SpartAce Couple (Jongkook & Jihyo)


Spartace Couple? Definition of a perfect natural couple! Their interactions are pretty sweet and although they might not be "official" couple like MC, we still have awesome true Spartacers out here! One day, we'll prove that they are real couple! Live their unexpected hugs & laughter aww :3

One thing for sure, they teamed up or just stay close to each other not because of the script. Only to JongKook Jihyo will extend her hand and JongKook trust her the most among other member. Love this couple!

I am so in love with them! They are a sweet couple and I think that they always stick together and will always take care of each other when they are in trouble! I start to like them since ep 20 they work together and and made good results together! I would always love them until the end of running man! But even though running man will end but I think I would still like them!

They are the best. They are like a SECRET COUPLE, they do things so secretly, hugging each other, supporting each other. They are really so adorable and compatible with each other. Trust me people, you need to analyse those two carefully, they have so many sweet moments. THEY ARE A REAL COUPLE!

I love spartace because they're not forced on me. Because somehow they manage to be next to each other even when in different teams. Because he protects her and doesn't hide behind her like the others. Because even when upset she still has his back. Their actions are natural no need for cheesy one liners or annoying jealous "boyfriend" acts.

They look really close to each other.. And they have chemistry.. Also, always spotted to do something not-so-in front of the camera.. They're sweet!

The way they naturally smile and end up beside each other is so heartwarming to watch. I know I'm not alone in saying this but I sincerely wish they are a real couple. =D

Even though they are not the love line of the show. There's a lot of fans who love them. They just so natural. Love how in the early episode Jong Kook teased Ji Hyo

I can't help but thinking they are a real couple... I'd rather SA than MC

The strong couple in Running Man. They look great together, their chemistry and their team work. No matter what relationship they are I'll always root for them. SpartAce forever!

They are a match made in heaven. They are perfect for each other, in every possible and even impossible way. They share a same passion (just look at how they always try to do the best in every game), they are strong both mentally and physically, and their sportivity deserves some thumbs up. Love them both, SpartAce forever!

I fell for them after seeing their natural chemistry... It just happened. Whenever I see them onscreen I just sense something that I have never seen before.

They don't even have to speak to each other and you can still see great chemistry best couple

They are a PERFECT couple! They are so great! Sparta and Ace! They always stand beside each other. Although without any words, still can feel their love to each other

Jong Kook and Ji Hyo are just perfect for each other. The way they understand each other through eye contact, the way they smile and glance swetly at each other, the way they care and trust each other, show me how beautiful a couple can be. SPARTACE FOREVER!

They are the long lost soul of Adam and Eve. So perfect to be together. They are my definition of new Romeo and Juliet :P

SpartAce Manse!

Love the fact that even they are not the official Loveline, they still produce the heavy amount of electricity that sparkles me!

SpartAceCouple - They are not an official loveline, but they way they interact to each other precisely showing that they are really close & look so natural. They have a very strong chemistry. Love SpartAceCouple!

Best couple. Strongest in running man. SpartAce can always win against the other teams if they are together. Hope they will be in the same group more often though. They will totally owned the other team members! SpartAce Jjang!

I love SpartAce! They have a perfect chemistry :)
Their actions are very natural they don't need a script
For how they interact to each other... They way of their
Smile or look each other are seems meaningful...
I really really love them...
SpartAce Couple Fighting!
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Perfect couple forever they never give up they use eye contact to communicate
Handsome KJK and Pretty Ji Hyo add tighter become the best combination
SpartAce Fighting

Even though SpartAce is not the official love line in Running Man, SpartAce has a natural couple aura that makes them seem as though they are the love line. They are always near each other and their small interactions such as standing next to each other, side talks with only each other and their glances for each other proves how they have a lot of chemistry on and off camera. Their chemistry isn't only for the camera and fans like the Monday Couple! If you need proof search Running Man fan meets in Singapore and such. SpartAce were always next to each other naturally hugging, talking, and looking at each other while Monday Couple seemed nonexistent and worlds apart!

Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo. They are too cute too resist. Their chemistry are unbelievable. Go SpartAce!

I really loved them. They are looking sweet when they are together, our Sparta Jongkook was always protecting Ace Jihyo. Jihyo was so angry when her Jongkook oppa betrayed her (during the episode of telephone race), it was because she cared him so much, or else she wont be such angry. They will always stay together automatically every time during RM, Jihyo was always having a sweet smile while standing beside Jongkook, and he always look at her with those eyes filled with passion. They are so natural, they are just like sweet couple. I can even feel that Jongkook's songs lyrics are wrote for Jihyo, it was just perfect to describe Jongkook's feelings to Jihyo. I can feel like they are secret couple outside the camera, they share their feelings with each other, and they will be together forever. I do love them!

They look perfectly match! Besides through the shooting and the fan am and also through their interview, we can know that they are close to each other in life too! Love them very much!