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Mario Kart Wii Mario Kart Wii Product Image

I love most of the Mario kart games, but this one is easily my favorite. I love the tracks the controls and the character rooster. It's also had a beautiful soundtrack just like Mario Kart 7's soundtrack

This is the best Mario kart ever and I'm going to tell you why. It has the most fun tracks and a great character roster! The graphics are also very colorful and it seems like your more in the Mario world than some of the newer games. Unlocking characters and karts is fun! You get really excited and surprised when you get the character you want and soon you will get addicted to this amazingly fun and awesome game! The battle courses are very fun. (My favorite is funky stadium) there is just so much to like about this game! The blue shells are a big help to those who are in 12th or second place. And if your in first place than just wait for someone to get close to you than they will get hit too. This game should be #1 on this list and if you don't have it then you should get it and then have fun with your friends.

This is probably the best Mario Kart I have ever played. This is even better than double dash! It has a great selection of new and old tracks, and has the best character roster! The music from this game is probably great too! This is also a very nostalgic game, as I used to play it as a kid always. The online communication features were very revolutionary for a Mario Kart game. The only thing I dislike about this game is some items: The? Block, which is just a copy/paste of a banana. Also, the thundercloud, possibly the worst item I have ever witnessed. Unfortunately, the Nintendo Wii WiFi has shut down, and not even Mario Kart Wii still has the online features?

Great game and has some amazing tracks and the retro tracks are better than Mario Kart DS’s I think. Fun game with great tracks and it sure is a blast to play. Battle Mode is pretty hard though. Bikes are now in and I like doing one wheel on them which is so cool. Tricks are wild and it has a great character roster. Too bad Mission Mode was scrapped from this game that would have been cool.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Product Image

Mario kart Double Dash:
New karts: Finally some new karts! I was so bored to play with only one kart!
Roster: The roster is one of the best rosters in the Mario kart series.
Toadette's first apparition: Toadette is a lovely character!
New greatest additions like Daisy, Baby Mario, King Boo...:
I really love these characters!
Koopa return: I miss him a lot!
New amazing courses: Rainbow road, Daisy cruiser, Yoshi circuit and more!
Two characters in one kart: How awesome idea!
No jump: the jump was unnecessary in this game.
Better mini-turbo: The oldest was terrible!
Objects: The heart, the Yoshi egg, the fireballs...

Waluigi: Waluigi time! Waluigi time! Shut up please!
Blue shell:...
Final rank= 10/10. This game is amazing!

This and DS were the ones I grew up with. I loved the track selection, and the whole 2 characters per kart gimmick was really cool. This was also before they severely nerfed/dumbed down drifting, and choosing a kart was great without turning into an RPG.
Sure the graphics are dated, but I still tink this and DS hit the nail on the head for track and overall graphic design. The tracks just seem more intuitive and easier to follow than in the newer ones like 7 and 8, where I can never tell where the turns are due to the massive detail and lack of direction. Special items seems dumb at first, but it really promotes trying all the characters and finding your favorite combo; they're more than just stat differences here.
My favorite Mario Kart game, very closely followed by DS.

Definitely the most unique Mario Kart game.
It was the only one to include Petey Piranha and Paratroopa.
Only one with the double kart mechanic.
Introduced many other new characters.
Only one with unlockable battle tracks.
Introduced two new battle modes.
And many more amazing things. This is my second pick.

This is the best game in the series, with DS being a close second, before then, Mario Kart had a way different formula and after, BLUE SHELLS AND LIGHTNING GALORE!
I still miss the old lightning ambience.

Mario Kart DS Mario Kart DS Product Image

First Mario Kart and my first DS game I played and that game was when I started to like Mario and video games. It’s a great game with Mission Mode which is so unique and a brilliant idea. It has the best battle tracks returned, Block Fort and Pipe Plaza. The Tracks are good and it introduced retro ones too. Now I got to experience the first Mario Kart track off all time. Drifting is epic but you may break your L and R buttons like some people did, I did.

