Best Los Angeles Angels of Anehiem Players of All Time


The Top Ten

1 Vladimir Guerrero
2 Nolan Ryan Nolan Ryan

Threw four no-hitters and struck out 2000+ batters, with the Angels. Nolan should be in the hall as an Angel, not a Ranger. - roflcash4

3 Troy Glaus

2002 World Series MVP, he has to be at the top some where. - roflcash4

4 Troy Percival

Percival was with the Angels longer than K-Rod was so he is number 4. - roflcash4

5 Francisco Rodriguez

Dominated all his Angels career, was unhittable in the world series, the youngest pitcher to win a world series game, and still holds the single season saves record with 62. - roflcash4

6 Reggie Jackson
7 Bobby Grich
8 Jered Weaver

Has been first round material since he was drafted, took his brother's spot on the team. - roflcash4

9 Mike Trout Mike Trout Michael Nelson "Mike" Trout, nicknamed The Millville Meteor, is an American professional baseball center fielder for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Major League Baseball.

Fifty years in the future, Trout is at the top of this list. - tribe95

10 Torii Hunter

Was a strong player all through career with the Angels. - roflcash4

The Contenders

11 Wally Joyner
12 Tim Salmon
13 Brian Downing

I forgot about Brian he should be before Bobby Grich - roflcash4

14 Jim Fregosi
15 Chuck Finley
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