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61 C-Clown

Yo, do you row low! Crown here. I just want to tell you guys that I love C-Clown so so so much and I love T. K so so so very very much. X) Every band is different to many different people and so that's why this band call C-Clown made me fell in love with them. Please give them a chance and listen to their songs. Then you will know why its different. I would recommend all their songs but if you can't please at least listen to Far away young love, shaking heart, and or solo. Please because my T. K loves eating and cooking.

I think this the best of the new group. I love their song and dance step. They had their own aura and I think their music somehow different than other which is somewhat sound classy but still enjoyable pop... Try listen to this song: 'shaking heart'... I can't stop listen to it... Love their dance especially the one with the mirroe dance practice

C clown is the best of all bands for one reason

They are all friends and unlike others are more likely to remain friends

In other groups like this they tend to break up or go bad but not this one

Give it 2-3 years they will be in the top 10.

Rome the leader is a good dancer and rapper
While T. K will lead in the rapping

They have good vocals like KangJung, Maru, SHinwo
And ray is great as well

They have the best style and already fixed dress codes

They'll dance there way to the top

C clown number 1

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I think GLAM has a lot to offer to the kpop genre, they're fun, and bubbly and with very catchy tunes, although a rookie group, I'm sure soon enough they'll get plenty of great songs, that will compare with other great girl groups, such as SNSD and 2NE1, Hwaiting!

Second-best rookie girl group of 2012

63 Epik High

For one, I loved Epik high for a really long time now, and I'm kinda sad that they aren't a lot more popular then I thought oAo! (Bad grammar there) Anyways, I just want to say I love this group (Kinda sad that I can't see them live though =A=)

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64 Nevermind
65 She'z

She'z you have such a unique style and each of the members have your own way of carrying yourselves, I love you songs My way and UU and I hope for you to continue singing and be passionate and persevere in your career. Taeyeon I really like how cute ans simple and down to earth your are infact all the members are. That is what I really like about kpop stars they are so welcoming and warm-hearted. She'z Fighting!

66 Supernova
67 Seo Taiji and Boys
68 Crayon Pop

Crayon Pop's music is a tribute to the groovy hits of 70's and 80's. They make me feel like a kid again.

There are many Groups who have nice songs.

With Crayon Pop, I like all of their songs, which is very rare for me. And their dancing is brilliant. Their cute image is indelible.

Crayon Pop is No. 1 in Kpop. Gummi, Ellin, Choa, Way, and Soyul. All brilliantly talented. Hana, dul, set, geurae, pop, pop, pop. Crayon Pop!

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69 Gfriend

They have a much more melodic, classic K-pop feel to them, in contrast to a lot of other modern K-pop acts which are basically just turning into the same stale hip-hop / R&B we churn out in the U.S. Also, they are one of the few girl groups in K-pop now that aren't completely based on sex appeal.

I'll buy a couple singles from other groups if I like the song, but this is a genuine K-pop group I'll actually get behind and support. - aaronbonneau

This group appeals in it's own ways, from having magnetizing innocence, to insane choreography and likeable songs

GFriend is the best. They have good vocals and choreography. BUDDIES we can do this. Let us reach number 1

Gfriend is talented. Yuju is good at everything, she sings so well and can become one of the best voices in Korea. The other members are of course good.
This group has insane dance choreographies, which are actually no that easy. Their music is also melodic, gentle and genuine. I like the way they are innocent-like and don't try to show off too much.
They are among the best artists in Korea since 2015 and deserve top 30.

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70 Winner

Their vocals and rapping skills are amazing and their songs are unique and you can really relate to it

Fu winner should be first

Winner is the most talented bb that I've ever known. They're amazing with their uniqueness. Winner jjang! ^^

They are super talented and unique in everything they do, they can sing and rape really well, also they can compose and produce their own music, besides their music is high quality.

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71 Nine Muses

Nine Muses is the best KPOP group ever. I love their singing technique and I love their song like "Dolls", "News" and "Ticket"

Pretty faces, awesome dancing, beast rapping, and great vocals. What more could I ask for?

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72 Mamamoo

They are so soulful and powerful and they have wonderful vocals. Their voice is powerful, too.

My friend blasted one of their songs while we were waiting to go onstage at a concert, and I really liked it!

Really strong vocals

Amazing group, - Chatsa2

73 iKON

IKON deserves to be in higher at least in TOP 20. We have all witnessed them slaying all the charts and rookie awards. 5 Rookie awards! Its no joke! And they have just debuted. Long way to go boys! Reach the TOP!

They have so much talent and good songs. They were on the cover of a magazine AND THEY HAVEN'T EVEN DEBUT YET! I mean Wow!

Koo Jun hoe 's vocals are one of the strongest I've heard

Bobby is an amazing rapper, one of the best in k-pop - ele316

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74 Sunny Hill V 1 Comment
75 Dalmatian

I just love dalamatian group. I mostly love vj Daniel Chae and Youngwon. I also love Jeesu, Inati, Dari, Simon. I want you guys to come with very speacial and new songs. Because, you are my most favourite k-pop group. I love love love love love you guys and please make me your biggest fan. Wish you all the best... By Tim

Love them especialy their song er best song I reccomended for you to liten they a suprise for you going to scream if want to see abs wash that video

76 Ulala Session

Good beats.. Makes my funny bone dance.. Love love..

77 Ladies' Code

Truly remarkable vocalists. All bring something to the table in each of their songs, although 'Bad girl' really stands outs, having the Big Band flavor of the 50's and 60's. I'm just astonished they're not rated higher.

Stay Strong Ladies's Code, even thought it might be never the same again without them.

RIP EunB and RiSe we will never forget you

It is ok have faith and do well

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I just love Chi Chi so much! All the 5 girls have their own style and unique personality that honestly the reason why I feel in love with K-pop at the first place. I wasn't into K-pop until I heard some of their songs and automatically I fell in love with them. And I love Shine the most! She's the greatest leader of all. The girls have too much charms and too cute that words can't even describe them! I hope they'll be more successful in the future. They are quite unknown in the world of K-pop so let's spread the word so they can be more famous and likely will break in America. And even the whole world! CHI CHI FIGHTING!

Shine is pure perfection. All the 5 girls have their own personality and unique style that honestly attract me to the world of K-pop! I wasn't into K-pop until I knew Shine. I love her.

79 T-Max
80 Deux
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