Best KPOP Songs of All Time

Our new hallyu wave has begun. Many Korean groups are appearing and many catchy music are created. Which songs do you think catch your ATTENTION the most?

The Top Ten Best KPOP Songs of All Time

1 Sorry Sorry - Super Junior

Kpop is nothing with Super Junior
Super Junior fighting.
Sorry Sorry is awesome.

Promise to Believe


This is the song that introduced me to Kpop and also the song that even non-kpop fans know about! Together with the splendid dance quality, Sorry Sorry has to be one of a kind that is created just for the 13 members of Super Junior. With this song Sorry Sorry, Super Junior reaches the world as they spread the pearl sapphire blue balloons across continents. Sorry Sorry is no doubt the best song of KPOP.

What more can you say, this is the song that revolutionise and defines K-pop. A song that has introduced me to K-pop and continues to undoubtedly be the best K-pop song of all time. Just a classic, an iconic and a masterpiece of a song!

2 Fantastic Baby - Bigbang

Big Bang is one of the best K-Pop groups out there, and this song proves how amazing they are. G-Dragon can not only write such amazing songs, but he is probably the best leader any K-Pop group could have & his voice and rapping talents blow me away, & so does TOP's. Taeyang's dance moves and Daesung's strong, angelic voice is another reason why Big Bang is so popular today, and Seungri isn't just another regular maknae-- He's extremely hilarious and entertaining but I feel as if he doesn't have enough lines. Every member of Big Bang has their own unique voice that could be heard clearly in every single one of their songs; unlike some groups, where you mistake a member's voice for another member. Fantastic Baby is an extremely addictive, energetic, & fun loving song that anyone can dance to And if you haven't heard it yet then I recommend that you get on Youtube right now and listen

Fantastic baby was way ahead of its time and still is a kpop define song even today

This was the song that got me into K-Pop and Bigbang is one of my favorite bands out there.
Effortlessly stylish and catchy to boot!
Love them so much! :D

First K-Pop song I listened to. ITs great and got me right into K-Pop. My main focus being YG. 2NE1, BigBang, GD&TOP.

3 Gee - SNSD

The most viewed KPop video in YouTube..
needless to say more to describe it, the number already explain everything..

The best song ever!... GEE is the first k-pop song that I heard and I neomu neomu neomu neomu love it! So, what you waiting for? Vote for SNSD! SONES!

So many of these songs are good, but I think Gee takes the cake as far as the most influential.
It was incredibly catchy, the girls are amazing and was a gateway song into Kpop for SO many people.
The dominance of SNSD can only be matched by Super Junior and of all of the hits from SNSD & SJ combined. Gee comes out on top.
Most YouTube views, and 9 weeks at #1 on charts? (longest streak of all time). This song changed the industry and cemented SNSD as future Kpop legends.

SNSD number 1 SNSD number 1 SNSD number 1 SNSD number 1 SNSD number 1 SNSD number 1 SNSD number 1 SNSD number 1 SNSD number 1 SNSD number 1 SNSD number 1 SNSD number 1 SNSD number 1 SNSD number 1 SNSD number 1 SNSD number 1 SNSD number 1 SNSD number 1 SNSD number 1 SNSD number 1 SNSD number 1 SNSD number 1 SNSD number 1 SNSD number 1 SNSD number 1 SNSD number 1 SNSD number 1 SNSD number 1 SNSD number 1 SNSD number 1

4 Mr. Simple - Super Junior

Because it has combined perfectly the new lifestyle of young people and has a great rhythm, besides coming from one of the best groups in asia-- SUJU!

They won the daesang award, album of the year and many many awards for this song.. Super Junior AND ELFs RULES THE ENTIRE CHARTS! - reinakathy

You people why Mr. Simple in 11 OK that right sorry sorry in top that is ok with us super junior mr. Simple go to the top saranghe yo

I love Mr. Simple! My favorite song ever! I really like the meaning of the lyrics how it's about thinking more simply and not stressing too much over things. The vocals are amazing, I love listening to each of the member's unique and sexy voices x). The instrumental of the song is really cool too! I love listening to even that on it's own! The music video is really amazing too, the dancing is awesome and the boys look mega sexy. Mr. Simple was my first Super Junior song, and my first Kpop song! It's hugely popular and that's why I discovered it! 4th most discussed video worldwide baby ;)!

5 Ring Ding Dong - Shinee

Global airplay at this point.. The boys of SHINee have proved again that they are always on the cutting edge of KPOP & at the forefront of the Korean Wave!

