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221 ChanSoo (Chansung & Sooyoung)

They look good together..

222 YeWook (Yesung & Ryeowook)
223 Chaelisa (Lisa & Rosé)

The cutest friendship ever - TaeBooty

224 TopYoon (TOP & Yoona)

They are the acting couple and I think they'll look good together in a Korean drama. :))

They are both rappers in their group and most charismatic members.

They both have long arms and legs.

225 TaeSu (Taeyeon & Junsu)

Its 2013 and I'm still think about TaeSu
Their scandal from 2008, even its been 5 years but I can't get enough of them
Say I am a dreamy, but Taeyeon is made for Junsu and Junsu for Taeyeon

226 YulHan (Kwon Yuri & Xi Luhan)

Come on who doesn't agree with this couple?! Come on opposites attract! I agre

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227 HanLli (Luha & Sulli)
228 Yoonsic (Yoon A & Jessica)

I Love yoonsic, fighting!

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229 JimHope (Jimin and J-Hope) V 2 Comments
230 WooMin (Wooyoung & Hyomin)

The Thousandth Man who played in the couple, sweet two people will eventually embark wedding red carpet to accept a blessing!

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231 Ssangyoon (4Minute's Jiyoon & Gayoon)
232 MyungEun (Myungsoo & Naeun)
233 Junji (Junhyung & Ji Yeon)
234 MyungU (Myungsoo & IU)

I believe in MyungU <3 Alphabet couple! Black and Yellow couple! Letter couple! And soon as REAL COUPLE =)

Actually, iu's appearance is very close to Mysung's style!!!And, they had already had a cooperation with each other! Hope they will have more interaction in the future especially on T.V. series or MV!

235 Lustal (Luhan & Krystal)
236 SooNa (Soohyun & Yoona)
237 YaDong (Hoya & Dongwoo)
238 TaemYoon (Taemin & Yoona)
239 Jonglli (Lee Jong Hyun & Sulli)

In Running man, I noticed that whatever their sit position.. Jonghyun and sulli always sit together..

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240 BaekZy (Baekhyun & Suzy)

I hope they are together.

I hope they are fall in love

I hope they are together too

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