Sorry Sorry - Super Junior


Sorry sorry is a song with catchy rhythms. The minute you heard this, you will have the urge to dance and sing along. No doubt, this song should be an all time favourite song. Moreover, Super Junior is an awesome groups with complimentary variety, dancing and sing skills, a legendary kpop group!

This is a CLASSIC Kpop song. This is one of the many reasons why I started to listen to Kpop more and love and grow interest in it. It was also how I discovered Super Junior. Ever sine then, I have been listening to their great music. The dance for this is so easy and unforgettable too.

The main reason why I become K-Pop lover is because of this song. This song made me to be an ELF. Sorry Sorry - Super Junior is not only Korean song but also international song. This song is the beginning of their popularity. The lyrics, dance moves and performance on stage is amazing.

Sorry Sorry Is a Very Famous Songs The People Who Love K-pop Know This Songs and The People They Don't Like It Know It Too Very Great Song "Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry" Very Great I Like This Song I Think All ELF Love IT Let's Dance With Great Songs Let's Go - leesoo

The BEST song I have ever heard even if it is not in English I fell in love with this song... Super Junior made history with this song and continues to make history with their awesome style and music

This is the first song that helps me know about SUPER JUNIOR and it is an amazing song. I hear and sing it everyday. This song makes me exciting and want to dance, but my mom gets angry when I do that. That is why I always sing and dance in places where my mom can't see me :))

This is literally one of the building block kpop songs that YOU HAVE TO KNOW when you join the kpop fandom!

It has everything a GOOD KPOP SONG should have - a catchy tune, easy to follow/do dance moves and a simple but effective music video!

Sorry sorry was the first ever kpop song I've heard. Not only it has a catchy song, it is well known INTERNATIONALLY. Because of this song, they became legends of KPOP. IF YOU don't KNOW THIS GROUP/SONG... WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN DOING ALL THOSE YEARS?

This is the song that is constantly stuck in our minds! Because of the repetitive chorus, Super Junior made it to overseas and because international star. I believe that this fact will prove that it's definitely the best K-Pop song of all time.

Super Junior defined KPOP. There is something unique in every song they created. The group of 15 brothers is the best, and no other group can replace them. They deserve respect because of their talents and being true characters.

Not only make super junior is becoming increasingly popular, but it also makes kpop worldwide
the first one is always irreplaceable
suju & elf Hangsang hamkke halgeora till the end of time

suju always 13 + 2 + elf = one

So much people know this dance! It is easy to remember and even non-kpop-fans knew it. They couldn't tell me where it came from but they knew. I live in Germany! And I've seen the dance in American movies. It is just so popular.

Super Junior are great role models for Korea and for K-Pop. They are wonderful men as they show up in many shows to promote their songs and show off their wonderful personalities. I really admire their love for music and for their fans. There will and always be 15 members to me and they all contribute something very important to Super Junior and to the Hallyu Wave.

Sorry Sony song is legend never make you bored every time you listen to this song. Just please listen to this song and you'll be in love with this song especially the singer who sang this song

Sorry sorry is the reason why super junior is in fame! We should not forget that! :))) sorry sorry makes the world dance! With their unique dance moves people in the world got attracted and dance it with themselves! :)))

This song make history for the KoreaN pop without this song the KoreaN pop would be nothing. I like this song and Super Junior also we will miss the leader "Leeteuk" Oppa this year so sad

I think it is fact that this song is recognized by everyone who knows kpop. Super Junior are loved all over the world, and this song is responsible for bringing in the millions of foreign fans who like kpop.

Many people who captivated to their song "Sorry, Sorry". Because it so good to hear music and this song would run to your mind every time your remember it.. All their song caused "Last Song Syndrome" in our mind.

This song made Super Junior who they are now: the Kings of Korean Pop. Everyone who knows anything about Korean Pop knows this song. It is a legend, in Asia and all around the world. NOTHING beats it, NOTHING

Sorry sorry sorry sorry... No words can explain! Its just so addicting! I keep on replaying it over and over again! If you want a song that's both good and catchy, listen to SORRY SORRY

GUYS have you heard about new song mystery by hyoyeon IN 1 DEC 2016 did you notice the music I think it was copy from selena gomez song SONG COME & GET IT IN 2013 seriously you all should hear that song today itself.

I have to say that this song is the best kpop songs of all time. This song introduce everybody to kpop, besides nobody by wonder girls. And everybody able to dance to this song. Super junior is amazing.

How to vote one for Mr. Simple and another for Sorry Sorry? Haha... But I voted for Sorry Sorry this time because this song really started the Global wave... There is no one who doesn't know their steps!

THIS IS THE KPOP ANTHEM. No doubt. All fandoms across the genre of KPOP know this song wether its just the main melody or the whole song. The dance is catchy and easy too

Sorry sorry of super junior! Who still didn't know about it haha! No one!
sorry sorry is like a love letter that super junior send to their elf to keep their hearts with them forever!