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81 Aimer

Aimer is the verb for "to love" in French.

I love this name it�'s so cute. A character from my story Silvereye has that name. Love it.

82 Viking

Great name!

83 Lockwood

Tyler Lockwood (the vampire diaries) :) I find last names ending with wood too common in books but it's still so perfect

A girl in my book is named Iris. Lockwood goes great with that! Iris Lockwood.

Makes me think about my childhood hero FLINT LOCKWOOD :))

Lock wood lock the wood in ya to I let me carpet it into the warm butt chair

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84 Heart

Maya Heart the girl from girl meets world

Umm It's Maya HART look it up.

This sounds so pretty


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85 Hollingberry

Sounds great! The name for scientist guy

I just like the feel of it in my mouth (not supposed to be dirty)

It's my last name but with one r

86 Skywalker

I know that only crazy star wars fans would change their last name to this but if it wasn't associated with star wars I would want this to be my last name.

"Ya, I know I am a big star wars fan, but I don't think your gonna find anyone that has a last name of Skywalker."

I don't like star wars so whenever I think of this last name I don't think of star wars at first I think of the calm blue sky and how the clouds walk across it.

It's a cool last name but I doubt anyone would actually have it - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

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87 Herrera

My friend has this name:) and she gets a lot of attention from it;) I love this name!

I might just use this one if I can't find anything better. A side character's name shouldn't be all that important when I already have perfect last names for my main characters (Soir and Valin). And Lou Herrera doesn't sound half bad.

Herrera is my last name and EVERYONE SPELLS IT WRONG!

88 Parrish

Just makes me think of Jordan Parrish, Teen Wolf. That's why I love this too.

Jordan Parrish? Teen Wolf? Love this. - Infinity_Fever

Ben Parrish anyone?

Thanks, I need some more last names for characters in my book. It's set in the fifties. so, I'm using the names Gloria, Judith, James, Patricia, Melanie, Connor, Margaret, Jill Ann, Beatrice, Daisy, Loretta, Rita, Thomas, Byron, Robert, Harriet, Ruth, Doris, Scott, Frank, Elizabeth, Janice, Walter, Doreen, Luke, Sharon, Roy, Tabitha, and John

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89 Lyleson

Haha was looking for a last name for my story character lyla when I saw this

I love this name. It remind me of my childhood friend, lylee

90 Cassidy

Not very good for the character's first name because it would make the name unnecessarily long. Good name though!

It's more like a first name. Although, Ella Cassidy, Gina Cassidy, Toby Cassidy, it kinda goes with a lot of names.

Oh Cassidy is a really pretty name...

Ever Cassidy is a great singer..

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91 Rambo

Rambo is the best last name ever since I got put in the big house.

What did I just write?

Double rambo

Rambo the jumbo sized dambo!

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92 Stinziani

It says "I can fight or I can just lay around. Throw on some pearl and I'm ready for formal wear".

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93 Delane

It sounds elegant and unique, I'm writing a story and I think this would be a great last name for the personality of the character I'm writing about. Also, it sounds really cool.

This is actually my first name and I was really shocked to see it, as it's incredibly uncommon. Two things: it's pronounced exactly as it looks (not Delane-Y) and it is definitely a female first name. I've never heard it as a last name before.

Does everybody writing a story with every single name that I'm enjoying for put in my book?

Such a pretty name! Sounds so glamorous. Great for an elegant bad@$$ in a story!

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94 Suzuki

I think I've watched some sort of Japanese schoolgirl anime show and with a protagonist who had this last name. I think it has a very nice ring to it, and it sounds pretty with almost any name. If you are writing a story with a Japanese character, this is a great name to use!

Come on, very nice word and great sounding! lol

This would be an awesome last name! My last name is a thousand times worse then this! And it's so pretty! Love this name!

If your crazy for otaku, then go for it!

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95 Morgan

My last name! It completely rocks and the only problem is that there is a guy in our class called Morgan and sometimes my teacher calls me Morgan! It is absoloutly impossible

I like the name Morgan too. I'm thinking about using that name for my female character! It fits her so well.

I like it! I used this for a website. I needed last names for people in roleplays and really, I think Sage Morgan sounds pretty darn good! Don't you? This will really come in handy, I like it :) Thanks for posting it whoever did!

My First name is Morgan. It's a really pretty name. It means Morning in German so if your character in a book is Bubbly and bright, this is the perfect last name. (Dean Morgan. Carter Morgan)

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96 Pearl

Such a beautiful name and it goes with so many names so I wish I had it! Laugh out loud :-)

In total honesty, this name is brilliant! It's not too long and that's important for a character but instead of sounding plain, it boasts glamour and value. Awesome!

This is my Mum's maiden name and it is one of the prettiest last names in the world. I love it!

O, how nice! doesn't work for boys, though.

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97 Dean

Supernatural and dean is so cute

Supernatural dean is the dean from gilmore girls. cheek it out I binge watch it everyday

Dean Winchester is my bae.

It's a good last name

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98 Lexor
99 Phantomhive

"Yes, my lord. " Ha ha Ciel Phantomhive. Why do you have such an awesome sounding last name?

Ciel Phantomhive rocks! XDD I seriously love this anime, I mean I want to change my last name to this!

I was actually looking for a name for a character loosely based off of Ciel... Why did his name have to be taken. Hmm still need a British sounding name for my protagonist. And one for the demon in my story... Alexa_______ and the demon Felix________ argg Black Butler took all the good names...


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100 Cordova

LOVE IT. Just the name I needed for my next book! Thanks so much!

I have a Hispanic looking character in the book I'm writing and this last name is perfect!

Why not Espinoza or murillo those are my last names (really)

What would be a good first name (male) for this? Bailey, Asher, Dean, Brett, Mason, Zaen, Luce, Tyler, Alex, Jesh, Diesel, Rylea.. Any of those sound good?

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