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441 Key and Eunji

Even if KEY is my bias, I support him...

Key is my bias

442 Dasom and Wooshik

I forgot what drama they were in, but it was cute.

443 Bro Love (Baekhyun & Chanyeol) V 1 Comment
444 Dasom and JunggiGo

I saw Some. Even if Dasom isn't singing, it's still cute...

445 Hyoyeon & Kris (HyoKris)

If you see them. Damn! They look good together! Blonde couples.

446 2eun Couple (Jung Eunji & Naeun) V 1 Comment
447 Jung Eunji & Minah
448 IU and Baekhyun
449 SooHyun and BaekHYUN
450 ChoHan (Chorong & Luhan) V 2 Comments
451 SaYoon (Sandeul & Gayoon) V 1 Comment
452 CYoon (CNU & Gayoon)

Their coupe is just like match-made from heaven. They're both the elegant and sophisticated type and they're voice are simply... Perfect!

453 JiRo (Jiyoon & Baro)

They are both the bad-ass concept of their groups.

454 HyoKai (Hyoyeon & Kai)

I Just Simply love them, they are perfect together

The Dancing King and Queen! Hyoyeon's fangirling over Kai makes it more fun to ship these two. Couple dance pleasee.

V 1 Comment
455 MyungSica (MyungSoo & Jessica)
456 Xiuhan (Xiumin & Luhan)
457 GyuHo (Gyuri & Yunho)
458 SicaChul (Jessica & Heechul Ze:a)
459 G-Boa (G-Dragon & Boa)
460 MinKwang (Miss a Min & Kikwang)

I a minyoung die hard fan.. And I reserved kikwang for her I think they have a chemistry...

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