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1 Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart Wii was the first game in the series I ever played, and even though I have experience with all of the games now (minus the arcade ones), this one is still my favorite. Here's why I chose this one over Double Dash!, my second favorite:

-Varied, expansive character roster
-Beautiful music, especially on Rainbow Road and Daisy Circuit
-Interesting track designs (most notably, Mushroom Gorge, Maple Treeway, and Coconut Mall)
-The introduction of bikes
-Innovative vehicle designs (the Piranha Prowler, Dolphin Dasher, Booster Seat, and Magikruiser to name a few)
-In my opinion, the franchise's best Bowser's Castle and Rainbow Road
-Each character's hidden stat bonuses, which add variety to characters in the same weight/size class
-Funky Stadium, my favorite battle course ever
-The Mega Mushroom, a fun, effective item that I believe should make a return in the future
-Numerous controller options (useful for those who don't like using the Wii ...more

The Arcade GP games shouldn't even be on this list. Everything just works in this game and if you like the game and you are bored you should get custom tracks. They will keep you entertained for a long time. MKWii has a good desert track and there aren't many good desert tracks in Mario Kart. For a snow track, everyone was disappointed in DK Pass for the DS and DK Summit came and it was 100 times better. This game gets first place in the Mario Kart Series, followed by Double Dash, 7, 64, DS, Super Mario Kart, and Super Circuit. I understand that many people favor Double Dash, but I think Wii would be in second place for many of these people. Oh yeah, and the game just worked so well. I loved how the items worked. The new items were more-than-acceptable (except the Thundercloud). The Thundercloud was the only thing I disliked (although they should've put in better retro tracks) but the new tracks were great though (except the ones that end in "Circuit") so it is definitely a good game.

This is the best Mario kart ever and I'm going to tell you why. It has the most fun tracks and a great character roster! The graphics are also very colorful and it seems like your more in the Mario world than some of the newer games. Unlocking characters and karts is fun! You get really excited and surprised when you get the character you want and soon you will get addicted to this amazingly fun and awesome game! The battle courses are very fun. (My favorite is funky stadium) there is just so much to like about this game! The blue shells are a big help to those who are in 12th or second place. And if your in first place than just wait for someone to get close to you than they will get hit too. This game should be #1 on this list and if you don't have it then you should get it and then have fun with your friends.

Such memories

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2 Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Mario kart Double Dash:
New karts: Finally some new karts! I was so bored to play with only one kart!
Roster: The roster is one of the best rosters in the Mario kart series.
Toadette's first apparition: Toadette is a lovely character!
New greatest additions like Daisy, Baby Mario, King Boo...:
I really love these characters!
Koopa return: I miss him a lot!
New amazing courses: Rainbow road, Daisy cruiser, Yoshi circuit and more!
Two characters in one kart: How awesome idea!
No jump: the jump was unnecessary in this game.
Better mini-turbo: The oldest was terrible!
Objects: The heart, the Yoshi egg, the fireballs...

Waluigi: Waluigi time! Waluigi time! Shut up please!
Blue shell:...
Final rank= 10/10. This game is amazing!

My ranking and rating (Worst to best, not including Arcade)
7. Mario Kart Super Circuit (6.5/10)
6. Super Mario Kart (7/10)
5. Mario Kart DS (8/10)
4. Mario Kart 64 (8/10)
3. Mario Kart Wii (8.5/10)
2. Mario Kart 7 (9/10)
1. Mario Kart Double Dash! (9.5/10)

Double Dash had the best courses, kart options, and the best multiplayer. I really liked the 2 players per kart mechanic. Bob-omb Blast is by far the best battle mode of all time, and I wish Nintendo used it in other Mario Kart games. Overall, Double Dash is the best Mario Kart game.

I agree with you but I don't hate the blue shell. People say it's unfair but here is the thing...Mario KART IS SUPPOSE TO BE UNFAIR! - spodermanfan1000

Back when Mario rosters were great.

Awesomne, it gets overshadowed by DS a lot - darthvadern

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3 Mario Kart DS

Mario Kart: Double Dash may have had the best gameplay, Mario Kart Wii may have had the best multiplayer and Mario Kart 64 may have blown the others out of the water. But Mario Kart DS will always be my favorite.
Colorful graphics, brilliant music, fun tracks, good challenge and fun gameplay, it's hard to not like this game if you are a Mario Kart fan. Although I think Mario Kart 64 is the best, Mario Kart DS is my favorite.
Plus it's Mario Kart wherever you go! Who wouldn't want that?
Oh, and apart from its multiplayer and Mario Kart feel, Mario Kart Wii is the worst in the series. - BlazikenBro

Since Wii's already number one, I thought I'd give my 2 cents on this one. As a handheld game it has an impressive amount of content, with a lot of tracks both new and iconic, a lot of fun single-player challenges, and of course the fun of local multiplayer. Seems like Wii and 8 are the only ones people mention; DS is quite underrated. - Garythesnail

Mario Kart DS introduced online play (which unfortunately does not work anymore), a missions mode (which is unique to this title), and the idea of introducing old tracks alongside new ones. Also, Mario Kart DS introduced snaking, which I believe brought a level of skill to the game. Although noobs may disagree on that. Mario Kart DS is number 2 if not number 1, in my opinion. But I rate it as number 1.

