Eric Mun ~ Shinhwa


There are different leaders even in K-pop groups. Eric is one who is trying his best in background for the well-being of Shinhwa. 14 years of staying together as a group, this is very difficult, I can assure. Even friendship that lasts this long is difficult to find. While this is not all due to Eric's deed, large proportion is his.

When someone commented on his choice of Shinhwa over acting, he replied that the initial start and the reason they are here is the group 'Shinhwa' not acting or solo singing career.
Also, it's very well-known thing that he declined high worthy contract just for Shinhwa.
When Shinhwa left their initial company, there was different hardships and Eric tried his best to correct things and solve things out so Shinhwa can still be Shinhwa.
He might be 4-dimensional thinker sometimes, but he is a deep thinker. He gave amazing comment in defense of Shinhwa to an article that is clearly bashing Shinhwa and members' efforts.

I don't know ...more

The leader who never crave attention prefering to get his members in the spotlight instead. Who leads the grp from the back making sure no one gets left behind. He who rejected a luxurious solo contract and fought for Shinhwa to get out of SM so the grp can get paid equally and stay together.

You want to talk about selfless, humble leader, Eric Mun is the man.

Ps; and to lead a group that have not had a member leaving or changed for 14 years, it's a feat.

Eric Mun is not just the best leader but a very honorable and generous man. He put the interests of Shinhwa and members as his priorities and he is always to sacrifice his career for the good of the group. All the other leaders in this survey can not claim that they gave up a lucrative contract just so the group will remain intact and for the members to have an equal share in the earnings. For their comeback in 2012, again it is Eric who has given up the most by refusing to accept solo activities just so Shinhwa can regain back its footing in this very fickle industry. The group promised to put up their own company and gave the responsibility to Eric to run and I think that is one of the wisest moves the members have ever done, well aside from they listening to leave SM and let him handle everything.
Eric Mun is not just a leader, he is an excellent rapper, awesome actor, captivating dancer, a variety gem, a loyal friend, a dorky man, a very capable and competent CEO, a legend, a ...more

Eric... I can't say he's perfect, I can't say he's flawless, I probably can't say much about him, since everyone has commented about him here, and since I'm a new SHCJ this year. But one thing for sure that even all people know, you just can't have 14 years of an idol group without a brilliant, amazing, brave, loyal, caring, humble n maybe lil 4D on the side kind of Leader. Maybe this is exaggerating, but it's the truth. Eric is the perfect example of how leader should be, quiet on the side, but pushing the other members upwards on the other. He doesn't need glamorous exposure, but with his quiet leadership skills, this exposure came on it's own. And even so, he never boast about himself, all he talks and done, it's all for Shinhwa.

Eric has been leading Shinhwa for 14+ years. There has never been a member change and even when Andy took some time off for personal reasons he was still considered a member. Eric has sacrificed a lot for Shinhwa and you can see the the members love and respect him a lot (even Hyesung! ).

Not only is Eric a great leader for Shinhwa, but he is also a leader that the others on this list can look up to and want to emulate... Even if he is a little 4D.

Amazing and humble leader.. Absolutly him. He gave everything for the group n members. When they faught to get free from SM.. He figgth and stand in the front and in the back to keep his fellow members stay as one. He take the responsibilty of 5 boys career and he himself of course just too keep them as six. Never see. Such a leader like him. He's the power of shinhwa existense... He love all the member like his own brothers. Never saw selfishness in him, only see his pure love and courage to stand in the front and back for shinhwa as one as a family. Go Eric Mun and Go Shinhwa... Fighting!

Eric is really an amazing and great leader. Having a group, without any member change and being together isn't as easy as you think so. But Eric did it, Shinhwa did it. He always put the other memers before himself and he doesn't "treat himself as a leader", in a way that all the members are of equal rank in Shinhwa. He raps and sings well, he's charismatic and the most special of all, is that he and the other Shinhwa members are really dorky, showing the truthful side of their even in front of the cameras in Shinhwa Broadcast. He's just that unique and amazing Leader Mun.

A man worthy of being called a leader. Perfect example of leading using the inverted triangle method meaning others first before myself. But when trouble arise he will be the first in line to defend and protect his younger brothers. But remember that he's also a human being with weaknesses and fears, he's not perfect cause no body's perfect in this world but he's worthy of being followed and respected as a leader and as a person. Hope he'll continue what they stared and hope it will become successful. Shinhwa fighting and Eric Mun fighting

The best of the best leader! He's quiet but he's a strong and a very dependable leader. He's not selfish and he puts Shinhwa first before anything else, even before himself. That's just pure love for Shinhwa and the members. He doesn't brag about his popularity or even about him being the leader of Shinhwa. He doesn't like seeking attention. Shinhwa wouldn't be able to last this long if they didn't have a great leader. Because they have a responsible leader who's willing to risk everything for the group, they of course were motivated to do the same.

