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1 EXO EXO Exo is a South Korean-Chinese boy group based in Seoul. Formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2011, the group debuted in 2012 with twelve members separated into two subgroups, EXO-K and EXO-M, performing music in Korean and Mandarin, respectively.

EXO! This band is really beautiful and nice and has achieved resounding success for the first appearance of them they really Muhiben

EXO is an incredible group with two subunits to promote in both China and Korea. They have amazing choreography, catchy songs, angelic singing, hardcore screaming, and awesome rapping! Not to mention that they are all also impossibly good looking with unique and adorable personalities! Plus, I love their whole concept of each member having their own supernatural power!

The best kpop rookie 2012 with they amazing songs and dance move make Exo a great rookie group. They song mama is in second place in the best debut song. Exo-m gain big popularity in China.. Exo have 12 talented members..

Exo is the biggest kpop group in korea, and exo is not ordinary boy group because they have own music and they own style in sing and dance especiall they perform on stage and the other kpop group watch them... And I'm so proud of them...

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NU'EST was once known as the "Pledis Boys"

NU'EST gained a lot of attention with their debut song "Face" which tackles about "School Hazards"

Because they are the best band emerging ^ ^
and I love them so much, and they are so cute, and the most beautiful band in Pledis EN, and their style it's so amazing,
Different from another bands ^ ^

They are such a handsome guys I like them so so so much I wish to them to be on top of all shows nu'est fighting.. Oh by the way I'm an arab fan.. We always gonna be with you..

Their debut song 'Face' is by far the best kpop debut song I have listened to. The choreo is no joke too. I love a lot of their other songs and I'm hoping they hit it big again real soon. I feel like their decline in popularity cin the past few years (especially now that the kpop industry is getting larger and more competitive) is a big shame.

These boys deserve more love for all their efforts.

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3 B.A.P

Despite originating from a small company, B.A. P's debut definitely rocked the KPop scene. Their powerful choreography and their meaningful songs are the things that differentiate them from the typical love songs and the typical type of boybands. They're undeniably the BEST among the best

They're my bias now! No need to doubt about it!

B.A.P its best and there for sure the Kpop Male Rookies of 2012
good Luck for them fighting

B.A.P's debut has more impact than Warrior is amazing and MAMA is just...ok... (Nice vocals though). They deserve to be 1st because they are the real KING. And the kings deserve their rightful place.

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4 BtoB BtoB

BTOB is the first rookie group to held international activities in already 2 countries, Singapore and Indonesia and soon to invade Taiwan, Philippines and Hong Kong.

Debuted with a highly appealing song "Insane" followed by a comeback ballad track "Father"

BTOB can also become a band type group considering that the members know how to play different musical instruments.

Actor Member "Lee Minhyuk" has starred in an fantasy drama before debut and has worked with members Hyunsik, Eunkwang and Ilhoon before in a sitcom.

BTOB's Members Peniel, Sungjae and Minhyuk came from JYP Entertainment

They are really good, especially their main vocalist, eunkwang, he can sing really well. They can sing, play instruments, dance, act, MC, what's not good about them. TOTALLY AWESOME!

Their live performance amazing people. Each of them have their own talent. When they performed as a whole group can see the bonding in between them. Love their vocals and also the way they performed on stage. They also will try to communicate with their fans in their way. Overall they can catch people attention and I believe they will shine in the near future. Fighting!

Btob is the best best best in the world

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They are all awesome with catchy song and undeniable great skills of rapping by ravi, strong vocals by ken and leo, it makes them all packed in a unique formation of group. Although they debuted *i think* in not right time. When three giants music company *yg, sm, jyp* promoting their artist, make the stage become the starwars and VIXX, the rookie group, just become a victim when their little star lights covered by the light of the 'sun'.

They are awesome. Have a very good looking and the two main vocals have sweet voice. I like them very much since I know their song ROCK your BODY. Totally into them



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6 JJ Project

JB and JR both starred in the highly renowned drama "Dream High 2"

JB and Jr. Are very very cute!
They are very friendly with their fans
I love them so much!

They are the best really I love them so much jj project fighting

Their acting was... FANTASTIC!
JB and JR are the best!
Got7 fighting!

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7 SHINee SHINee Shinee is a South Korean boy band formed by SM Entertainment in 2008. The group is composed of four members: Onew, Key, Minho, and Taemin. Originally a five-piece group, vocalist Jonghyun died in December 2017.

I Just love Jong Hyun's perfect body, powerful voice -- not to mention his high pitch -- and good looks.

Also Key's ability to dance through different girl group dances it's fantastic!

Then there's Lee Taemin, the dancing machine. Also, he's turning 20 this year but still looks like he's just 17. He looks younger than his best friend, actually. No offense to ***

Onew, their leader has the ability to make the people around him smile and laugh. His personality is very bright which makes him look young even though he's the eldest among them.

Last but not the least, Minho's charisma is undeniable. Even though he looks "always serious" and very soft spoken, he never fails to make girls feel this kind of 'Kilig' without even smiling. What more if he smiles?