Catchy song with amazing melody that can show their talent! I also want to vote for gee, but I can't vote for both

Breakthrough song for another boy band SHINee, it's beats and dances are popular among Asian countries as well as the west

Ring Ding Dong is the song that made them popular in Korea, and Asia. It has a catchy rhythm and a really easy and fun dance. Though it may not make sense to many people, it is definitely a song I still listen to up to now. I know many people still listen to it, judging by the fact I hear it blasting from their headphones. It is definitely a really good and awesome song.

6 Hello - Shinee

Hello is just such a great song. Everyone looks great in this. Taemin is my bias. If you have not listened to this song yet than you should. You will fall in love with the boys and be impressed with the singing and dancing. Shinee Fighting!

When shinee let out this song I was like woah! As expected from shinee perfect singing dancing and everything else please vote for shinee because they deserve it! And if you have not checked this song out please do and see their other songs as well they truly are amazing!

Love this song and the beat

This is another amazing song by SHINee. The choreography is beautiful as well as each members voice. I can't even point out a specific member that did so good because the were all great.

7 Haru Haru - BigBang

BIGBANG's - haru haru one of the sweetest song you will ever hear, touching lyrics with amazing 5 voices!
It's hard to find such a great song like this song.
Once you hear the song you cry even if you didn't understand the lyrics.

Love the song. GD is so amazing. He wrote haru haru and big sing it amazing. We, VIP's love big bang!

The video and song is so touching, if the song and video didn't change your life... Well you're lying.
I'd heard the song before because one of my friends covered it. I had no idea it was by bigbang so I fell in love with it all over again when I found that out and I love it. The music video makes me cry each time and it's just so powerful.

I don't know what to write but I just can say that BIGBANG has the best kpop song all the time! Can't stop hearing this thing. Amazing vocal, nice music and good mv. Such a perfect combination!

8 Gangnam Style - PSY

It may be a so called "outdated" song, but this song caught the world by storm. Almost everybody has heard it. This is seriously the most legendary kpop song ever, not only for kpop, but for the world. It is so catchy and cool that you can't help but sing along. PSY is a legend, this song is my anthem.

Number 1 in UK, GER, CAN, BEL, AU, NE, NZ, AUST billboard
No.2 in US billboard
Most like in youtube
Most download song in itunes


Describe this song in less than 10 words:
A legendary and very iconic bop.

This is the one song that has got everyone who has never even heard of K-pop before listening to K-pop. The music video for the song has made history, It is officially the most liked YouTube video of all time, so hey this should be number 1 on the list?

9 Bad Boy - Bigbang

Greatest song in the world. None of these on this list can compare. This is deep, complex, smooth melody here, not cheesily repeating one word like most of the songs listed here.

I love this song... The music heats my heart - iloveso2baby

The song is fun and I ilke it and the song is cool.

This was the song that ultimately got me hooked on K-Pop! Their voices are showcased beautifully on this song.

10 Fiction - Beast

SO Beast! Beast is the B2st forever! Please vote for them! They deserved to perform the greatest song of the year at the Olympics! Please Please vote for the best singers of Korea!

I love b2st and song its outstanding really great I love it

I really touched.. Because the song is really goo I hope they will win

My heart melts the first time I heard this song.. Great vocal performance from B2ST! One can even listen to this song for a peace of mind~~

I love this song... Definitely one of the best songs of 2011! They even WON best song of the year! Really, I love BEAST and their song Fiction because it's not like any other kpop song I've ever heard and I like that because it shows that BEAST are stepping out of the box and going where no one has ever been before! Plus, their lives of this are just AMAZING.

The Contenders

11 Lies - Big Bang

I fell in love with KPOP because of this song...
GD is a genius... The entire group blends well together.
There are so many things about this song that makes it amazing.
I can always relate to all the things spoken of here.

This song got me into kpop, this and huru huru will always be top in my list no matter what. Big bang is the best kpop group no question

This songs representing KPop in every way. The Songs has really a sense in it and not just a stupid dance and English lines like "Oh Baby come on come on" I mean.. Big Bang is really the best and you can't compare them with others because there are REAL artist

I became an avid fan of KPOP because of this great song by BIGBANG. Even this year, I'm still listening to this song. This just proves how powerful this song is

12 Warrior - B.A.P.

This has to be the best in the list! Not because it beats the other groups but they are a rookie group that has a different boy concept instead of the common 'cute guy' concept. Their concept is mostly about justice which makes their group so much more effective and beautiful.

They're really unique from others in that they're powerful and masculine. They also have a huge variety of songs- very flexible and open to many kinds of tastes of music.

