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1 DBSK and JYJ

DB5K is the biggest and the best kpop group ever. If they are now DBSK and JYJ, it doesn't matter. Their 200 plus songs in different languages, truly makes them a global group to be loved and cherished by all.

With 5 very talented men, who possess heavenly vocals and equally good acting skills, they are a thrill to watch, enjoy and listen. They are the true kpop legends. Both JYJ and DBSK. Tomorrow they will again come back and form DB5K.

Even though I became a fan of DBSK after the break-up but I will still love them as DB5K!.. Though I wasn't there to witness them as five but I still cannot consider them as two separate entities.. Because they are 5 people I love most in the world. The 5 brightest shinning stars of the east. There can never be another group as as them. Though each members voice is so very different from the other but when they sang it just simply molded into ONE. The future groups may have the talent but the magic and charisma that these five had can never be recreated. It is one of my most deepest desire for them to reunite and mesmerize the world once again, and that is why I will always keep the 5 faith.. AKT5F!

DBSK and JYJ are the best of the best. They have a great talent, they can sing they can act and they have a great personality I love them together and separated without them there is no KPOP they are the reason that I fell in love with the Korean culture and songs they are the kings of the Korean wave and I really wish that they will be back together soon I'm always keeping the faith

Maybe they're apart now but we-Cassiopeia, their loyal fandom, will never forget what they have given us. Their beautiful songs, incredible live performances and their honourable characteristics will live in our heart eternally. If they do not come back, it would be a huge misery for us. But I wont hate them because thanks to DBSK, I have become a better person, I owe them a lot. Anyway, when I am still alive, my faith in DBSK wont die and I hope you guys can be strong, too. As long as Cassiopeia here with me, I fear for nothing:X DBSK, keep in mind that we love you, now and ever

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2 Super Junior and SNSD

They both make a lot of money for SM, but SM should give them more hours and less work so they wont get easily stressed out!

When I hear someone say Kpop, I always remember this groups the most

I lbe Super Junior so much... And SNSD is my second

I Like EXO for SNSD! ExoShidae

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3 Big Bang and 2ne1

BIG BANG is the very best ever
I never really into Korean songs before, but after I listened to their songs I found out that they're really different from the others in the greatest way.
They also won some big awards including EMA. The members are 5 really talented guy (G-Dragon, Taeyang, TOP, Daesung, and Seungri) who can not just sing but also good at making songs, dance, and else. They're also very unique and endearing personally. I think they're really capable of what they're doing and they have perfect abilities to fit as international singers. Their personalities are also great and humble.
As for 2NE1, I think everyone knows that they're a "monstrous rookie" that already great since their debut not so long ago. They have incredible voices and also really talented and have capabilities to go international too.
I really love them, especially BIGBANG and I think this would be another great opportunity for them to show the world how great they are! - theoreoshade

Stand for innovation and offers fresh ideas all the time captured the heart of international artists and is praised worldwide not just in Korea.. - calimakibambam


Together there is nothing in the world more beautiful than them.
just one word: amazing!

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4 F(x) and Shinee

F (x) and SHINee have good relationship, they're cute too... "SHINing Effect" it's hear good...

They have such a cute friendship :D

Krystal and Minho
Sulli and taemin
Luna and onew
Amber and key
Victoria and nichkhun jonghyun and se kyung

Love f(Shinee) both them are great at music and good relationship 😉

5 Beast and 4minute

UNITED CUBE! Haha, they're so cute together! I always love searching up the interactions between these two they're really like a family!

6 EXO and SNSD

Luhan and Yoona
Baekhyun and Taeyeon

I ship them so much esp. LUYOON JJAng!

7 2pm and 2am

I enjoy the hardship these both groups work together even though they are in different groups they are a team and family!

8 JS and Hyuna

Aw 2hyun. First kpop song I ever heard was Troublemaker and I was in love ever since.

9 After School and Son Dam Bi
10 SS501 and Fin.K.L.

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11 Teen Top and Iu
12 Infinite and Teen Top
13 H.O.T and S.E.S
14 Super Junior and F(x)
15 Infinite and T-ara

I just love em together! Myungyeon and woomin are like amazing! I would love to see the two groups perform or do a show together!

Jiyeon and L = Myungyeon

T-finite is the best! They always joke around and they're closer than you think! They make the best couples! MyungYeon and WooMin!

Myungyeon and Woomin couple

16 B.A.P and Secret
17 Dana and Sunday
18 Park Jung Hyun and Kim Bum Soo
19 Seven and Rain
20 Wonder Girls and Miss A
21 Big Bang and SNSD
22 SHINee and Girls Generation
23 T-ara and BTS

I don't know I just liked them together since BTS did Sugar Free

24 Gummy and Bobby Kim
25 Big Bang and Wonder Girls
26 Beast and IU
27 Miss A and 2PM
28 T-ara and Beast

I love their collaboration. Beast ever sing T-ara' song yayaya and dance together while singing Beautiful! And right now they are have the same number of members. 6 beastly boys and 6 lovely girl. LOVE THEM

29 Apink and Beast
30 2NE1 and EXO
31 Apink and EXO (ExoPink)

They matched together perfectly.. kekeke
(no bashing please, this is my own opinion)

Chanji - Chanyeol and Eunji
Baekji - Baekhyun and Eunji
Surong - Suho and Chorong
Chohan - Chorong and Luhan
Seyoung - Sehun and Hayoung
Layjoo - Lay and Namjoo
Chenjoo - Chen and Namjoo
Krismi - Kris and Bomi
Kyungmi - Kyungsoo and Bomi
Xiumi - Xiumin and Bomi
Kaieun - Kai and Naeun
Taoeun - Tao and Naeun

(own perspective)

32 Psy and Lay
33 Yoona and EXO

The best couple in this world YoongEXO. Esp LuYoon♥

Yoona and Sehun
Yoona and Luhan

34 Got7 & Red Velvet

Both of the band are talented

35 SNSD and Got7
36 Girls Generation and Got7
37 Big Bang and S.E.S
38 Seohyun and Exo
39 T-ara and SNSD

These two groups are close friends! Even though they look like rivals they are very friendly to each other! Sunbyung

40 T-ara and Miss A

These groups are besties! Dream High buddies... Suzy and Eunjung! MC buddies.. Jiyeon and Suzy! Jiyeon is close to al members in Miss A!

41 Park Bom and T.O.P

YG entertainment said it was their best pairing :) ever! - kpopcraze

42 Twice and Got7
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