B.A.P. definitely is a great band. I've never been so obsessed with a Kpop band in my whole life! When B.A.P. debuted, I didn't hesitate to make them my all time favorite band. B.A.P. don't focus on looking beautiful or cute like other Kpop bands out there. They're using their skill and talents to perform, not their looks. B.A.P. is also a very, very balanced band. 2 rappers, 2 singers, 2 backup singers, and 2 dancers. DaeHyun has a beautiful voice and is absolutely amazing with high, long harmonizing notes and verses. YoungJae is perfect for emotional and soothing verses. YongGuk has that AMAZING low and tough voice. He takes care of strong and tough raps. Zelo has a light voice, but he's very skilled with fast raps. Not only that, but Zelo is amazing at dancing since he has been dancing since 6th grade or so. Zelo takes care of the fast raps in B.A.P. I love how YongGuk and Zelo have such different voices. That way, B.A. P's raps can have a variety. JongUp usually helps out with ...more

Honestly, I don't get it why people say that NU'EST or EXO is different from other bands. EXO is just like B2ST (copying), SHINee and Infinite... What? I used to really like NU'EST until they copied B.A. P's style. I hate comparing groups but this is just too much! B.A.P. is really different because they don't really sing many love songs and when they do, it's like the best. B.A.P. is the first K-Pop group that I've ever bothered to vote for in MNet, Kpop Music Mondays and other competitions. I liked other groups before B.A. P but only B.A.P. got me really supporting them. Don't you guys even respect them for adding traditional music in their songs? Honestly, out of every K-Pop group out there, B.A.P. is the only one that has the 'real' talents. I mean, they are constantly in lots of K-Pop charts, being 1st, 2nd, 3rd or in the top 10. Was there any other K-Pop groups out there that achieved as much as B.A. P? And seriously, you guys think that EXO is the best K-Pop group at rapping? ...more

BAP is unlike any kpop band that came before them -- the way they look, sound, perform, and promote does not have any precedent. Their music has an original style that mixes hip hop with rock, they write lyrics that speak directly to difficult social and political issues that are going on in South Korea (which is shocking coming from a rookie group), and BAP has a way of performing that's not so much about flashiness and looking pretty as it as about raw energy and fierce stage presence. In a world that tends to be monopolized by the same look, same sound, and the same values (ie money and fame), BAP breaks the mold. Their honest lyrics and music are a breath of fresh air. But honestly, beyond all that, the reason I root for BAP is because they are sweet, dorky, smart, kind, and they work so hard. Despite the massive hype BAP is getting, they are underdogs with a big dream. I feel like their music can educate, thrill, and comfort people. They are by far my favorite rookie group. In ...more

B.A. P has made... And is still making, a powerful impact in the music genre of kpop. Their uniqueness as a group and creativity has gathered many fans right from their debut. They deserve being the best rookie group by their wide variety of talent and hard work!

Though B.A. P only debuted half a year ago, they have undoubtedly been one of the most hardworking groups with two singles and one mini album quickly following one after another with hardly any gap between promotion periods. They do not need to rely on the fame of their company, or even their good looks (they dyed all their hair blonde to show their unity), instead climbing their way to the top with their own raw power. They aren't afraid to be different and experiment to create fresh new sounds for the fans' enjoyment. Not only that, but their live shows are always of the best quality (hardly any missed notes, disharmony, messing up the dance moves, etc) even with the high level of difficulty in their songs and dances. Despite all of that, they radiate charisma while maintaining an approachable and genuine vibe, like the shy, dorky boys next door. Even if they aren't your style, you must admit that they have never seemed like rookies, and have covered more ground than any other group ...more

B.A.P. definitely stands out from all the other boy-bands in the k-pop scene. TS Entertainment has done a good job planning out all the debut dates. Warrior, the song's purpose to capture the audience and to show that these boys are different. This song was very "in your face" and had a lot of power (haha punny) behind the composition. Also, it was GENIUS that they all started off with blond hair. Fans had to really pay attention to the members' unique characteristics and talents to tell them apart. Power came out and it had a similar sound to Warrior but its purpose was to reinforce the idea that B.A.P. is something new, and that these boys are here to stay. No Mercy was a lot different from their first two songs but No Mercy shows that they have more than one sound. They have a variety, they're more than a one-trick pony. Finally, we have Crash, which is WAY on the other side of the B.A.P. spectrum. The first few song were masculine, sexy, and tough, but Crash shows that B.A.P. can ...more

I was starting to get really bored with a lot of the songs that other kpop artists had been releasing so I was looking forward to something different. I immediately fell in love with all of them through Ta-Dah and was blown away by their debut song. Their music is powerful and holds meaning. I also love their ballads, I can't stop listening to them. I'm glad that although they just debuted they have their own style already. I'm sure that they can conquer any genre and I will support them in anything they do. There has not been a better rookie than B.A. P so far this year.

