Top 10 Best KPop Bands

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141 Nia
142 Sechs Kies
143 Team H
144 Wonder Boyz

Awesome group needs way, more attention for god sakes!

145 Alphabat

They are great
I Hope they make it big one day
I love you

I llike them because ricky yaya

146 Mr.Mr

This group is amaazzinngg! Rookie group! Highway is one of their best songs! Its awesome :) their song : mrmr is really good and meaningful :) I love the leader jin! (so smexyy)

147 The Boss
148 TRAX

It really breaks my heart to see TRAX so low on this list. They have been out for so long and although they don't have the whole band they started out with they still have a few good songs out there. I still like TRAX. TRAX FIGHTING!

Started as a rock band but now a rock ballad duo.

149 Wa$$up
150 Electroboyz

Because there are so amazing

151 Demion

Because there are songs I like

152 Boys Republic

They are perfect. It is impossible not to love them. Just listen to one song and you will fall in love!

153 N-Sonic

Very good band, I like them.

They are very talented...
They are very good...

154 F.Cuz

These Boys are AMAZING

155 UNIQ

I'm a new fan so I don't really know them so much. I'm trying to figure out which is which. but I do like their songs! By the way they are very very very super handsome!

I love UNIQ, I'm a UNICORN, and I Love LUIZINHO

156 Champz
157 Breaking X
158 Sonamoo
159 CLC

love clc

160 The Ark
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