Mario Kart: Double Dash may have had the best gameplay, Mario Kart Wii may have had the best multiplayer and Mario Kart 64 may have blown the others out of the water. But Mario Kart DS will always be my favorite.
Colorful graphics, brilliant music, fun tracks, good challenge and fun gameplay, it's hard to not like this game if you are a Mario Kart fan. Although I think Mario Kart 64 is the best, Mario Kart DS is my favorite.
Plus it's Mario Kart wherever you go! Who wouldn't want that?
Oh, and apart from its multiplayer and Mario Kart feel, Mario Kart Wii is the worst in the series.

I firmly believe that the love for Double Dash is based purely on nostalgia rather than taking the time to look at what each game added to the series. MKDS added Wi-Fi, doubled the number of courses to 32, and gave you a rating after each cup that gave it MUCH more replay value. I think people are forgetting just how big of a deal these features are, as they are now in every game. But they weren't in Double Dash, a game that added absolutely nothing new. Also, MKDS had Mission Mode, Shine Runners, and the best Balloon Battle ever. If we judge each game by how good it was for its time and how much it added to the series, this is no contest.

How can non-crossover games be higher than crossover games? Why are crossovers so underrated?!

Mario Kart DS introduced online play (which unfortunately does not work anymore), a missions mode (which is unique to this title), and the idea of introducing old tracks alongside new ones. Also, Mario Kart DS introduced snaking, which I believe brought a level of skill to the game. Although noobs may disagree on that. Mario Kart DS is number 2 if not number 1, in my opinion. But I rate it as number 1.

Mario Kart 8 Mario Kart 8 Product Image

Wii is good but not as good as Mario Kart 8:

Mario Kart 8 has more tracks, they are way better looking, and they are just far more creative than Wii's. 8 has a weird roster, but I don't care. At least we still have all of the core characters, and there's more than Wii. The tricks in Mario Kart Wii slow you down so it's best to just avoid doing them unlike in Mario Kart 8. Yes there are fanmade tracks in wii (but they all stunk tbh). In conclusion, this game is so much faster paced and more enjoyable than Wii.

This game has so many fantastic aspects about it! Although graphics don't make or break a game, this game is BEAUTIFUL and everything looks so polished and fantastic! The courses are all really original and fun to play through. The retro tracks look so good in their new form, and they were mostly a big improvement to the original courses. The zero gravity feature is pretty fun to play around with, and the flying and swimming also return from Mario Kart 7. The new items are cool, especially the horn. The kart customization is cool. There are tons of great characters to play as, including the Koopalings. The DLC tracks and characters are really cool. Overall, this game makes so many improvements to the series and it's my favorite Mario Kart game after playing all of them! (the others are pretty good too, though)

This game introduces the worst character in the history of Mario Kart. Pink. Gold. PEACH.
Who ever thought this was a good idea should be banned from Nintendo. Nintendo is known for being creative, not creating clones of existing characters in Mario Kart! Also, they brought back the coin item. That was a very bad decision. Also, the character roster doesn't make sense. They added another baby character, the koopalings without Bowser Jr. (Which by the way, he returns in MK8 Deluxe, and thank god.), and there are too many clones like Tanooki Mario and Cat Peach. Nintendo better realize the mistake of including clone characters. What's next? Boomerang Mario, Frog Mario, Ice Mario, Propeller Mario and Green Bronze Luigi. If Nintendo includes these characters I will freak out.

Why is this on here? Mario Kart 8 stinks and here's why!

I hear everyone boning about the lame motion controls. Are you kidding me? These controls suck even worse than Mario Kart Wii. The A button is your gas pedal, but the bottom left trigger is for shooting items? What the FUDGE?

The item distribution sucks. The contestant on 2nd place gets 3 red shells, but the poor guy on 9th gets only lame coins and single mushrooms? Why? That is because the distribution is based on distance, not placement. Terrible!

