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61 Lucky Guy - Kim Hyun Joong

This is relly a perfect song! Kim hyun joong is really good to sing this song. The song really can make us dance and sing! LOVE YOU SO MUCH KIM HYUN JOONG!

Love this song so much... Go Hyun Joong Oppa! Henecia will always support you..

Go Kim Hyun Joong Oppa! SARANGHAE! You're fans are always here to support you... Including me of course.. God Bless always! SARANGHAMNIDA

I really love all his songs. Especially when he sang " Because I'm Stupid" such a lovely song! Keep up more songs Oppa! SARANGHAE! LOVE YOU SO MUCH KIM HYUN JOONG

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62 It Hurts - 2NE1

2NE1 prove that they just not good in producing dance edited music but they also showcase their voice in this song. Great music! Powerful voices for four of them.

This song makes me cry so often when I listen to it, the echo/eerie arrangement and lonely lyrics just bring out the powerful emotion in 2NE1's voices, I've never heard their voices as beautiful and clear as in this song...

Somehow it moves my mind but hard to sing, whatever 2ne1 is the best

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63 Don't Go - Exo

This is a WONDERFUL song! Exo is the best among the rest!

Best song best lullaby

So sad, fans sing Don't Go because Kris and Luhan left.

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64 I Got a Boy - Girls' Generation

This song is very awesome.. ! They win many awards because of this, and even they win the YouTube awards for the first time and the first kpop that win YouTube award in history of kpop! And beat Justin Bieber, lady gaga, selena gomez, demi, and many other famous artists. They are very great!

Awesome! Catchy, epic, cool soundtrack, individual performances, group synths, JUST AWESOME!

COOL, You got to listen this song


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65 Lonely - 2NE1

Simply make me know the meaning without searching the English translate...

2ne1 is the best

It's not like other kpop songs. The song goes slowly with a beautiful and silent guitar music in the background. You should really listen to this one.. *dreamful face*

I Love The Songs of 2NE1! So, please support them. thanks

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66 This Love - Shinhwa
67 Everybody - Shinee V 2 Comments
68 Like This - Wonder Girls

Best 2012 single by the Wonder Girls! From the album Wonder Party!

Like this yo! Like this!

The last song of a legendary girl group, with a catchy dance and lyrics that you can sing too, no matter what!

69 Hands Up - 2PM

PUT YOUR HANDS UP PUT YOUR HANDS UP PUTPUTPUTPUTPUT! Once you hear this song, it will never get out of your head. Very suitable for partying mode

It's sexy, upbeat and electro sound is AWESOME! This song is different from their usual moody songs that's why I LOVE it so much... HOTTEST FOREVER!

So cool this song, Put you're hands up and PUT IT ON THE TOP!

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70 Vibrato - Stellar
71 Into the New World - Girls' Generation

This song is actually SO inspirational and uplifting every time I listen to it I feel so happy almost like I'm floating its almost as if into the new world isn't even a song anymore its an experience

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72 Again & Again - 2PM

I really like them
Although there are many problems with them in 2009 I still like them
They are very compact, although there is a problem
And I am very pleased with this song again and again
With their choreographer and lyrics
I hope they have this award
Love you 2pm and jay park
Fighting oppa
Wishes best for 2pm

Best song ever I love it in fact instead of super junior 2pm was the band that started kpop for me since I'm a foreigner. Everyone says snd, big bang or super junior now a days. I'm waiting for their comeback so badly

Breakthrough song for boy band 2pm, along with their ex leader, Jay Park

Beast idols! Love!

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73 Tick Tack - U-KISS

The dance were amazing and the beat+lyrics
Were very compelling.This song make me
Want to hear it repeated.

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74 Song for You - SS501

The best, SS501 No one can be greater than them!

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75 Step - Kara

I love step so much it's so catchy my friend who hates kpop loves it

76 One Shot - B.A.P

I'm sorry but why is this on 68 because BAP is a great group and this song is so meaningful and the choreography and vocals and everything was great

This song is so beautiful and inspiring, you should definitely give it a try! I can never have enough of it...

One shot definitely got underrated in this ranking

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77 Peter Pan - Exo

Love love love this song

It's a really interesting song ever

78 You & I - Iu

Simply lovely voice & Cute girl1 Love this song!

79 My Heart is Beating - K. Will
80 BTD - Infinite

They are the coolest group that I ever met! Their choreography also amazing! Plus they are known as dancer group because the synchronization was superb! Japan T.V. show also made some experiment about the synching in their dance move the result is 99.9% sync! It awesome! They are the trend idol in Korea and currently busying to expand their music to Japan and also others country.

INFINITE is not just an idol... They are for INSPIRITSS! They are INFINITY! Their 99.9999% sync make the INSPIRIT falls for them.. The one and only! INSPIRIT have to be a good friends... So vote them for me! Come on INSPIRITSS! Vote them for me!

In my opinion BTD is one of the best song of 2011. Powerful song with awesome dance. The scorpion dance is one of the coolest dance by kpop group. Even their dance 99,9% synchronized

Infinite scorpion dance AWESOME!

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