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281 JRen (JR & Ren)
282 SuLay (Suho & Lay)
283 G-Minor Couple (Jinwoon & Ji Yeon)

They looks good together

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284 YeYeon (Yesung & Jiyeon)

They ever have special relationship for sure.

285 Surong (Suho & Chorong)

They are so adorable I cannot with them

Leader couple
91 liners
Angelic voices
Kid leaders
City boy and a country girl
Too many interactions
Dating scandals
Cute pic
Similar hair color


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286 NaLiz Couple (Nana & Lizzy)
287 BaekYeon (Baekhyun & Taeyeon)

For me this couple is the best and phenomenal.. They're strong and still keep going on :D who's agree with me? - ChelseaLauren

288 DaeJi (Daehyun and Eunji)

Lol I don't know Youngjae won't be happy

289 Jimkook (Jimin and Jungkook)

Jikook is real...

This is the best shipp ever! I love Jikook/ Jimkook!

290 RiRin (Seungri & CL)
291 TeukSo (Leeteuk & Sora)

These two never fail making my cheeks scending to heaven..
They still communicate even after WGM had finished, and even when Leeteuk is in the army.. I can't forget when Mighty mouth Sanchu mentioned Sora's name out of nowhere infront of leeteuk when they were in a show, I felt like Leeteuk talks about Sora with his close friends in the army..

I'm not into shipping couples but THEY ARE AN EXCEPTION! I can see genuineness and sincerity in their eyes and actions. So no matter what other people say, I will always believe that they are real. The attraction is just too strong, I can feel it.

I've never seen Leeteuk behave the way he does with Sora. I can't help but to adore the love in their eyes whenever they look at each other or when one of them is mentioned in front of the other

No other couple is better than TeukSo.

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292 Kyuna (Khuhyun & Yoona)

DAMN! I really really love this EVIL couple...
KyuNa jjang!

see KBS Love Request with SJ and SNSD as guest star and you all will know why I ship them...

Watch their body language around each other and you'll know that they're more real than what others give them credit for.

Kyuna.. I feel something happened between them, hopefully they are real couple

Sweet couple

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293 SungYoon (Sunggyu & Jiyoon)
294 Sohyun and L.Joe
295 Yoonwon (Yoona & Siwon)

They are REAL couple...
They are main center of the group, yes we can say that they are the most popular...

They look great each other
Nobody can ignore it
I love them so much
Oh, they also have so many facts about them

YoonWonited always support both of you...
Simba love Deer

I like this couple.. Yoonwon the real.. Hamdsome and beautiful... I love them so much..

Perfect, best couple


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296 JaeSica (JaeJoong & Jessica)

They are perfect for each other.

Can't you see the flowers? That were given backstage and the spark when they;re together! They might have not that much interaction but they sure look good together

JaeSica fighting! I love you!

I love them. Jaessica!

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297 Kryber (Amber & Krystal)

When they stare at each other it feels like it's just the two of them, and when amber start being a pimpber and Krystal look really jealous or mad. But sometimes it feels like jessber is more real cause even though they don't have interaction with each other they look perfect but kryber is still my favorite in kpop

They're in the same group so they know each other well.

The glaze and smile they are looking at each other tell me that they are just like couple. The way Amber protect her princess no matter on the stage or in the airport and how krystal rely on Amber, just like her girlfriend and bodyguard. They talk with eyes I can tell, this is so wonderful and caring. Be always the "Stupid" and "Servant" of your princess, she love and likes you a lot, she always look for you in every big show such as SMT show. Stay closer to her when she afraid to be alone in the crowd. I believe Amber know Krystal so well like no others. Kryber, keep on fighting no matter how the world goes or deny from others or company, stay sweet always.
All the best to Kryber! - kitty_hyk

This couple is my first love!

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298 Baekhyun & Taeyeon

I Love Baek Tae, they are great

I think beakhun really loves taeyeon, he always stare at taeyeon, and his ideal type is very like taeyeon, I think they are the most lovely cople

Smart short cute couple. TAEYEON and BAEKHYUN are my idols. EXO&GIRLS GENERATION are my idols too! BaekTae loving forever! Taeyeon and baekhyun! You are perfect! I;m in CHINA. I love baekyeon.

I Love this couple

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299 Minho & Nana
300 SeungKhun (Nichkhun & Seungyeon)
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