Oh my god, the Battle Mode is now an exploit. The battle arenas in former kart games were varied, but now the battle arenas were remixed? What the FUDGE? Nintendo, you're going to take out one of the best features of the game, and slap the phrase on a rehashed racing mode? That's just shoddy work! Ya dun goofed, guys. Ya dun goofed.

The roster is crap! Why do cool characters like honey queen, dry bones, diddy kong, king boo, birdo, dry Bowser, funky kong, ...more

Mario Kart 7 Mario Kart 7 Product Image

Love the new features but where’s the single player vs mode? It’s not there so now I have to play every track in a certain order if I want to race people. But this game lets you fly and go underwater and the tracks are amazing. They brought back the best retro tracks in any game and overall it was a cool game to play.

I feel like this is bit underrated. It introduced lots of new features like gliders, propellers, customizible kart parts, new (weird) mario characters, an item that lets you have 7 ITEMS around it!

It has some of the best Tracks, Retro and New. Those being (and not limited to): Coconut Mall, Waluigi's Pinball, Piranha Plant Pipeway and Melody Motorway.

It has the best Rainbow Road in my opinion.

Even though Waluigi isn't in, it at least has some quirky characters like Honey Queen and a wiggler.

The tracks, retro tracks, and battle stages are great. However, there are too many problems for me to think it should be any higher.

Mario Kart 64 Mario Kart 64 Product Image

This game is super fun, but it's not my favorite. I do prefer Mario Karts 7 and 8, but not because I don't appreciate older games, I just happen to like all the current games bring to the table. Everyone has their own opinions, and I respect that. Although this game isn't perfect in my eyes, it's still fun, and the best part about it are the sheer number of classic courses it has, which have become super fun and iconic, and are even better when they are brought back in future games as retro tracks. But please respect my opinion, I appreciate all the Mario Kart games!

This game has some really good tracks and shortcuts, but is overrated due to no unlockables and bad graphics on the characters.

How is MKWii's Rainbow Road horrific? Its awesome and is a good challenge. MK64's Rainbow Road is the one that's horrific. I5 is literally just driving down a road full of chain chomps, has barriers and is very LOONG, and takes about 6 minutes to finish three laps. that's about taking at least 6 laps around a normal race course.

Quality tracks, the best balloon battle map, creative and revolutionary. Deserves higher than 5 and definitely higher than Mario Kart Wii, whose Rainbow Road is horrific.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Product Image

Nice! Probably the best Mario Kart game. I have it and it now has amiibo and other stuff which means you have Kamek and Birdo and anyone else.

What a game! Fixes Battle Mode from the first game and it’s the best Battle Mode in the whole Mario Kart Series. It introduces new characters and has more content than Mario Kart 8. Wish we had Mario Kart 9 instead because it makes Mario Kart 8 pointless. Smart Sterring is great and I’ve had races where I don’t control the racers, can be boring but if you control the items then it’s more fun. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is so much fun and is worth it if you have Mario Kart 8 or not.

How the hell is the original MK8 above this one. This one fixes everything wrong with MK8 and here was its problems:
The battle mode. The battle mode is terrible! Instead of having this round course thing that Mario kart usually has for BM, you race on REGULAR tracks!
Roster. I guess the roster is kind of the same in MK8DX but it at least adds new characters like link and inkling. MK8 roster is terrible. We have several clones of characters like Mario and peach instead of cool, original characters!
MK8DX also returns the boo and feather power ups which is awesome. Please vote!

This game has more of everything compared to past Mario Kart games. It has the largest character roster, largest and best selection of tracks out of the whole series, a Battle Mode vastly superior to the original MK8, practically thousands of possible Kart combinations, the controls work perfectly, and an easily accessible Online Mode. This game is the complete package.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit Mario Kart: Super Circuit Product Image

Mario kart super circuit is my favorite is because it's like the snes original. That means it's about the driving and not the items. Yes the items are what gives Mario kart charm but the fact that you need to be better in this game to actually be good then you do in another Mario carts is what pulls me in. A easy way to say it as I read in review once was "Mario kart super circuit doesn't have a blue shell" That means no cheap losses etc. I think most don't like this game for the fact it's mainly 2d and that it's much harder then the others. (not counting the snes original) Another great thing about this Mario kart is the fact it's got the snes original in it as well, 2 games in 1!