He is the best leader that I have known... After 14 years, he still keep doing everything just for Shinhwa. He always put Shinhwa as his first priority, sacrifices his stellar acting career to focus on Shinhwa's activity solely. To lead a group that have not had a member leaving or changed for 14 years, it's a feat. After all those things he did for Shinhwa, I proudly call him as "Best leader in the world".

When it comes to the title of "Best Leader," there is no one else in KPop I could possibly think about besides Eric Mun. Being a good leader has nothing to do with the talent you have, but rather the qualities and unwavering support they provide for their members. In this way, Eric Mun defines what it means to be the best leader.

Eric has proven time and again his loyalty to his members. He has selflessly given up contracts, roles, overall career advancements all in the name of Shinhwa, and not once has he regretted it. In fact, he's stated in previous interviews that these decisions were some of the best decisions he made...because he was able to stay with those he considers brothers.

He isn't the type who commands respect from his members, rather it is his members who hold such a high respect for him because of everything he has done to ensure that Shinhwa and its members remain together in 17+ years. His members respect and trust in him because he has shown time and ...more

Although shinhwa is my second group but eric is one person I will look up to for the rest of my life. The things he has done for shinhwa to keep it together, no words can measure those efforts. And that too at such tough times when changing companies that too SM is beyond imagination even!
Whether you support shinhwa or not you cannot not love this man and respect him!
The silent but the best leader in the whole world who reflects upon the members' achievements and shines thru that, not his own personal ones even though he has immense talents!

Eric such a very nice leader. You know it's really hard to lead a group for more than 14 years without any single person leaves the group. He gives more strength to another members to thru the hard life. He never act like he's the leader. Humble, really humble. I adore him, so much.

He looks perferct as a man. But, the most important thing about him is that he also has a good manner and attitude, especially the attitude about being a leader. You can ignore his role that have made Shinhwa into what they are today.

He is one of a kind that other leaders should look up into. Although many people said he is a 4-D leader, the fact that he is still being honored by many people has proven that he is on of the important k-pop group leader until now.

The best leader that can make the group solid, still exist without changing member for almost 15 years now. The one who will support the members from behind and will be in the front if the crisis or problems appears. Eric jjang!

I feel really eager to promote this Shinhwa's Leader.
And you know what, since Eric keep giving other members in Shinhwa shine more than himself, indirectly he make himself shine even brighter as a leader because of his high-minded. He makes it happen long since their debut in 1998.

We can never write proper words to describe what kind of leader Eric Mun is. Too many good manners about him even we hardly think about his bad side. Well, even there is nobody's perfect, but Eric Mun is THE PERFECT leader that other leaders has to look up to.


14 years! I think he was the main driving force behind the longevity of the group. not just during the SM town saga but even in their interactions and all, you can tell how he deliberately expresses his love towards the other members. (although sometimes they are so affectionate it actually seems quite O. O) takes a real man, open heart and real confidence to lead like that, not just executive skills!

The best leader! He always think about the members. When someone disturb Shinhwa, he will be step up as a leader.

He embodies what is it to be a 'leader'.. The continuing legend of Shinhwa is a living testament on how this seemingly underrated individual who opt to put his members on the front line and him taking the back light shows how leadership that lasts this long in an industry where a lot do come and go and some even go unheard of - should be done. Also that fierce loyalty every shinhwa changjo has -i believe is strongly inspired by the one and ONLY ERIC MUN of SHINHWA.

The best leader? No doubt it's Eric Mun. When the first I saw him.. He just like a weird guy with a lot of weird aegyo but CUTE ^^, a bit shy and always say funny things. But if I look him closely, deeply... He's every fellow member needs. He the type of a guy who'll make everything easier and fellow member always can count on him in everythings. Shinhwa's member just so lucky to have him. If there's any quetion "why Shinhwa can last till now? " it's all b'because of him. He'll let not anything to break them and will keep them save from everything bad. He not just older brother, he also the father of Shinhwa. Eric Mun he's simple guy with humble heart, Cute aegyo and wise vision... Just LOVE him even more. ERIC MUN YOU'RE THE BEST LEADER NO MATTER WHAT..! Because already prove it all as leader

He is definitely the best leader. He could have all the money in the world but he would rather stay with other shinhwa members. I don't think that everyone could do that kind of sacrifice for other people. And that is one of the reasons why Shinhwa is solid as a group for 15 years already.

He's the best leader.. He never want to get attention.. But when Shinhwa in danger, he step forward and show his strong leadership..
That's why Shinhwa can survive all this 15 years...

For all the good times and hard times they had together, how Eric leads them, make Shinhwa how they are now. There are no other idol group can bs compared to shinhwa..
Is there any other leader who wants to sacrifice his/her chance on solo activities just for his/her group? No
Eric is the best leader because he puts shinhwa above all.

Eric Mun. How can I describe this man. I just can say he is the best of the best and I think he will be the best leader of all time. Shinhwa bond is very strong, nothing can ever destroy that kind of brotherhood that they have. This year is their 17th anniversary and their AGEING LIKE A WINE. Lots of love to Shinhwa from us Shinhwa Changjo.