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221 Dewayne
222 Kobe

It's my little brother's name and is amazing!

This is the name of a place in Japan

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223 Garrett

I like this name even though I live by a town called Garrett.

This name is awesome

I'd love this name. - naFrovivuS

Double t's is the only way

224 Jordan V 3 Comments
225 Paul

Something about this name that I've always liked... - Minecraftcrazy530

Timeless and cool - Organ

Wow cool name


226 Jonathan

This is my name, I think it's a good name if it is addressed correctly.

This is my name. But I prefer to be called Jon - Jonerman

I love this name I wish it was my first name

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227 Chance

This is my name it's awesome

Suck it

228 Rhys

I thought of this name too, not sure though, on the fence!

Classic name

Rare yet cool name - Organ

229 Marcus

I can feel the power in this name!

I love this name! - Organ

I love this name - Organ


230 Murray

Come on it's a great name and you all know it. Though if you live in Australia its like the Murray River, so...

I just love this name. Come on guys, vote for it!

I really love this name!

Murray (About this sound listen (help·info)) is both a Scottish and an Irish surname with two distinct respective etymologies. The Scottish version is a common variation of the word Moray, an anglicisation of the Medieval Gaelic word Muireb (or Moreb); the b here was pronounced as v, hence the Latinization to Moravia. These names denote the district on the south shore of the Moray Firth, in Scotland. Murray is a direct transliteration of how Scottish people pronounce the word Moray. The Murray spelling is not used for the geographical area, which is Moray, but it became the commonest form of the surname, especially among Scottish emigrants, to the extent that the surname Murray is now much more common than the original surname Moray. See also Clan Murray.
The Irish version derives from √" Muireadhaigh. However there were many Scottish Murray immigrants into Ireland during the Middle Ages and so a Murray of Irish heritage today could be descended from either source of the name.

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231 Colton
232 Richard

Coolest name ever

Little Richard!

This name rocks! - Organ

233 Brendan

Awesome name it is Canadian!

234 LeBron V 2 Comments
235 Lukas

It's a beautiful name with beloved letters. My all time favourite name is Lukas Nowak

It's a very nice name, no matter how you spell it. But Lukas is unique.

Much love for this name! Even cooler with a K - Organ


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236 Cameron

This is my brother's name. It means 'crooked nose' in Scottish. - Wolftail

I have a brother named Andrew but my names better

The first name of a well know genius

Come on fellow camerons we can do better! - thedeadthebadandthedexter00

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237 Tom

Why is this not higher best name ever

Should be way higher - Organ

My tom

238 Ezra V 1 Comment
239 Joel
240 Kelton

Great name, very unique and no one else really has it.

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