G-Dragon ~ BIGBANG


Please, no one can get on G-Dragon's level. HE'S EVERYWHERE, not just in S. Korea. Other western artists have taken notice of him, too. He's admired not just in the music world but also in the fashion world. He's been invited to the biggest fashion shows and gets the coolest (not to mention EXPENSIVE) free gifts from famous designers that respect and admire him.

But enough about that. As a leader, he's THE BEST. He writes and compose ALL of BIGBANG'S songs and THEY ALWAYS TOP THE MUSIC CHARTS. ALWAYS. But that should come as no surprise since GD is a perfectionist and a GOD at what he does. He's made miracles out of semi-ok singers. Even songs made for variety shows (infinite challenge) top the charts.

And best of all, he's good to TOP, Daesung, Taeyang, and Seungri. He's compose songs for them, too and his hard work and efforts shows because even those songs made it to the top of the music charts. And it's never just random songs. No, when GD writes for his group ...more - VegeBulYes

GD has completed every aspects there is to be an AWESOME leader!
Rap, dance, unique singing, writing/composing/producing songs, awesome personality, has great manners, awesome sense of style, great stage presence, diligent, perfectionist, cares for other members (that's why BIGBANG's friendship is unquestionable! ), gives one hell of a fanservice, WHAT ELSE DID I MISS?!
I know that no one is perfect, but to me/us as VIP we see him as a leader, who actually DESERVE to be a leader! So sorry if I might've gone too far..

Not only did GD manage to bring to the world the young and talented BIGBANG, but he's also a sweet and lovely person. He also writes/takes part in writing most of the band's songs (Japanese, Korean, and English), and they've all become such hits. He even writes out solos for some of his fellow members. He also produces some of the band's music. Not only is he a rapping talent, he's also a vocalist talent... If you ever hear his beautiful falsetto, you'll understand. The young, talented GD and BIGBANG!

Good luck G-DRAGON and BIGBANG!
I always support you!

I think he is the best leader. Because he can makes many songs
Their songs who made by GD are very good.
I love G-Dragon and his Boy Band (BIGBANG)
He's very awesome. His song and his voice is really in good quality
I think he's the best leader group of KPOP

G-Dragon is the best leader of all kpop group. He always takes the responsibility of being a leader in his boy band group- Big Bang. I like the way he moves and the way he sings, and he's also good in composing a song to perform. He's a very talented leader and he is also funny sometimes that is why he is the best leader for me. We love you G-Dragon!

GD has the gift of creativity. He's underestimated a lot I think.
he's such an all rounded person. He can be cute & aggressive, but no matter what, he's always real which is hard to find in celebs these days.
He has the true qualities of a leader as he guides & drives Big Bang to everlasting success.

Based on the success of BIGBANG and the one of a kind brotherhood of the guys I think G-Dragon is a true leader. He let every member shine in his group and you notice very well that he's taking care of all of them. He has strenght, charisma and an unbroken will to let anyone know that BIGBANG are the true kings of K-Pop. Many idols admire him, his persona, his producing, his music and his fashion sense. He is a role model and also very human too. For me now and forever my first choice of a pretty damn good leader!

GDRAGON Composes Almost All Of The Song of Bigbang / 2ne1 He Came Out Duo W/ TOP (Performing High High, Jibe Gajima, Knock Out ) Solo In Heartbreaker. He Is Now A YG Producer And Bigbang Is Crowned As The BEST WORLDWIDE ACT IN 2012 As Of MTV

I love kwon leader very much, he is the most adorable and charismatic leader I ever knew.. He loves his member and always monitoring them as well although he kinda busy
He can sing and dance well, he also a great rapper and composer, good looking person, and has a fantastic fashion sense. What a perfect leader!

He had been through a lot and I believe that made him became more mature. He always take good care of his group. He organized his team fashions, create good song for each of them and try his best to communicate with each other

He's good and very talented... So talented.. Serious in handling his group.. Know the best for his group.. Doing the best song for others.. Creative some more... A fashion icon some more... A perfect person to be the best leader... Right?

He a great leader! He helps and is kind but then serious! He tries his best and try to impress his fans and also is there for his band and just LOVES like just LOVES what he receives and he always tries to do the best he can to get his band up and up! No matter what tries to stop him he just keeps going! FIGHTING! ~

He is true leader he always cares members also he made lots of their songs and produce their albums. He is very attractive and strong person6 I love Kwon Leader because he is the best. Please support our Kwon leader Vipzz

G-Dragon is amazing and works very hard. He barely gets any rest and is always very hardworking. He's multi-talented as well, he can sing/rap/dance/write songs/and offcourse has amazing fashion sense.

V.I. P for life!

G-Dragon, the multi-talent leader of BigBang, that is why BigBang is the best, because they have a very cool and awesome leader! G the dragon the best among all! Yeah

G dragon is one of the best Korean composers ever and one of the most famous kpop idols ever! He can do everything (write, produce, sing, rap,... ) I LOVE HIM I LOVE BIG BANG

He's talented, charismatic, hot, cute at the same time I love him in many ways... He got everything that leader should has... He's multi talented guy I ever know... I guess...

I think g dragon looks like a girl but he ia really very talented! This is the reason I like him but I know he ate drugs before! So it makes me think should I like him!

I can't believe he is not number 1 here!

He is a hands-on type leader and a perfectionist... He is an all rounder type of entertainer and oftentimes he allows his group to be the center of attention...

The word leader in kpop always accompanies the name of G-DRAGON!
My gosh, he's the best leader, not chosen just because he's the eldest among the group, but because of his talent!
No doubt, it's the great KWON LEADER!

Definitely the best, he even writes most of their music, what other groups have a leader that awesome! With every comeback he just gets more amazing.

He not only achieved so much, but he also helped other members to achieved so much.. He is so hardworking and really take care of his members

They have the right heart in music. I think that alone makes them different from other groups.
They also have the right attitude towards others and that I believe makes them the most respectable group in Korea.
Another thing I love about them is that they aren't simply a boy band but a family. Their relationships between the members is like that of brothers.

Nothing can beat GD the leader...
the most popular in the universe... Don't forget top, daesung, seungri and taeyang... FIGHTING!