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321 Change - Hyuna

How come most of the songs above are mostly 2ne1 and girls generation? They are good, but this song beats every SNSD and 2ne1 song. I wish there were more hyuna songs like this. Most awesome song ever.

Best k pop song ever. This song makes you wanna fight and very hardcore too.

322 Coffee Shop - B.A.P
323 Mama Beat - Lc9 V 1 Comment
324 Candy - H.O.T.

I totally agree. A lot of these songs are very catchy, a prime example would be Mirotic by TVXQ. I was hooked for weeks! Well anyways, there are way too many kpop songs too just pick one that's the best. But I think H.O.T deserves to be recognized and at least in the top...15! Also, Teen Top did the most ADORABLEST cover ever! GO CHECK IT OUT. Oh, and watch the original too...please?

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325 Monster - Super Junior
326 Super Girl - Super Junior M V 1 Comment
327 Boom Boom - Super Junior
328 Shy Boy - Secret
329 Venus - Hello Venus

Happy and cute song

330 Lie - CNBblue
331 Hey You - CNBlue
332 Love Girl - CNBlue
333 Monday - CNBlue
334 Rolling - Park Jiyeon (T-Ara)
335 Jeon Won Diary - T-Ara
336 Secret Night - Vixx

Album : Voodoo, VIXX

The best song I heard in their album, in my opinion of course!

337 U&I - Ailee
338 In the Night Sky - After School Red
339 Flashback - After School

This song is very catchy and if you here this song this will make you love more kpop artists or songs

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340 Adrenaline - MYNAME

This song is seriously awesome. It's very catchy and the beat is just incredible! Everything about this song is perfect. I don't really know MYNAME, but this song definitely made me a little fan of theirs. Seriously a great hype song!

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