I just love SHINee. FIGHTING! ;">

Shinee is the best group among others! Quality performance is present. The charisma is supernatural. Dancing skills is amazing. Most popular korean pop group here in the philippines. God bless you all members of SHINEE!

Shinee is the best group ever! I've listened and seen every one of their music video. they work super duper hard. I think they should be number 1. I'm not being choosy but I like Choi Min Ho the best. I'm a very big fan of him!


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8 Mr.Mr

The trend-dols. Amazing choreography and perfect synchronisation. They have different style than normal groups do. All of them can sing live perfectly and not only can Dongwoo and Hoya rap, but they can sing really well too. Thus, they are all vocally talented, unlike other groups whose members are only in charge of dancing and only sing 1 or 2 lines only.

They are such an adorable band! Not to mention all of them have great vocals and dance skills

Infinite... The name Infinite can put a smile on your face at just the mentioning of it. After being together with them, I've realized that my thoughts towards Infinite cannot be expressed by words. It's just how powerful they are. With the members' diverse personalities, and their amazing talents, they immediately melt your heart, even at first sight. I love Infinite, because they are INFINITE. There's no other reasons besides that. INFINITE FIGHTING!


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10 Super Junior Super Junior Super Junior is a South Korean boy band. Formed in 2005 by producer Lee Soo-man of S.M. Entertainment, the group comprised a total of thirteen members at its peak.

SUPER JUNIOR is the GREAT boyband in the world... Who's very concerned to their fans, the "ELF"... SUPER JUNIOR FIGHTING!

Awesome group in the world, with awesome members..

Super Junior is an AWESOME and MULTI-TALENTED K-Pop group who never fails to amaze me with every Single and Album they release. Super Junior has very many caring fans who will gladly accept them. They are also a K-Pop band that is deeply connected with their fans. They're relationship with their fans - ELF - is the best I have ever seen. :D


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11 Teen Top Teen Top

Their songs are really addicting! And they're improving a lot. They're starting to become my bias group

I love them a lot since they debut, Ricky dance is awesome, Chunji power voice is very cool, Changjo the maknae I like him a lot, C.A. P is a great leader and rapper, Niel emotional voice can calm people down and L. Joe perfect english and rap skill is great. Please love teen top also.

They always top the chart when they release a new song, angels will kept supporting them till the end, they are also the youngest group to debut with an average of 16.5 years old in 2010, despite young age they became better and better each year, I will kept supporting them


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12 B1A4

Okay... Why is B1A4 at the 20th? They are the best ROOKIE ever! Most of the bands listed above are pro so I don't get it. Laugh out loud. Nonetheless, I vote for B1A4 because not only did they made themselves known widely, they accomplished so much in just a year! They are now as popular as other groups out there. They are adorable, true and very, very good performers.

B1A4 is known as super rookies.. They shouldn't be 20 :/

B1a4 should be in top 5.. They're songs are great n heart touching.. Especially lonely footsteps.. With their great n unique voices, they completed the song perfectly.


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13 Exo-k

Nice Group. There is nothing better than them! Please keep going on! We will always stand by you! EXO-K! We are one!

I really really Love Exo-K, Maybe one day I will see them in Personal

They are so energetic and also I love their chreography they don't afraid to show what they wanted to and wish they'll comeback with nice mv miss you guys

But exo is already on the list -_-

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14 C-Clown

I'm going to be honest. I just discovered who they are today and they are amazing :D Damn it. They deserve more attention from the Kpop community!

No reason to love them.. They just daebak!

How come cclown is 18
& how come only one comment for god's sake what happened to you people
They are really really talented just listen to solo, far away, cold, goodnight, destiny in the car & 2013 shaking heart

15 A-JAX

I really love their style, I believe that they have a lot of potential

When I first heard their song One 4 you, because it was on a "most expensive music video list" I was like, wow! Their voices are interesting, their dancing isn't bad at all. While One 4 you, was fast and action packed, Hot game showed off their more boyish charms, and their song Never let go was incredibly touching :) I think they have potential and can't wait to see what else they come up with. A-Jax Fighting!

They might not get all the hype like other rookies did, but from their debut stages, I can see how much potential they have. They have the personality to be entertaining idols, and they also show that each members are talented and have their own specialty. On stage they show a lot of charisma that are jsut as good as a seasoned group. Even though their debut did not make an impact as I hope, they still proved themselves with strong track and professional stage presence.

A jax the best

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16 100%

They are very complete and and if you watch in a variety show you can se that they are very funny and good guys.

17 G Dragon

G-Dragon is so talented, and he started training at the YG Entertainment when he was 12 years old. Before that, he trained a little at SM Town, but left. Beofre THAT, he was at this show called Bbu Bbu Bbu, and was in a band called Little Roola. GDRAGON is a fashionista, and was actually voted a fashion icon. He just blows your mind away. He just had his 1 MINI Album, and you should check it out. IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

G-dragon is the best

For me Gd is the best among the rest! Multi-talented guy..