Are people serious? This song has a CRAZY beat to it (listen to the instrumental for a clear audio of the music), deep lyrics with a social message and it's extremely unique, One Shot too. B.A.P. fighting!

B.A. P tops Hip Hop charts internationally, hope we can help them get further in their career!

13 I Am the Best - 2NE1

Awesome song. The true meaning of BADASS! No female badass song even comes close to this.

2NE1's the best! One of the best KPOP song ever! Don't understand why it's not on the top 10...

I Am The Best is 23rd? Ok, Blackjacks, we have to chance this, so vote for NAEGA JEIL JALNAGA! Do it for our 4 Ladies, CL, Minzy, Dara and Bom!

This is the best song.. ! This song and other songs of 2ne1 should be in the top 5 because it brings me happiness when I hear this songs of 2ne1.. ! I like the I AM THE BEST song because it is so beautiful, fabulous, and amazing song especially the official video of this song, the edit was so beautiful.. ! This is so amazing.. !

14 No Other - Super Junior

Ohmygawd this song have me rolling around in a warm felling... Especially it is so catchy that even though I don't know Korean.. I can already sing it.. Anytime! This song deserves a higher position!

Its such a cute and addictive song

Even though you don't know Korean you will fall for this song..

No Other _Super junior

15 Lucifer - SHINee

This is such an amazing and fantastic song. The beat and complexity of the dancing and song just makes this the most amazing and complicated song in Kpop history. Plus I love SHINEee!

This song is only perfect.
The MV is fantastic.
The style clothes awesome.
Voices incredible.
I don't have any word to say how perfect is this song.

Love this song, is the best for me, Of this list, also my favorite song of SHINee is Ring Ding Dong, but this is very good, 5 stars!

You don't have to be Korean to know how perfect this is.

16 Good Day - IU


17 Love Ya - SS501

Wow, it's my favorite song;the song and meaning, music, dance... Every thing about this song is perfect! I'm not saying it because I'm a fan, if love ya is first, is second for me;but, this song(love ya)is perfect and SS501 performance is great! It seems they have used all their skills in this song! I love this song

This song be forever, forever, and forever.
I miss them, I want them to comeback together. TripleS will be with them forever, love, trust and support to them. SS501!

SS501, We love ya! Forever!
One of the best songs of SS501
Leader, Prince, Eternal Center, Sexy Charisma, Maknae..
Triple S will be here for you guys!
We will support you all, be it group or solo..
Patiently waiting for SS501's comeback!
Super Stars Five Forever As One, FIGHTING!

This song brings memories back to every TripleS whenever they hear it, because this was the last song of them before separating for solos and also the best SS501's song. Composed by Steven Lee, 'Love ya' in my opinion is one of the best songs in the world that you should have listened to even at once.

18 Bang Bang Bang - Bigbang

This song proves that BigBang is the King! BigBang is never dies! And this song wins MAMA 2015! YEAH!

Bigbang are the Kings

"This song is the reason why I don't have a life.The intensity,the choreography everything just comes together perfectly. Bigbang's presence is undeniable."

BangBangBang is no joke!

19 Call Me Baby - EXO

The group is popular

This is my favorite k-pop song!


20 Sherlock - Shinee

I'm so curious yeaah. It still the hit with their hit movement dance.

They always sing well.. there dance moves is GREAT as always.. I love SHINee.. They are my Forever idols

Love this song! SHINee for life!

Best SHINee song (: Fighting!

21 Bae Bae - Bigbang

This song! I can literally listen to it the whole day

I absolutely love the crazieness of this song, TOP is particulary amazing in it

22 If You Were Like Me - Kim Jang-Hoon
23 Gentleman - Psy

It's okay...Oh yes, whoever put Hangover on the list needs to go hear Anaconda a few times

I personally like this song a lot


24 Good Luck - Beast

It's catchy and I love B2ST ENOUGH SAID

25 Star - Heize
26 Sexy, Free & Single - Super Junior

Super Junior's blend of harmonious voices + catchy tune = no doubt another awesome KPop song. Come to think of it, one of the reasons why I'm starting to like Super Junior, aside from the fact that they all look unexceptionally hot and purely handsome. :")


Sexy, Free & Single - Super Junior Is The Best! Super Junior Daebak! You're Are The One & Saranghae & - choichaemishiiellvybeautyhotte

Sexy, Free& Single _ Super junior

27 Heart Attack - Aoa

Probably one of the biggest songs of summer last year for Kpop. Heart Attack was what made them solidify their position as one of the biggest Kpop girl groups of today

This song is wow for a band which was...

