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1 Bauer

Newer hockey player... I have used a Bauer supreme a warrior dynasty and a Sherwood something. The Sherwood was terrible, Bauer had the best feel, I got the best performance out of the warrior though

I have a Bauer vapor and have had it for about 2 years its been great but it's starting to wear out

The best stick by far, I shoot with a Sherwood and it's not accurate at all, meanwhile when I shoot with a Bauer it is extremely accurate

"i have a Bauer stick and I think its get I can shoot full on

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CCM Tacks are easily the best line of hockey sticks and gear out there

These sticks are way better than warriors

The CCM Tacks is the best stick I've used

Hate the ccm tacks blades took two slapshots and it broke

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3 Warrior

Best stick by far I've only used warriors stick other than one bauer stick and they work amazingly

Goalie sticks are the best but they are always wood really in goalie

you can get the stick personalized!

By fair have the best grip

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4 Easton

Do these guys even make sticks anymore lol?

Really light quality sticks

Easton have the best feel in your hands

They are awesome and the curv is just right and they are so llight

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5 Reebok

I have used many brands. Though Reebok many not feel the best in your hands but it defiantly works the best

Reebok ribcores and the pump skates are awesome!

Ice ice baby

Reebok sickick/Ribcor line has awesome pop and a light feel.

6 Sherwood

Sherwood goalie sticks are the best

I have a sherwood and a titan and I use them a lot and I put them up in the same rank

I only use sherwood sticks

Sherwoods are really good as well as titan

7 Titan

I don't use titan but they look pretty cool. - 2234

I have a titan and it is one of the best sticks for sure

8 Hespeler

its lit

9 Koho

I have a Koho stick and it is amazing I always use it


10 True

Simply Incredible... These sticks are leagues ahead of the others, and don't let brand name confuse you- this is much better than Reebok, CCM, Sherwood, Warrior, and especially Bauer. Expect these to be a household name by 2015. They feel great in your hands and honestly give you a better shot, as crazy as it seems. Great sticks.

They use to make sticks for Bauer and CCM but now they make it for consumers. My coach is a sales rep of them and got me to try them out... Man are they super cool and stick handling is a breeze

True Sticks should be rocketing up these rankings. Really underrated brand that, on blind quality, can compete with and beat the big boys.

True are really good sticks.They are sturdy and deserve to be in 5th place

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11 Grays

Grays is a great series of sticks from beginner to advanced levels

Beginner to intermediate level sticks

I have a grays gx 12000 turbo

12 Easton

I have used Easton my entire life and and they are a great brand it should be ahead of warrior, but everybody else it seems to choose Bauer. How ever many goals you get doesn't say anything if you customize it, first of all it depends on how much you practice and every good brand you can customize. Why is CCM not third over warrior? Whatever


Easton is my personal favorite. - booklover1

To me I have a lot of hockey sticks but the easton stick I bought works amazingly. I always bring it to every one of my hockey games it works amazingly and I would highly reccomend easton for anything involved with hockey.

Easton should be first

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13 Osaka

By far the best stick in the world

What even is that one - jhapka

14 Vaughn
15 Ballistik
16 Base

Base has the best custom sticks!

17 Slazenger
18 STX
19 Fischer

I have Fischer skates and there the best ones you can get

20 Alfa
21 Torspo
22 Hyounghockey

Light weight one-piece hockey stick

Make for high quality hockey stick

23 Mazon


24 Verbero
25 Carbon Sports
26 Montreal Montreal
27 Flash


28 Battleaxe
29 Colt

Colt is a great hockey stick company with a very effective and innovative product. And unlike lots of other small companies, they are growing as opposed to dying.

30 Dita


31 Tour

Those JOFA helmets though...

33 Louisville

Wow wow wow they should be 10th

35 Zenith
36 Apex Sport
37 Top Shelf

They are a good company and have really good sticks

38 Kookaburra
39 Raven

I hate using ravens - jhapka

40 Frontier
41 Busch
42 Battle Mode
43 Ritual

Best in the game vs Osaka

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