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301 Nawrocki

Hey! This should be on this list it's my best friends last name! - Jackal2272

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302 Stalin

Do you guys realize that Joseph Stalin muddled millions of people? And you call it "sexy?!?! "

So beautiful and sounds so sexy!

Joseph Stalin. All I have to say.

I really like this last name. It's unique, I don't think I've ever seen it before.

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304 Metz
305 Hatchaway

I think someone liked the name Hathaway and just modified it to make this name.

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306 Jennings
307 Rogers
308 Jutras
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310 Bruce

I think this last name is awesome because I love Ben Bruce from asking alexandria

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311 Malloch

OH.NO. I had a teacher who's last name was Malloch and he taught us CTS, math and art... I think. But we probably only had one social and art class a month because all he did was math... and it wasn't even the right kind! It was addition for kindergarten and we were in grade two and so now whenever I do math I feel REALLY pressured.

312 Dunn

Josh dun is my husband bye

Better if it only had one n, but can't complain.

Kinda like josh dun :3

313 Griffin

My moms maiden name, I love it!

Blaze Griffin...

Blake griffin #32 for the clippers

Best mythical creature. Awesome last name.
ps: I hoped this was my last name - GriffinDoge

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316 Beaver

This is a great surname! Beavers are a keystone species, you know. Without Beavers humans would cease to exist.

Jim Beaver from Supernatural! That man is awesome!

Variant of Bieber haha

317 Gill

I love the sound of the name it's short and sweet and gets right to the point, it is a very joyful last name to have!

318 Mayshard
319 Fontaine

I hate him too... I think he is supposed to have that affect on people...

This name is my last and I love to say it. Fontaine is French.

Such a cool french name - Organ

BIOSHOCK~ Frank Fontaine, hehe. I hate him.

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