 Season 9 V 3 Comments
5 Season 3

Why are the post season 5 seasons ranked above seasons 1-3

6 Season 2

OKAY Season 2 should at least be Top 3. Not #8. This Season his Stewie at his best how can you not vote this season

This was the highest point of the series

Best season in my humble opinion

I honestly like all the earlier seasons better.

7 Season 11
8 Season 10

I just need to vote.

Seahorse Shell Party and Lottery Fever were pretty funny

Back to the Pilot and Stewie goes for a Drive were EXCELLENT.

Viewer Mail 2 was good as well :D

This Season Was So Awful That I Quit Watching The Show For A Year

9 Season 8

I just have to say... season 9 sucked pretty hard. Aside from welcome back carter and brothers and sisters, it really wasn't very funny. Season 10's been much funnier but they're taking the topics far too seriously. I'd like them to go back to goofier, nonsensical episodes like they used to have. - thedying12

Edgier and more erratic, Season 8 is one of the multiple high points of the Family Guy series. - RoyalWaste

This is when Family Guy Truly went down Hill

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10 Season 6

Well, here's a list that was randomly put together.
If I were to re write this list, I would put it:
1. Season 4
2. Season 6
3. Season 5
4. Season 8
5. Season 2
6. Season 7
7. Season 10
8. Season 11
9. Season 3
10. Season 1
11. Season 12
12. Season 9

Season 12 and 9 are the worst seasons because they had a LOT of bad episodes. Season 12 only had at least 3 decent episodes, and even they didn't feel like good ones, and season 9 had way to much emotional scenes, which Seth MacFarlane pretty much still doesn't know we hate.

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11 Season 12

Worst Season Of The entire show

It was a really good season, "Life of Brian" was so sad.

Love this one can't wait till it comes out on DVD really wanna get this season now hate having to wait on it coming out on DVD in UK

12 Season 1 V 2 Comments
13 Season 13

This season was actually their worst season of all time I gotta GO if y'all think this actually qualifies as good

Yes it has, and it's over now. Ayway, the first episode in the season is a crossover wih the most popular animated show ever, The Simpsons.

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14 Season 14

Not a bad season and this season shows they are improving. - NovaSupreme

This season was really good.

15 Season 15 V 1 Comment
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