I really like the fact that Yong Guk actually takes part in the writing 'cause nowadays it's really rare to see a rookie band that actually do this, so we can say it's really their songs! They worked so much to make such a debut, that is different, with real voices and rappers. The choreographies are a mix of lots of dance styles and that is awesome. So in my opinion, they deserve the rookie award of 2012, much more than anyone else!

With most idol group debuts, there is a sense of the producers attempting to conform the group to a concept which tends to stifle the identity of the group & members (I'm not even sure if they are even allowed any say in the matter due to the immense cost & risk of debuting a new group). When it comes to B.A. P the concept seems to be derived from who they are, which led me to believe that the group has extensive input & say in the development (and not just execution) of their music, lyrics, choreography, image & style. This could explain why B.A. P is so comfortable & natural with their performances. And the reason why they are the best 2012 rookie group, because they are not just performers but true artistes.

The have such a different aura and concept, no matter how many comebacks they will have, no doubt they will defy the norm of boy groups. They are beastly, sexy and full of charm and personality. They have strong concepts within their songs and actually compose a fair amount of songs on their albums. Each member has their own unique character and talent, and each and every all loveable. I really cannot come to dislike anyone, they all hold a special place in my heart. They are something unexpected and new, a bit away form mainstream yet within it. Definitely a great change to the KPOP industry

I LOVE these guys because they're really different, special, unique, and fun. Their music express more that just beat and awesome dance moves, but with inspirational meaning behind and is very, very different from other kpop groups. They're REALLY hardworking and never failed to impress Babys with their performances. Their personal characters are all very different and adorable, yet they managed to perform so well as a team. BAP deserves to win because they're simply the best, absolute, perfect rookie group I've ever seen that became SO popular from literally nothing, to now unlike other groups from bigger companies. I'm really proud of them, and they deserves to win.

I believe they have left their mark in Kpop history by totally moving away from the flower-boy idol group formula & chart their own course. Their unique mixture of intense rock, hip-hop and crump is fresh & new. They dare to allow their message to take centre-stage in their debut instead of being led & confined by the usual commercial concept. All of these make them a truly groundbreaking rookie group & more than deserving of the rookie of the year title.B.A. P will never be in another idol group's shadow because there's no other idol group like them. I dare say they will be eventually recognised as the pioneer of a whole new Kpop movement.

B.A. P are a talented and charismatic kpop group. They have fantastic vocals from Daehyun and Yongjae, and despite the extremely exhausting and powerful choreography Daehyun in particular still belts out those high notes with perfection. They have a talented leader who participates in the music writing process, even writing out lyrics for parts of the songs B.A. P have promoted.
What is differentiates B.A. P is that they are not another kpop boyband who have put through the same typical boyband formula all Korean Entertainment groups use. They have interesting dance moves, they have amazing voices both in rapping and vocals; they honestly do not get enough credit for all their hard work.
The only reason why B.A. P are not as recognised as EXO or NU'EST is because they don't get enough publicity because they're not from as large and dominating a company as say SM Entertainment.
Therefore they are a fantastic boyband who deserve so much more credit for tackling difficult ...more

B.A. P debut for me was the best! They are the best for me, their songs are really meaningful and most of them are all about society and how the world is now, I respect the leader Bang Yongguk, despite being an Idol his really the down to earth type of guy, he really cares for the children and people in need.B.A. P left me an impression, and make me realize about those kind of people in this world with their songs. They are also very dorky and always making me smile.

From their Warrior album to their Power album, I loved every single one of their songs. I think their concept is really creative and captivating. I love the strong, powerful, tough image that they execute in every title song. Despite their strong image, they're all a bunch of lovable dorks who never fail to make me smile or laugh. :)
I have honestly NEVER been that excited for any K-pop group to debut, but B.A. P sure had me from the start! Their choreography is amazingly powerful as are the lyrics of their songs.
B.A. P seriously never fails to amaze me.

