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Park Jeong-su, better known by his stage name Leeteuk, is a South Korean singer-songwriter and actor.


He is a biggest gift from the god for us, I will be always proud of him, he is my idol, be healthy for all your life Eeteuk-sshi, ELF always will be the first in anything, because you are our leader, our Soul father, our older brother, our lover, our teacher, go to the army and back for us quickly, we promise Eeteuk-sshi, we'll be always as you like, if you want us to be the biggest fans in the world we will, if you want us to be doctors, pilots, Scientists and anything, we will be for you, just show us your smile, give us your love and please don't be sad, if someday you feel sad, just tell us, we will your Wings to happiness, please Eeteuk please be Good and Happy for all your love, you don't have any idea what your smile do for us, it's make us VERY happy and make the sad less
Sara, Saudi Arabia, ELF and Proud

This angel's life as a leader of this group has been opened for all fans to see... I have respects for all leaders of ALL KPOP groups, but Teukie is the only one who have inspired me. Not only for his work dedication but he really is the type to pour out EVERYTHING for this group. And he's the leader who would never stop thanking his fans and ELFs and he'd never stop saying that ELFs and SJ are forever one.

Leeteuk is the best kpop leader! He's the leader of the best kpop artist! He's humble and down to earth... He trains his 'sons' to respect and be nice to other people... He really appreciate ELFs... He has a nice heart... He always work hard... And always try to cover the 'emptiness' when they perform on stage especially when there's missing members... He always gives his best!

Leeteuk is a very kind and sensitive person... He's the best leader ever, he loves his "ongsaengs", he loves his fans, he love and believe in A Super Junior, and he do his work with love, passion and hard work... He has a kind voice, he dances very well, so he's perfect... He can do anything! Fighting! - marysjsarang

Leeteuk is the BEST leader! He really takes care of Super Junior members with bottom of his heart... He always show a good example and manner to other members... He guide other members diligently and listen to what they have to say to improve the group performances... He is really amazing! - nickyju

Oppa he is the best leader in this world I love oppa so much and I proud to be leeteuk oppa a leader of super junior and E.L.F
He is smart he know what his member needsh... He work hard 4 his member and love them... He protect super junior and E.L.F, and we will protect our leader oppa

We should thank Leeteuk for being a caring leader to super junior and being a caring person to us elf's. He went through lots of hardships from being a leader, but that doesn't stop him from loving and caring the other members and us elf's. We know how much he loves us elf's and the other super junior members. Maybe for him, elf's and super junior are one big happy family. He is best the leader I have ever seen. He loves us elf's and the other super junior members very much! He will always care about the other members and us elf's. We LOVE him as much as he LOVE's US!

I admire him as a leader. I look up to him. It's like he's the most unique leader I have ever known from all kpop groups. It's like he's giving off the feel of a leader yet a humble member and brother to all the other SJ members. I think that's what makes them forward. His leadership might be the source of their strength to make it on TOP - mejustgotlucky

He's always the best because of his caring, his accountability, sweet heart and he's the important person who can link all members ~ He shows us the way Super Junior live, the way they work, the way they love, the way they share their heart to all fans, and their supporters... He's also keep his promise, yes, always... Because of him, everyone always keep believing Super Junior, always waiting them, cheering them, cry for them, smile for them, live and love with them, and become their strength, their forever friends, their second family... Super Junior Lee Teuk IS THE BEST

Amazing leader that led the group through so many hardships and gain the amount of fame they have today. All the members have said more than once that they have only been able to get so far because he is the leader. He's their glue, their parent, their big brother, their shelter, etc. He's been through more trials than most people but he can still do his job with a smile and he's always one of the first people his members call for when they need help. Voted by fans, other celebrities, etc. Leeteuk is always in the running for the best leader.

He is really good at talking. Leads his member very well. He works very hard for their group he monitors all the 12 members's activity. He knows very well the personality of each and every members. All the members respect him and listen to him. He take care of his members like his own kids. I salute him as it is not an easy task to look after 12 people but he did it very well!


He is the best because he puts his teammates above himself. Before the death of one of the members father leeteuk and the father had a conversation and in that talk the drying father trusted his son on the hands of leeteuk. This is just a small example the things that really count are the small one the we ELF see in EVERY interview that shows their love

Leeteuk, because he is like the oldest brother their group. He really cares about the other members. He treats them like they are his own little brothers. He is in this position for 9 years now. He really loves the other members. They are just like one big happy family. I hope they all will always be healthy and happy. I hope super junior will last forever! I will always be an elf

Leeteuk is a special angel to Super Junior members and ELFs, because he really take good care of 13 + 2 members and us (ELF). It really hard to handle a big group with different personality. I really salute him, because after 6years he did not give up us the leader of Super Junior. He always take the responsibility, even if it's not his fault at all. He always encourage his members, he really take good care of them. He always thinks Positive. That's Why is the BEST!

Best leader ever! Always take care of other members with his love. Oppa SARANGHAE! Always be the best leader!

He is the best leader in the whole world, he is always helping his band mates and he is always working hard. He is the most adorable man in the world and he is handsome. He is never giving up!

The bast leader is leeteuk. He was really born to be a leader.. He is a very good person! Very caring, loving and supportive not only to his members but also to elfs

It isn't easy being the leader of such a large group, but Leeteuk handles it perfectly. In addition, he's extremely well-known among other Korean entertainers due to his constant appearance in variety shows. His reputation as a leader is incredible; the members of Super Junior have nothing but compliments for his guiding (well, actually, once in a while the members reveal embarrassing scenarios laugh out loud). My point is, Teukie will forever be ELF's angel

Teukie is the best leader ever! He takes good care of the other SJ members and is there to support them no matter what. I love you Teukie oppa! - andreeadeeaelf

Lee Teuk oppa you are the Best.. I love you Lee teuk oppa
Saudi Arabia like Super Junior Keep your progress I Love you Super junior
ELF Saudi Arabia

Leeteuk oppa is the best leader! He handles 13-15 group members and he works himself to exhaustion (even though ELF doesn't like it). He also helps the members and others when they need help. And he's just the most amazing leader to his and SJ's fans. He is just amazing - krystinaenvy

He is sweet kind and a supportive leader... Even though he cries a lot but it showed how much he loved his members and how one little thing can deeply hurt him or make him smile. His dorky laugh never changed and he never act like an old grandpa but he always act like a little kid that's the reason all of us love him as the leader

He is the best leader I've ever seen. You're such an amazing leader and person... Elfs and suju's members love you always

Super junior leaders is the best leader ever I like when he said is not end but and our angel leader I can say anything to him because he really the best he love take care to 15 member also he work so hard in other program the most person have a lot of program in Korea