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41 Crippler Crossface - Chris Benoit

The one reason that Benoit used to lock this in from any side or any position the opponent was incredible.. And for me.. Crippler Crossface is one of the best finishing moves ever.
This should be in top 10!

It made triple h tap at WM 20 only about maybe less than 2 min after benoit applied it there is a variant of this used by Daniel bryan known as I think the lebell lock then the yes lock then the no lock, this one finisher made benoit win so many matches its also great how at great timing including being able to successfully and quickly trip the legs and get the arms around the face it is a truly devastating move

This should be higher than 29.

Yesss deserves to be recognized by WWE

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42 German Suplex - Brock Lesnar

Best move

Is he German

Suplex city,s great suplex and it likes more good if he will give it to giants(big show,Mark Henry)

43 Killswitch - Christian

And Christian hits the switch.AMAZING FINISHER

44 Phenomenal Forearm - AJ Styles

It's very powerful - it's literally someone jumping from the top rope and punching you mid-air; that should at least be top 20 - disgraceful... much better than the people's elbow or sister abigail

I think this could beet a rock bottom anyday

Aj clash

It is the punch that AJ styles hits
That should be enough to make it top 10
And styles clash is also phenomenal

45 Running High Knee - Daniel Bryan

It is the most dangerous finishers in WWE history. No one kick out of it untill now.

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46 Running Bulldog - Dean Ambrose

Both are best smack to opponent

Running bulldog

Nice brother

Dirty deast is most dangerous and injured head

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47 Superman Punch - Roman Reigns

Only Undertaker and few other wrestlers have stopped and survived super man punch

I like Roman reigns because he hit them in the jar

Come on put this move third on the ladder

He is best super star in wwe.

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48 Dirty Deeds - Dean Ambrose

Very killing and nice move.

I just love It

Dirty deeds is the best Finisher in WWE history I had ever seen this move $$$Go to top 5 You idiots"

Best move ever upgraded ddt

Greatest move, very effective

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49 Leg Drop of Doom - Hulk Hogan

Iam your big fan imeet from you

50 Salida del Sol - Kalisto V 3 Comments
51 Moonsault - Brock Lesnar

Its not a moonsault! It's a shooting star press! Do u even Lesnar Bro?

Botchamania is runnin wild


52 Skull Crashing Finale - The Miz

Alberto del rio cross arm breaker

Most ridiculous finisher ever

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53 DDT - Dean Ambrose

It's called Dirty Deeds and it is a great move

It is cooler than rko

Where is dirty deeds

It's awesome

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54 Red Arrow - Neville

You are wrong this is the best move ever

Very crazy move off the top rope. - Curti2594

Top ten definitely

55 Star Ship Pain - John Morisson

No one can do that move beside john morrison

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56 Zig Zag - Dolph Ziggler V 2 Comments
57 Spear - Kaitlyn V 1 Comment
58 Eye Pop - Bhavya Rai

When bhavya Rai was a kid, The Undertaker tried to taste his baby food, well the then 2 year old bhavya was so furious that he lost his cool and stared at The Undertaker, The Undertaker died on the spot, and ever since he is known as the deadman. That's how the eye pop originated

He is insane, how can someone defeat his opponent by staring at him, he is a talented wrestler

He is indestructible, my favourite

Bhavya Rai once stared down dr. Isaac yankem, that stare burned his face and left the behemoth embarrassed, ever since to hide his scars and moreover that embarrassing moment, he wears a mask and calls himself Kane. He says that he is The Undertakers brother because both of em were embarrassed by the same person, mr. Mighty bhavya himself. They hold arms and give each other a shoulder to cry on, when those dark memories strike em again

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59 Reverse Suplex - Seth Rollins V 1 Comment
60 Black Sheep - Braun Strowman
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