First mario kart I ever played was a fun game.
Wish this could be higher on the list

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4 8

Why is this on here? Mario Kart 8 stinks and here's why!

I hear everyone boning about the lame motion controls. Are you kidding me? These controls suck even worse than Mario Kart Wii. The A button is your gas pedal, but the bottom left trigger is for shooting items? What the FUDGE?

The item distribution sucks. The contestant on 2nd place gets 3 red shells, but the poor guy on 9th gets only lame coins and single mushrooms? Why? That is because the distribution is based on distance, not placement. Terrible!

Oh my god, the Battle Mode is now an exploit. The battle arenas in former kart games were varied, but now the battle arenas were remixed? What the FUDGE? Nintendo, you're going to take out one of the best features of the game, and slap the phrase on a rehashed racing mode? That's just shoddy work! Ya dun goofed, guys. Ya dun goofed.

The roster is crap! Why do cool characters like honey queen, dry bones, diddy kong, king boo, birdo, dry Bowser, funky kong, ...more

This game has so many fantastic aspects about it! Although graphics don't make or break a game, this game is BEAUTIFUL and everything looks so polished and fantastic! The courses are all really original and fun to play through. The retro tracks look so good in their new form, and they were mostly a big improvement to the original courses. The zero gravity feature is pretty fun to play around with, and the flying and swimming also return from Mario Kart 7. The new items are cool, especially the horn. The kart customization is cool. There are tons of great characters to play as, including the Koopalings. The DLC tracks and characters are really cool. Overall, this game makes so many improvements to the series and it's my favorite Mario Kart game after playing all of them! (the others are pretty good too, though)

I think 8 is one of the best in the series because of the new added tracks and features of the game. A few examples are the new Mario kart T.V. which is so fun to play with (especially slo-mo) and the tracks are amazing as well from mount wario to shy guy falls, this Mario kart is one game no one should miss! - TheGameBoy815

Fire Hopping = fun

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5 64

This game is super fun, but it's not my favorite. I do prefer Mario Karts 7 and 8, but not because I don't appreciate older games, I just happen to like all the current games bring to the table. Everyone has their own opinions, and I respect that. Although this game isn't perfect in my eyes, it's still fun, and the best part about it are the sheer number of classic courses it has, which have become super fun and iconic, and are even better when they are brought back in future games as retro tracks. But please respect my opinion, I appreciate all the Mario Kart games!

How is this only number 6 and below Mario Kart Wii? This game completely revolutionized Mario Kart and added the most things to it! Go and look it up! - BlazikenBro

People are crazy. This game is the best. Probably most of the voters are from this time (like me) and they don't know the classics.

The SNES game started it all, but MK64 became THE Mario Kart game. The one that established the basics for all subsequent cartoon kart games in all consoles, the same way Super Mario 64 set the gold stardard for 3D platformers.

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6 7

This is the best for me, it has some of the greatest soundtracks in Mario Kart and it had a cool roster even though Waluigi was absent, but at least they added Shy Guy, Honey Queen and Wiggler which in my opinion were excellent choices. The Flower Cup and Lightning Cup are some of my favourite Mario Kart cups as well - darthvadern

I think that metal maniac and honey drizzled should be off the roster and Waluigi and diddy Kong should be their and thanks god we don't have to look at yoshi falls in this game! The reason I'm not so keen on the game is above

Absolutely gorgeous game. You can fly and go underwater. The rainbow road is the best. New vehicles. Last but not least some of the tracks are not the same in each lap including rainbow road. - Arilio

I love this one

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7 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

The ghosts have returned... They protect you... Steal for you... But will be against you if you do not free them... A feather from dinosaur land has also returned... While you fight... it will take you to new heights... And steal the life from your enemies... (Boo item and Cape Feather, respectively)

This game has more of everything compared to past Mario Kart games. It has the largest character roster, largest and best selection of tracks out of the whole series, a Battle Mode vastly superior to the original MK8, practically thousands of possible Kart combinations, the controls work perfectly, and an easily accessible Online Mode. This game is the complete package. - thunderstar1124

My favorite Mario Kart of all time. The tracks are now more frantic since there are two items in one kart. Battle Mode is more fun than ever such as Renegade Roundup, Balloon Battle, and Bo-bomb Blast, Coin Runners ad Shine Thief.


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8 Super Mario Kart

Why do people still like this this was 25 odd years ago! I just don't really understand why people still like it but I'm into Wii and 8 now!

