MinSul (Minho & Sulli)


I definitely believe that there two are real... If there is anything that TTBY did for them is the fact that they found each other. I believe Minho when he said that SUlli was only like a sister to him before TTBY but I think during the filming they really start knowing each other, with all their strengths and faults and more than ever, Minho, finally become less intimidating a more a human being to SUlli's eyes and I think it helped her like him more. The way these two treat each other is just so natural... They become so engrossed with each other that they forget everbody else. I love also love the fact that the "unreachable" and "comepetetive" Minho is putty in SUlli's hands. I think Minho would do and give everything to SUlli! Haha! He finally met her match! The icing in the cake for me was tehir conversation in Sulli's T.V. show, I know that some people are saying that it's for publicity only, but come one, who are you kidding really, the way SUlli moves in ...more

They are just a perfect couple in my mind even many of people said that their relationship starting when they were in drama (TTBY). But I belive their relationship was starting before the drama was airing...
Lately, Minho has said that her ideal type was the girl with a whity skin and an innocent girl. And those are related to Sulli, How Jjang. Minho gave us some hints about their relationship, didn't him?
Wish their relationship becomes real... Amin

They looks great together
I love their chemistry on off screen
How they looks each other
Minho always tried to protective of her in all chance
Really love love love them
I hope they'll be a real couple
Minsul Aja Aja Fighting :-D




No denying how real they are. But I'm okay with them not showing their precious minsul moments too much (with all these antis and saseang fans). For someone who is oblivious towards k-pop, I've become a very updated k-pop fan because of them. That's how powerful they are. Minsul to the infinity and beyond

I never pay attention to any k-pop idols before, but after watching TTBY I feel the love chemistry between MinSul. All MinSul moments after TTBY had been discussed forever in Minsul Thread, I as MinSul shipper believe that MinSul are REAL, MinSul is LOVE so MinSul is REAL LOVE.

They're REAL. It's too obvious. This couple have many similarities. They are both crazy in their handphones. Oh! What about the surprised call of minho to sulli. The same shoes too. The jacket that sulli's wearing in her selca. They're REAL that's why I love this couple. I LOVE MINSUL

They are the best couple. I'm always getting giddy every time I hear some news about them.

I really like this couple!

Minsul always forever together

What can I say? MINSUL IS THE BEST. THEY'RE REAL. Even my whole family loves them.. They give me chills.. They are SO PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER. THE BEST COUPLE FOR ME.. To Be honest, I was once a very naughty and very stupid But Because of them, I've changed for the better.. They are my inspiration.. I love them together..

This couple was the best kpop couple ever... They seem to be "REAL LIFE LOVERS".. So perfect!,.. MINSUL FOREVER! Fighting! <3.. Lots of love for MINHO and Sulli..

Go MinSul Go! I know that they had something going on since To The Beautiful You days! I really really love them! MinSul all the way! MinSul Forever! MinSul for the WORLD! So everybody cheer and shout MINSUL!

PERFECT COUPLE! Isn't it? :) many facts had evidenced them.. Minsul shipper


MinSul is Real... They don't need scripts to show their emotions or feelings because they show it without noticing that it's really obvious... MINSUL FIGHTING!

My vote is for minsul because they make me crazy. I start to liked them because I think they have something feeling to each other but they don't want to show it publicly but the two of them are really obvious in what they act because I'm certifies minsullian shipper all their video moments in youtube are I've already watched. First episode of amazing f (x) there is a scene minho called sulli he didn't even know sulli filming at that time and I'm actually curious what he want to talk with sulli because in their phone call it seems that he don't have an important things to say with sulli or maybe he already missed sulli haha or all he want to know is where sulli and what sulli do at that time. For me in his case he can only have a call to the person that is very special to him because he have a hectic schedule at that time. The thing makes more special to the phone call is his sweet voice while talking with sulli and it change when he have a conversation with amber. And another video is ...more

They look so good together... With their talent and personality. I vote them the future power couple in the entertainment industry
MinSul forever!

They are the best kpop couple now! Since TTBY and their shipper fandom is going strong now.. Did you see their so many moment on so many ocassion? Love it

I hope this couple can get married soon...!
Keke~ I just like them together..
They look so natural interaction

This couple is just adorable and they seem to have a very good relationship with each other. In some variety shows, concerts and clips presented to viewers this couple showed a lot of chemistry as well as demonstrating their concern for each other. Truly a cute couple

MINSUL is my favorite couple because when I see them together, I feel I'm happy and make my day complete even if I have so much problem in my projects and Thesis in school they are my inspiration to pursue more to continue and finish it without any problems that may encounter in making it. I LIKE/LOVE and BELIEVE THEM... GO GO GO MINSUL Couple.

They are the best couple ever so cute and adorable together no any other couple can compete them they are the best and they for sure real they don't have brother and sister relationship maybe they were but after the drama I don't think so they relationship has absolutely changed and they become close and closer

Minsul is real! It's the best couple out there! Even though they weren't as close before, now there inseparable. They are way to obvious and they have way too much moments, there must be more off camera! Their natural chemistry can be seen in their cf's and running man! MINSUL FIGHTING! I can't believe this amazing couple is in 26th place! They should be on the top!

MinSul is the Best! I love them both. They are perfect for each other though Minho is 4 years older than Sulli. They look perfect together. Hope that MinSul is real and also I also hope that they will have NEW MOVIES TOGETHER

They are the best. The way they look and talk to each other are so sweet and real. They are totally the best. I just love seeing them together. And all the little hints they give are really making them more and more obvious ;) minsul fighting!