Check Yuna in the changing room!

28 Growl - Exo

Best of the best. They're the most successful rookie group. Congratulations SMEntertainment. You've trained the boys really well.

Amazing song and music video...their dance is awesome too.!

This song is the start of my passion for kpop songs, best song ever

The members of EXO trained hard for the dance of Growl and the result was mind-blowing. The music video was amazing and the dance practice I watched was incredible. The way their voices join in Growl is very very beautiful.

29 Day by Day - T-Ara
30 Bonamana - Super Junior

It's super junior song so of curse it would be the best &

Probably one of the best SJ songs. It has a great beat and can easily get you dancing.

Oh this song I can't say anything about it
It's just AMAZING!
I love all songs of super junior
They are amazing

Amazing song! Love this song! Yeah of course it's Super junior, so it's an amazing song like them.

31 Mirotic - DBSK

One of the multi award winning song from TVXQ.. The best MV.. From the title itself "mirotic" once you listen to the song the beat/melody will just keep poppin'on your head and when you know it you'll just find yourself getting addicted to it.. In short, it's "erotic to the ear"-AKTF!

This is the sexiest k-pop song ever! It's the truth. Just watch the MV or every single performance, it's just totally sexy

I love dbsk. Thank him for becoming dbsk. Kim jae joong, thank you for being a hero. Jung yun ho, thank you for being a U-know. Park yoo chun, thank you for being a micky. Kim jun su, thank you for having become Xiah. Shim chang min, thank you for being a max. Thank you did not abandon his dream of whether he should sacrifice a lot. Thank him for his hard work as if he had just debut to prove that dreams are only dreams if not put your heart into it. Thanks for letting me be a Cassiopeia. Thanks for trusting her to know even the most desperate time. Thanks for giving me friends I never thought possible. Thanks for appearing in the lives of children. Because it's the way he chose, so I will go with him

Hot and powerful fill in one with DB5K charm.
Powerful and beautiful voices fill in one harmony. It is amazing song ever!

32 Bad Girl Good Girl - Miss A.

All Miss A song is really awesome

Miss A is the best group! These four girls are Amazing! One of best dance song!

This Song is the best

It is the Miss A's best song ever! Miss A is awesome. After all, they are one of the best girl groups.

33 Hangover - Psy

Snoop Dogg!

34 Roly-Poly - T-ara

This song is really, really catchy. I am a SNSD fan and this is the second most listened song on my phone! And there are many songs that I had on my phone before I had this one, so that is a proof for me that this is probably the best K-pop song.

The most addictive song ever, catchy phrase, nice dance, and easy to sing too makes this song a must listen to all who loves k-pop


This created a disco wave in Korea! Even if people didn't know t-ara, they knew roly poly, that's how popular this song was

35 My Type - Ikon
36 Like This - Wonder Girls

Best 2012 single by the Wonder Girls! From the album Wonder Party!

Like this yo! Like this!

The last song of a legendary girl group, with a catchy dance and lyrics that you can sing too, no matter what!

37 Vibrato - Stellar

Stellar was 1 of the first kpop groups I discovered on youtube, so they will always be a special group to me, they were a very underrated group and sadly never got a show win, even though the music shows are corrupt, they are very important to groups for increasing their stature, stellars song (crying) is actually my favorite song from the group.

38 Neverland - U-Kiss

A fast-to addict song. I'm addicted since I was listen/watched their teaser, it was just too great! And when it was finally officially released, I am the happiest person ever!

This is the song that really got me into U-Kiss. The choreography was amazing and the song itself was just so catchy. Every time I hear this song I can't help but have the urge to get up and dance. Everything about it was perfect.

Neverland album all good song
I love every singer song in neverland album can listen all the time.
Catchy addicted beautiful
u kiss fighting

This song is just to dance. Love all the members. Hope I get to meet them one day. So they can teach me Korean and other languages. Love Eli very much!

39 Again & Again - 2PM

I really like them
Although there are many problems with them in 2009 I still like them
They are very compact, although there is a problem
And I am very pleased with this song again and again
With their choreographer and lyrics
I hope they have this award
Love you 2pm and jay park
Fighting oppa
Wishes best for 2pm

Best song ever I love it in fact instead of super junior 2pm was the band that started kpop for me since I'm a foreigner. Everyone says snd, big bang or super junior now a days. I'm waiting for their comeback so badly

Breakthrough song for boy band 2pm, along with their ex leader, Jay Park

I think the song is brilliantly produced and the boys did such as great job. It's meaningful as compared to the other songs in the top 3. At least they don't repeat the same old words in the song or copy tunes from other artists. First kpop song I heard. Forever favourite!