Without this version of Mario Kart, the modern stuff wouldn't exist. I'm 13, so I'm not one of those people who prefer everything in the past, but at least I know that. - LemonComputer

All Mario Kart games (minus the Mario Kart Arcade GP series) that came after Mario Kart: Super Circuit are now a diss to the Mario Kart games that are all older than Mario Kart: Double Dash.

This game should be top 1! This game rocks & is much better than modern Mario Kart!

This one's pretty bad, sure it was the original, but it had awful controls - darthvadern

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9 Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Mario kart super circuit is my favorite is because it's like the snes original. That means it's about the driving and not the items. Yes the items are what gives Mario kart charm but the fact that you need to be better in this game to actually be good then you do in another Mario carts is what pulls me in. A easy way to say it as I read in review once was "Mario kart super circuit doesn't have a blue shell" That means no cheap losses etc. I think most don't like this game for the fact it's mainly 2d and that it's much harder then the others. (not counting the snes original) Another great thing about this Mario kart is the fact it's got the snes original in it as well, 2 games in 1!

It has more tracks than any other Mario Kart (excluding Mario Kart 8 because it has DLC which you have to pay more for). It also has innovative tracks like Ribbon Road and Cheese Land. It has more Bowser Castles than any other game with 7 in all (4 new to the series). It is the first Mario Kart to have a single player mode where you could race against the CPU without being in a Grand Prix (Quick Run). It also allows players to share ghosts with their friends for time trial. It is also the first Mario Kart to rank you after a Grand Prix. You can get up to 3 stars. This wasn't used again until Mario Kart DS, 4 years later. It was also the first Mario Kart game to allow you to have settings for Quick Run (3 or 5 laps, coins on or off, items on or off). It also was funny because only Wario, Bowser, or Peach could get lightning for a CPU! It was also fun to crash a person and do a spin turn and keep spinning them for as long as you could. The game also had a ton of shortcuts as long as you ...more

You can tell how good a game's tracks are if they are used a lot as retro tracks. Though GBA is tied (SNES) for the most nitro tracks in the franchise, only a few have been used.

Probably one of my childhood Mario Kart games - ShaunFan04

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10 Mario Kart 8

This is the best game ever. It is the best I have ever played.

I can't believe this event is number 1 for good graphics and mamazing gameplay

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? Minecraft Story Mode: The Complete Adventure

It’s the best Mario cart because of the great kartz and because it has the best romance of any maria card.

The Contenders

11 Mario Kart 64

Really the best Mario Kart.

12 Mario Kart 7

This is already on the list.

13 Arcade GP 2

I hate the person who says peach is too fast.

14 Arcade GP

It is so underrated because it a a Mario/Classic Pac-Man crossover. Yes, you still get Princess Peach's overdosed femininity (re: her voice and her princess dress). But that does not make the game. Yes, it's not the most innovative Mario Kart game. But it takes us all on a ride!

15 Mario Kart Arcade GP
16 Arcade GP DX
17 Mario Kart Arcade GP DX
18 Mario Kart Arcade GP 2
19 Mario Kart 2 1/2

It has -

Donkey Kong


Diddy Kong
Donkey Kong Jr.
Red Yoshi
Metal Mario

It has such race tracks like Toad's Ending Turnpike, Bowser's Coney Island Disco Palace and Non-Boring LGBT Road, sadly, it was never released in America and the only way to play it now is on an emulator since it is required to connect to the internet (which is Nintendo Hotline Dial-Up, which discontinued in 2005 due to the growing popularity of broadband) and emulators used Google Chrome as a replacement and again, The DD was only released in Japan, so good luck emulating on that! Nintendo immediately forgot the game and even the Mario Wiki! Seriously, go to for the game! - Maddox121

I don't think that's a game...

The ultimate Mario Kart game released for the Nintendo 64DD.
Of course it was only in Japan, we never got it.
Mario Kart 2 1/2 had twice as much characters as Mario Kart 64.
It should be number one!
(We Are Number One! Hey! )

20 Arcade GP 3
21 Arcade GP 5
22 Arcade GP 4
23 Mario Kart 9

Mario Kart 9? I think you mean Mario Party 9.

That's mario party 9 not mario kart 9

That's Mario PARTY 9 - BlueSheepYT

Lol Os much fan games are on this list

Any way this is my Mario Kart Roster:

Metal Mario
Pink gold Peach
Baby Mario
Baby Luigi
Baby Daisy
Baby Peach
Bowser jr.
Amy Rose

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24 Mario Kart 10

Seriously, stop putting unreleased games here. - BlueSheepYT

Like an angel's kiss.


25 Mario Kart Virtual Boy
26 Arcade GP 6
27 Mario Kart VR
28 Mario Kart Tour Mario Kart Tour

Not out yet, but it’s here for when it will be

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