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361 Yogesh
362 Kunal

Best boy name, It means " Lotus " & " King "... I Love this name, It is my favourite - Righteous

363 Israel
364 Chuck V 3 Comments
365 Francis

I always thought Francis was a girl's name but now I have seen 2 movies in which there is a guy called Francis. - birdechosplash

I think Francis is a stylish and beautiful name. It's nice.

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366 Lars
367 Bailey

So cute my baby brother is called that

I'm removing this. - FinnsWorld

I know a girl named Baily she is nice


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368 Rocco
369 Cedric V 1 Comment
370 Jerry

I like it - Organ


371 Bartworth

My name is Bartworth.

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372 King
373 Cato

I don't know why

374 Douglas

I like this name ok, but it seems a little old school and better for a pet.

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375 Ashish
376 Dennis
377 Merrick

Merrick Hanna from America's Got Talent!

378 Darryl

I think this name would be a lot better if it's just spelled with one 'r'.

379 Jamon

This is my brothers name I love it!

#1 best name ever

380 Ollie
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