B2st is the best group to me. There are a lot of groups composed by several members but only few of them are talented. This isn't the case of B2ST. All of the 6 members can dance and sing well. Their songs are beautiful and approach different genres: from rocktronic, to dance, to ballads. They can do everything. Their choreographies are amazing, catchy, not banal or ordinary. Obviously each member has his own quality: DooJoon, is a great leader, committed, serious when working, but always funny :). He can sing, dance and rap. - HyunSeung sings very well and he's a great dancer! - JunHyung, is the rapper, a great rapper who can sing and dance as well! - Yoseob, his voice is amazing I think there's nothing else to say. He has talent in dancing too. - Kikwang, good dancer and good singer - DongWoon, I think he has a beautiful voice! As all members he can dance. They are all intelligent, funny but at the same time concentrate in their work!

Whenever I think of BEAST, millions of words run through my head. But one word definitely fits them, perfection. I know that nobody's perfect, and I know they may not be the best around the world, but for me and my fellow B2uties, they are the only one. I love how they strived hard to reach their dreams, I love how they are so passionate about music, I love how they are so humble whenever they are complimented, I love how they try so hard to get better when, for me, their already the best, to put it simply I love them. I may not be Korean, and I sometimes wonder what they're singing but just hearing the sound of their voices, no matter what the song is about, I feel happy and calm and I forget all the problems I have. Thank you, BEAST. Hwaiting!

I promise that Beast is the best Idol group in the Korea. They loves fan. They loves to sing and dance. They loves their chance to go up to stage and do what they want to do. They loves whole period of their life that living with name beast and fan club Beauty. Beast won the '2011's Best song award' in Korea. In Korea Beast was best in 2011.

The band is just unbelievable. I've been listening to many Kpop bands and once I've hear this band, I just knew this song was for me. They also have an amazing rapper (Junhyung) and a great vocalist. They're also the band that knows a great amount of English. Why won't they be the best?

I was oriented and converted from stereotyping kpop because of yoseob and beats. Without my exposure to yoseob's aegyo and cuteness overload, I wouldn't touch kpop even in my most boring day. In comparison to other groups, beast in my eyes have the cinderella story charisma, the powerful dance routines but can still sing with quality and as some have said, "they ate the cd again" which was proven time and again through mr removed videos. I love their dorkiness, the brotherhood they have. And last but definitely the best reason is still YOSEOB. His voice. Period.

Of course, I would say BEAST as the Best K-Pop band for they are my bias just like any other fans; however, I will not be their avid fan if I wasn't able to see their true selves and talents. They have the kind of charisma which will attract an individual first and will glue the person to dig deeper about them. Truth to be told, words alone will never be enough to describe BEAST and my heart knows, in spite of what others say, BEAST/B2ST is the champion.

B2ST might not be as popular as other K pop groups, but there is an undeniable truth: They are a combination of the most elite singers! Every single song of them is filled with passion and effort! They started from being called a " Recycle Group" with members from different backgrounds! They have been through countless successes and failures to achieve what they have today! I love not only their marvelous songs but also B2ST's wonderful efforts! Proud to be a B2UTY!

I love BEAST because they're so connected with each other! I love Doojoon because he's a really good leader, and everyone knows that! Unique rapper Junhyung! ADorable members as to the rest! They help each other when they're down and up and they're not uncomfortable with each other, like some of the other groups that I've seen! Overall, they're the best!

They can sing and dance such a variety of songs...They all have distinct voices, always sing live, can all dance...Sincerely, I don't think they have the pressure to look a certain way, as the members voluntarily seem to want to have a specific body type or/are comfortable with their own. They are so sweet to fans, and they have worked so so much to get to where they are. Junhyung writes most of the songs and raps smoothly, yoseob has a great sweet voice, hyunseung has a powerful voice and dance moves, kikwang also has a distinct voice that seems to perfectly in his parts of the songs and can also dance greatly...doojoon can sing and also rap, and dogwoon, has a unique powerful voice too. They are very humble, and seem very down to earth. They don't try to be someone who they aren't on camera and are very passionate in what they do.