They don't follow the trends in kpop and has a message in all of their songs. They're not afraid to be different and challenge themselves with their music. They have amazing stage presence and plenty of swag. They are risk takers and very humble. I like the fact that they are experimenting with music and already have a sense of what their music should be. Being involved with their music and including their own ideas and creativity into their music adds color to the music they make. They are hardworking and very passionate. You can't deny that they are the BEST. ABSOLUTE. PERFECT.

For the first while, there's genuine music and a manly K-pop boy band. I honestly think I couldn't ask anything more; they had an explosive debut with Warrior (admit it! Return of BYG, Zelo's LTE Rap, Youngjae's and Daehyun's power vocals, Jongup's breakdancing and Himchan's unique charm = massive mindblowing business), and they came back with an impressive performance of Power. Looking forward to their next return - they're artists to look out for even in the far future and present.

B.A.P. is that rookie that found their SOUND. No amount of concept change, style, and image from the overly saturated kpop market can solidify the group as much as a solid sound.

They also have a clear goal and message since day one: To contribute to the music scene through hip-hop. To give hip-hop more sound and make more people love it. I admire that. They're not just their to realize their dreams. All idols have that. But to share their passion to the people...

Their lyrics. Bonus points that their member Bang Yongguk made them. Shows how serious they are in delivery. These are not people you wave off as just another group.

They'll stay, for sure.

Definitely one of my favourite groups. They thoroughly impressed me with their songs, music, lyrics, group work and just everything. I have never been this into an idol group before. Not only does their music have amazing messages, their talents are just over the roof. From the amazing and beautiful voices of Daehyun and Yongjae, to the impressive rapping skills of Yongguk and Zelo, to Jongup's dancing abilities and his body and Himchan with his traditional skills and professionalism. Not to forget that they are such cute dorks who are passionate and full of talent and charisma. They are destined for greatness.

I just love them so much because they are brave to start with a fierce concept and a different one from other rookies. With their fierce performances and their amazing vocals + rappers + dances, I just love them more and more. With their good looking members, it makes me stick to them till now and I'll be always supporting them. Forever supporting B.A. P!

Instead of just debuting, they made come backs not twice, not thrice, but quadruple times with Power, Good-bye, No Mercy, and Crash. Including their debut, that's five times the effort that the other debut groups this year put in. They had to learn and memorize five different unique dances and five amazing songs in JUST LESS THAN MONTHS. I have never seen any K-pop group EVER on Earth that work tirelessly like this. They put ALL their effort, strength, and heart into making these albums.B.A. P captured my heart through their aspiration. - lucky24h

I just like how their title songs are not like any kind of love songs. I'm not saying the others are bad. But because they're always thinking with an open mind about people around the world. How they talked about money and power and the weak and the strong. I mean, that's how I see it. Anyway, they really have good talents and Bang Yong Guk is a great leader with a very good talent. It's good to see how he is their role models.
BAP, fighting!

For me B.A. P is the best because they are well-packaged rookie group. They're attracting everyone with their quality. They have cool original concept, powerful dance, and not to mention the vocals! They just deserve this title. I've also checked the other rookie group this year, but meh, B.A. P is totally stealing the K-Pop spotlight~ Good job B.A.P. you're the only one group that attract me after Infinite 2 years ago haha, love ya

They had the most original debut stage ever! The manly and tough concept for rookies we made by them! They deserve to be the Best Male Rookie group of 2012! B- Best, A- Absolute, P- Prefect; B.A. P! Plus, they have the most artistic and musical talent; dance, rap & voice! Triple-threat! Not, to mention their looks, they have all inherited the best genes from their parents(:

They have the BEST performance, ABSOLUTE teamwork and PREFECT looks

The first time I laid my eyes on them they blew me away. I was so impressed and thought wow these guys gotta have been around for a while but no they are rookies. In my eyes they are more than that. For have only existed for about 6 months they have done so much and you can see they have great potential to become world wide stars. They do so much and I really think they deserve this award the most. They are unique, hard working and have true talent, I love them for who they are and I wish them best of luck.