GD is the best and anyone who opposes that has no ear for music.

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DBSK is the best kpop group ever. Even though jyj left, they are still #1:) I'm a proud Cassie. Once and always a Cassiopeia

King of kpop forever. Dong Bang Shin Ki is the best group of all. Why they didn't get the first place. I will always vote for them. Always be cassiopeia. I want them to make a new mv together so I can enjoy them. Also for their fans that want them to be forever together. Please. At least once. Make sure to work hard every time and make the best mv ever. Fire up DBSK. - zack


Dong Bang Shin Ki is king of kpop
-changmin and yunho really work hard after 2years hiatus

19 Cross Gene

I really love this band! J.G. 's voice is so... Rawr.
And also the other members impress me.
But I don't understand why Takuya has no lines in La Di the Di...
he should sing more, except the chorus.
Anyway, fighting, Cross Gene!

Love this group. It deserves more attention and love. They're dorky and cute. Their songs are also really catchy. My fave song by them is " shooting star" ( please check it out). I hope people and fans would spread the news about them.

They are extremely talented band / J. G is an incredibly good singer maybe one of the best in k pop and cute /takuya is like a greek god so tall and handsome /casper is hot and with sang min are a multi talented duo / shin and yongseok are both goodlooking and cute and they sing well.

What can you say about Cross Gene, they definitely have the potential to become one of the best K-Pop boy groups not only in Korea but in Asia. In fact, their debut album Timeless: Begins ranks 1st in 5 countries and they are currently promoting their new album in Japan. Plus, they're very good at singing, dancing and the members are definitely handsome especially Shin, YongSeok and Takuya.

20 TimeZ
21 Tasty
22 Seventeen Seventeen

These boys are great dancers from what I've seen so far. They are going to have a tough time competing with the other newly debuted groups out there, but I will stay loyal to them. Will you?

Seventeen I've been waited for you! This boys do a really great job, lovelots. specially to my biases SeungMuelYoonWooMingSol

23 Got7 Got7

All very cocky, but on the bright side their hot.


A-PRINCE may be the least popular idol group in K-Pop but they definitely are the best in terms of building a good relationship with their fans! A-PRINCE consists of 5 charming and multi-talented members, Sungwon, Minhyuk, Seungjun, Siyoon and Woobin!

25 U-Kiss
26 Daesung Bigbang

Best over all, listed here!

27 E7
28 Chaos

ChAOS was anticipated because of a member named similar to BIGBANG's Taeyang. "Park Taeyang"

Park Taeyang guested in a lot of shows and programs before

Called the "Macho Dolls"

They seem to have some kind of charm that attracts me more to them compared to others boy bands - they can dance, sing, and act (well I don't know about all of them). Their company should promote them more because they deserve more fame than what they have now, to me they can be at the same par as the more famous rookies this yr.

Park Taeyang guested in a lot of shows and programs before

Because they can SING! In all honesty, it's been a while since you've seen a rookie group, with good vocals.

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29 BTS

How can I not love these rookies? They're all adorable!

For me this group is the top 1

I really love BTS, I wish they're one of the top 10


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30 Hello Venus Hello Venus Hello Venus is a South Korean girl group formed by Tricell Media, a joint venture between Pledis Entertainment and Fantagio, in 2012. It was announced in July 2014 that the two companies had ended their partnership, with the remaining members continuing under Fantagio.

They are amazing. They can rap, sing, act, dance. They are talented. I see a good futue foe these girls. They will be one of the popluler girls gruops out there.

31 H.O.T

You lost a lot of if you don't see them... Really,

The original kpop boys!

32 Winner

YG's new boy group, which was exposed for the public in 2013 & they are absolutely the best! If you haven't watched WIN;Who Is Next, then you should watch it! The boys in it (both team a and b) are both so inspiring and they sing really well, and they've gotten so much attention even before their debut! So proud yo (':

33 Block B
34 24K

24k is the most underrated kpop group in the industry. They really deserve a lot more credit then they already receive. I mean they just came out with their new album "Super Fly" and it is amazing! You can check out the MV on YouTube. The song is something that I have never really heard in kpop, it's like hip hop and dub-step, and not to mention the drop is sick. So please check them out, they need love too. Also, do not make the excuse that they are nobody's or they are not famous because they are not from the "Big 3". Remember to become somebody you must first understand what it is like to be a nobody.

35 EXO-M

I love this band. That are so unique and very talented. They had an unque songs version. GO EXO- M

I like them more than exo-k.

Best group ever, love you Lu Han and Xiumin

EXO-M jjang! They are the best! EXO is the best among the rest! Haha! Hwaiting EXO-M! Wu Yi Fan, you will always be a part of EXO. You are EXO-M's leader right? Right? Fighting EXO. WE ARE ONE!

36 Beast

How is Beast not on the list! So Beast!

Why beast in 108 I don't like it.

This group must be on top

37 JJCC (Double JC)
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