Honestly, BEAST used to have a reputation of being a "recycled" group because its members all faced rejection from the entertainment industry at one point in their lives. However, not only have they lost this status, they have grown so much to becoming one of South Korea's top boy bands. Their members all have experienced failure and therefore are very close and thankful to their fans, and hold much determination for their career. BEAST fighting!

I love BEAST they are the reason why I'm starting to learn Korean I love them so much especially Gi kwang love him they should be number one they sing good and dance so good I love their music to all of them and I can't wait for the MV for "I knew it"

They have very good singer and dancer! Their song are very attractive too! Beast fighting! Always support you! You are the best in the world! Life is nothing without them! 1 day not listening to their song is very stressful! I must listen to their song no matter what! So I encourage people who are not listening to their song, do it now! I tell you their song can release stress and they have a very handsome face too

BEAST IS THE BEST! All of the members can sings beautifully. Their music doesn't stick just to one genre, somehow they always show variety type of music in their album. I love all the members vocal especially Yoseob. His powerful vocal totally got into me. No doubt Beast is the Best! I love Beast!

BEAST my favorite k pop group. I'm not Korean. But ever since I started watching Korean dramas I notice how beautiful Korean music is. Then I searched internet for kpop songs. Ever since I have listen to many Kpop songs and groups.
But BEAST is the group that I got addict to. Unlike every other group BEAST catch my heart from the very first song I heard of them. And I'm addicted to their songs now. And their great choreography. All the boys are very handsome. They all have great voices. And they all can dance well. All their music is AWESOME. I just can't pass a day without listening at least one of their songs.
And I love their team spirit. It's really touching. I wish them all the best in the future. And please keep us giving many more good songs as long as you can. Love BEAST. BEAST IS THE BEAST. BEAST KPOP GROUP EVER!

B2st is the best simply because they are. The oppas are all so cute and REAL. They are all so different, not one-cut and imitation.

The music makes me happy r sad. It's perfect, and Fiction literally brought me to tears.

B2ST is the best!
There is no group that can sing love songs better than them!
B2ST fighting!

These boys absolutely kill me every time I think about them or listen to a song. I fell in love instantly. They're all unique and different from one another. Yoseob has such a beautiful voice. And paired with Hyunseung? They are unstoppable. Love all of them. They're wonderful. I'm obsessed.

I love Beast very much! When I saw Beast at first, I can't believe that one day I will be a Beauty. Bua what can I do now? I loved them since when I can't remember. I love their voice, their dance, their songs and their heart. If you are a Beauty, you will understand that. Every single word they talk to Beauty is too sweet. Maybe they are not the most handsome, the most talented, but their hearts are more valuable than anyone's.

Beast is the best boy band in k-pop industry. My favourite songs are shock, on rainy days, say no, fiction, breath, special and bad girl. I am a huge fan of beast. They are no. 1 for me, no matter what others say.

B2ST has the most best choreography and they are the best singers ever! GO B2ST!

Yoseob! You're cute!
B2st number 1 not super junior!

In this 4 years, b2st had been through a LOT. They once have been called "recycle group" by media/paparazzi. They started their life as singers with enthusiastic even they have been called like that. As years passed on, they began to received big awards starting from their #1 win with shock on 2010 until netizens called them "legends" laugh out loud I could write a book about b2st. So yeah you should stop here

For me beast is the best Kpop band. I really love their music. All together that group is amazing and perfect. Very talented. I must say I'm not Korean. But the best kpop songs are from beast. They are perfect. Not too much and not less. I wish them all the very best.

I can believe b2st is in top 10 kpop bands. I love b2st all my heart. Beast is deserving have it because they are is so handsome, good vocie, dance is good too and they love fans so much. They are sing because fans don't like nother singer. And they and sing directtly so good, some time stage beast. You can be ecstasy because they are sing and dance is great. They are so cute. Beast is the best. You can hate them. I know they are a great. They are is number one. BEAST FIGHTING! SARANGHEAYO BEAST!

Their amazing! I hated kpop but after meeting them I love everything about kpop, I became a fan to a lot of other bands. I love beast they're the best of the best, no competition my love is special for them!