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301 Love is Move - Secret
302 2Hot - G.NA
303 Sick Enough to Die - MC Mong

Are you even kidding me. I mean, Super Junior? This song alone is enough to beat most of the crap which was voted here. Seriously guys.
This is just my opinion guys. Most of kpop nowadays is crappy. I miss the old times.

304 Ppi-Ri-Ppa-Ppa - Narsha
305 Mr. Boogie - F (X)
306 Loving U - Sistar

I'm Korean and I love singing this song! Even the dance moves are awesome!

307 Time Machine - Girls' Generation
308 Don't Leave - T-ara

I love this song the most...
when you hear it.. It's so touching...
because I have watched this video...

309 Over - Miss $
310 You & I - Park Bom (2NE1)
311 It's Cold - Epik High (feat. Lee Hi)
312 So Cool - Sistar
313 Poison - Secret V 1 Comment
314 Don't Touch My Girl - Boyfriend
315 I Yah - Boyfriend
316 Janus - Boyfriend V 1 Comment
317 Share the World - TVXQ
318 Missing You - Teen Top
319 Like Cho Yong Pil - Phantom
320 Don't Cry My Lover - TVXQ

This is a very sad song, but so sweet... I miss the old TVXQ. I hope one day they can become the 5 member group again. I miss their harmonic voices. But I'm happy that Yunho and Changmin are keeping the music alive by performing some modified versions at their concerts.

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