It has more tracks than any other Mario Kart (excluding Mario Kart 8 because it has DLC which you have to pay more for). It also has innovative tracks like Ribbon Road and Cheese Land. It has more Bowser Castles than any other game with 7 in all (4 new to the series). It is the first Mario Kart to have a single player mode where you could race against the CPU without being in a Grand Prix (Quick Run). It also allows players to share ghosts with their friends for time trial. It is also the first Mario Kart to rank you after a Grand Prix. You can get up to 3 stars. This wasn't used again until Mario Kart DS, 4 years later. It was also the first Mario Kart game to allow you to have settings for Quick Run (3 or 5 laps, coins on or off, items on or off). It also was funny because only Wario, Bowser, or Peach could get lightning for a CPU! It was also fun to crash a person and do a spin turn and keep spinning them for as long as you could. The game also had a ton of shortcuts as long as you ...more

One of my personal favourites. It is underrated by far and deserves a better placement. It was more about the driving than the items; you could outrun red shells and cancel spin-outs. The items themselves were more strategic and less luck-based. Plus, unlockable SNES tracks increase this game's replay value by a ton. I don't know why it gets so much hate, but it was an overall great game.

You can tell how good a game's tracks are if they are used a lot as retro tracks. Though GBA is tied (SNES) for the most nitro tracks in the franchise, only a few have been used.

Super Mario Kart Super Mario Kart Product Image

All Mario Kart games (minus the Mario Kart Arcade GP series) that came after Mario Kart: Super Circuit are now a diss to the Mario Kart games that are all older than Mario Kart: Double Dash.

Why do people still like this this was 25 odd years ago! I just don't really understand why people still like it but I'm into Wii and 8 now!

Without this version of Mario Kart, the modern stuff wouldn't exist. I'm 13, so I'm not one of those people who prefer everything in the past, but at least I know that.

I still consider this the most fun Mario Kart game, but it may be because it's the one I'm best at.

To be fair, this game has aged pretty terribly, and there's no reason to come back to it today.

Mario Kart Arcade GP 2

Ok first it is weird that mametchi is a playable character but thing like this can lead to creativity. This game was developed by Nintendo and Namco. Now I have never seen Namco before but I would say that the company is great! also each character in the game like Mario Kart GP have types of acceleration, top speed and weight. Now here are my favourite and least favourite characters. the higher it is I love and like and the lower is well... I do like them still but just not that kind of fell to it.

Mario (4/10)
luigi (5/10)
princess peach (6 kind of 5/10)
toad (6/10)
Yoshi (4/10)
Bowser (5/10)
DK (4/10)
Blinky the red ghost (8/10)
Pac Man (4/10)
Ms Pac man (7/10)
wario (5/10)
waluigi (6/10)
And Finally but not least...
Mametchi (10/10)

I hate the person who says peach is too fast.

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Mario Kart Arcade GP

It is so underrated because it a a Mario/Classic Pac-Man crossover. Yes, you still get Princess Peach's overdosed femininity (re: her voice and her princess dress). But that does not make the game. Yes, it's not the most innovative Mario Kart game. But it takes us all on a ride!

Mario Kart Arcade GP DX
Mario Kart Tour

Never played it. Looks cool but it’s just one of them nab ya money games. You have to pay for Mario? What! Cool tracks from real places like London and New York. Wish Mario games could be on consoles now and not devices like IPad’s and that.

People are just mad that this game is on mobile. It has some of the best graphics, unlimited courses, new characters, it’s great. The only thing that kinda sucks is that WHERES LUIGI?

Good mario kart game so far, just sucks waiting for cups under construction

Terrible the koopa kids came back without jr again

Mario Kart VR

Wait, there is a VR?

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