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21 Wilder

I love this last name, I'm going to use it because it sounds like someone wild, crazy and fun and it suits the character I'm going to write about... AHH! I JUST LOVE IT NOW! Madeline Kristy Wilder umm maybe that I think about it ill change it to Madeline Wild

Love, Peace, Rubber Gloves!

This is Wilder's last name from the latest buzz. I actually am considering in naming my kid Wilder in the future! This is an awesome last name and/or first name!

I love this name because of Laura Ingalls Wilder! One of the best pioneers. I visited her home in Mansfield, MO. so fun and had one of the best gift shops

Its awesome.

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22 Bell

Anyone with the last name Bell is pretty much like the coolest person on the face of the earth

Anyone with the last name Bell is pretty much the coolest person on earth

One of my best friends last name is Bell and she's amazing.

Bravo Echo Lima Lima!

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23 Love

All you need is love, love, love is all you need. - dontgiveupthelove

Imagine this as your last name. It sounds so heavenly! The way that it is so simple but with so much meaning and is so unique makes it an awesome surname. It sounds great!

My friend's name is Olivia Love and I love these comments about this last name

Another good last name is Frombadlands then. - lovefrombadlands

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24 Carter

Peggy Carter from Captain America! I LOVE Captain America. Read the comics all the time! I love Bucky too! He's my favorite. Especially when Sebastian Stan plays him. So hot.

I can't explain why but I've always liked this surname. Carter...Mrs. There are worse surnames to have I suppose. - Britgirl

One of my favorite movie actor's last name is this... And let me mention he is HOT!

Yes, Peggy Carter

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25 Clark

There is this girl in my grade I really like. Her last name is Clark, and she is the greatest friend you could ever have. Especially if they're a combination of smart, nice, pretty and funny.

I like this last name, I find it pretty cute for a guy.

This is my friend's last name, it would be an awesome name for a book!

This might just be my favorite "common" surname. It is short, simple, and easy to say and spell.

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26 Osbourne

I noticed a lot of last names in this list are the last names of rock stars, Osborne is a bad ass name because of Mr. Ozzy Osbourne.

Reminds me of the lady who wrote that VERY repetitive Magic Treehouse series

Harry Osbourne

This make's me think of spider man

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27 Jefferson

This last name just sounds amazing, and it suits a lot of names, like I used this last name as one of my book's main character's.

I just remembered Life is Strange...

Fits boys and girls, a great name!

Thomas jefferson - TeamRocket747

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28 Tomlinson

I love Louis tomlinson! He's great! "I like girl's who eat carrots! " but this name is a great last name I know a sub teacher with this name and Louis but that's it!

Louis Tomlinson is the BEST guy ever 2 walk this planet! I love him so much and one day my last name will be Tomlinson

I Louis.

Like, he's super sexy, and has about the most legit name ever. LARRY STYLINSON!

I wrote a story where an evil teacher who tried to poison her kids was called Mrs. Tomilson. It is not exactly this but it is close. - lovefrombadlands

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29 Winchester

Dean and Sam Winchester, the most adorable and hilarious bro ever!

Perfect for a story character who's rich and always very composed. Maybe a little detached.
Reminds me of Sarah Winchester, the woman who married third president of Winchester rifles (crazy lady, did you see her mansion?! Look it up! ). (I'm just that kind of person, that I don't automatically think of Sam and Dean. ) You can use Winchester in a ghost story as a nod to Sarah.

Love it!

Sam and Dean Winchester! Deans the hottest, funniest, awesomest person ever! Love that surname

Heroic and cool. This is it.

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30 Brady

It's a fine name, but really, been done. I'm writing a novel, (I'm 11) so I'm writing these down if I like them, but really? Brady? Tom Brady, the Brady bunch, don't wear it out.

Tom brady of the new england patriots...
You gotta love him.

Last name meaning thieving, dishonest. You all should REALLY look up name meaning. - Magenta_Flame

I think Tom Brady is a cheater cheater chicken eater. - lovefrombadlands

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31 Clegg

If you live in the United Kingdom, this surname has certainly been ruined for you. - mholland1997

I love this last name cause I used it in the story I'm writing

I actually think this is a great last name for a book I'm typing about. I hope it will turn out great

Nice! I'm going to be using this surname for the book that I'm 'bout to write, Jhon Javier Clegg.. :D hihi ^__^

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32 Electric

Is that even a name?

That's MY Pokemon TYPE

It sounds coool

Most stupid last name ever.

"Its time to party! EVERYBODY! LETS GET ELECTRIC! " *People goes get John Peter Electric*

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33 Dunbar

Liam Dunbar? Teen Wolf? Come on people, this name is just too hot to handle.

The name of the great African poet that made me start reading more he fought for the rights of black people and wrote great poetry

My name is Holly and Holly Dunbar doesn't really sound good. But Dunbar sounds like a good name for an elephant or some kind of big animal.

That's the name of a school I know.

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34 Horan

Niall Horan. Need I say more?

Yeah, I'm going to own this name really soon

Joke:who would like some Horan juice?

Gross Niall. - lovefrombadlands

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35 Fordyce

Okay not a disease but still weird looking and not sexy looking either..

I want to use this as a first name in a medieval book I am going to write

How is this sexy? It's a name of a disease...look it up.

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36 Mendez

I know this isn't exactly how you spell it but SHAWN MENDES! AHH!

My mothers maiden name is Mendez. It's Spanish in origin and can mean knowledge or wisdom.

This last name I love because it sounds sexy

Shawn - Carri796

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37 Kirby

Laugh out loud epic last name but what this is not from Mario what a N00B.

This is my last name. That's pretty awesome, but I think it should be #1

King should be on the list

It makes good first names with it E.G. joe, Wayne, bob and Roger

#1 on the list

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38 Michel

Meaning 'Gift from God' - Magenta_Flame

Wow! I'm a gift from God. Cool!

It Just Sounds Great!

Does ever Michael sound good?

39 Braps

Reminds me of Baps... Like the bun...

I'm using this name for a kinda boring teacher in my book, The Star Charm.

That reminds me of the burp sound - lovefrombadlands

Marty B Raps

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40 O'Halloran

My daughter's teacher's name is Angela O'Halloran. You would think that it is not a very popular name but I guess it is out there. I quite like the last name too.

My daughter says Mrs O'Halloran is a very nice teacher and helps her with her work. She is her favourite teacher.

If you take out the "all" it would be Horan laugh out loud sry just had to put that out there because Niall Horan is bæ

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