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21 Mario Kart Arcade GP 2
22 Mario Kart 9

That's Mario PARTY 9 - BlueSheepYT

:0 What? - ChiefMudkip


Nintendo released MK8D instead. Grr. - computerfan0

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23 Mario Kart 10

Seriously, stop putting unreleased games here. - BlueSheepYT

Like an angel's kiss.


24 Paper Mario Kart

Excuse me, but this is not a game! This is a ripoff of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. I'm not only saying that, but these days, top ten lists are a little out of hand.

I wish this existed, since Paper Mario is THE definitive good video game series (at least the first 3 games and then they changed the formula to more of a normal Mario game, which I still like but am disappointed by). However, don't vote for it because it doesn't exist!

That would be awesome, but is there such thing? - Mariomaster63

That's not a game - BlueSheepYT

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