40 I Love You - 2NE1

I Love You, I Am the Best, Fire and any other 2NE1 songs should be in top5 cause their songs are awesome... I Love You is the new concept of 2NE1. They are trying something new in their music and I love it. Teddy Park you are the best. You make awesome music for them and thank you 2NE1 for always delivering them to us Blackjacks and the new Blackjacks or Kpop fanatic. I hope they will continue to make their awesome music!

Only 11th place? Its a great song that deserves to be higher!

18, really?

One of the best songs from them... Fighting 2ne1

41 In Heaven - JYJ

The best song from JYJ. The massage from JYJ to their fans. JYJ is the best. Forever together, happy together. JYJ can't back down. Rise up to be the 1st best of Korean group.

This is by far one of the most beautifully composed and written song in Kpop. Truly touching and is always sang with heart.. JYJ, I believe in you guys! Fighting! & - paulinealedia

This song is very awesome, make me cry, haha #laugh out loud#
and the MV is very very amazing, especially KIM JUNSU

The song is making me touched. The lyrics and song and the scene in video are so awesome. Their heart voice can reach whoever that listening the song. And after all obstacles they went through, they amazingly can rise like rite now

42 My Heart is Beating - K. Will
43 Save Me - BTS

These are first class songs-too bad they didn’t do an English version

BTS has never worked harder on this song they deserve to be on the top also because they are the biggest band in K-POP and biggest boy band in the world. A.R.M.Y. always love you guys!

I began to love kpop because of this song. It's just amazing, unique and awesome like all of the bts's songs.

The boys sweet moves got my heart beating crazy

44 Jeon Won Diary - T-Ara
45 Nobody - Wonder Girls

The song is liked by all walks of life. Little boy (even babies), young people, adults, elderly, all love songs Nobody Wonder Girls. Evidence of this, their song can be translucent to the American market. And entered the RANKING 1 on the Billboard. So, what do I need to think long about who the best of the Best KPOP Song of All Time? The Wonder Girls, the answer

This is the best kpop song because it is the first kpop song that goes to the billboard hot top 100. The nobody also conquers the world Wonder Girls Fighting!

I love them, their personality is great and yeah they're pretty! Their song is good! Forever wonderful

One of the Kpop song that broke through America. Many have said it's catchy and cheesy "but chu" have garner it enough attention

46 It's You - Super Junior

This song was the last MV as SJ13 and in my opinion it's the best! :3 Maybe it wasn't as big a hit as many of their other songs but it is much loved and is deniably great.

I will love Super Junior - It's you and Infinite - The chaser FOREVER. Hangeng is in this music video and it makes me happy and an emotional wreck all at the same time! SJ13

That's not the most popular one but that's my favorite.
I really love the fact that it's the last MV with all of them.
It start to love them because of this MVP it was the second one that I watched just after sorry sorry of course.
And I still love to listen to it
FrenchELF forever

47 It's War - MBLAQ

The song really suit them very well.. No one can bring the charismatic feel like MBLAQ..
thanks to It's War, I'm an A+.. (the fact that I've never being a fan of any idol group)..
but, It's War open up my eyes to see how amazing MBLAQ is..

Great song. Performance is intense joining dance and acting. Melody is just addicting. Vocals? Superb... It can make anyone listening feel the intense emotion that is so MBLAQ.

This was my gate to kpop I love it so much and also the band. Members of MBLAQ are awesome and funny and so so cute, I loved them since idol show

All of the members are genuine, sincere, very good looking, good dance, good voice, good body, one word is: awesome... because of MBLAQ I started to love KPOP... love ya guys...

48 Genie - Girls' Generation

Snsd has the highest number of top quality kpop songs out there, its not even close, and genie is second to none, and when Taeyeon comes in during the bridge with her epic back vocals, and as you listen in awe! and watch the mv, you come to realize that genie is the greatest kpop song of all time! Period.

Love the song..
Love the music..
Love the choreography..

Voters are blind. WHAT? 24? CRAZY

I really love yhis song it is so wonderful and meakmy ahappy

49 Fake Love - BTS

I’ll miss this era in general, like the whole love yourself era

It's so hot when kookie lifts up his top so we can see his abs

Love you so bad love you so bad I love this song

It's an amazing song check it out

50 Last Romeo - INFINITE

It is excellent. Song and dance are very very perfect.

One of the best kpop song...

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