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1 Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash is a female Pegasus pony from the popular 2010 kid's show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She represents the element of loyalty and is one of 6 mane characters on the show. more.

You don't mess with Rainbow Dash or she'll kick your butt! HECK YEAH! And you know I even liked
Rainbow Dash before MLPFIM, so in my book she will always be the best pony.

Before her I never thought a pony could be a badass. She is the reason I started watching this. She gave everyone else their cutie marks. Why isn't she a wonder bolt yet? She can roar and kick a dragon in the face, go at the speed of sound with the sonic rainboom!

Did you see all the episodes in one rainbow dash could be assigned to the wonder bolts but rainbow dash gave up and wanted to be with her friends I am rainbow dash so I have loads of stuff in common I am LoYal too!

And, I don't know why, everyone thinks rainbow dash cares for herself. She cares for her friends in a different way, and when her friends are in trouble, she always helps them. For example, she crushed her dream for being a wonderbolt TWO TIMES! (leaving the shadowbolts part). She could also be mean to her friends at times, but that doesn't means that she is leaving her friends! And, the thing she is short tempered on fluttershy is because to make her tough as she doesn't have any other option and even fluttershy doesn't seems worried on dash's ideas. And in hurricane fluttershy, to comfort fluttershy, she tells that she's having a good progress. But fluttershy wanted to quit, so that means dash have a different means to comfort and care for each other, because she thinks everyone is strong hearted like her and want to learn the hard way. And that's the way that she is faithful to other ponies and knows that they can do that. And she even finds pinkie very irritating because dash ...more

Yeah! She might seem showing off and that but she stands up to her element the element of loyalty - ashlyn

On Sunday night do you want to come for a sleepover for 6 days because I know you act like a good girl even though you are a girl

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2 Fluttershy Fluttershy Fluttershy is a female pegasus pony from the 2010 animated TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is a kind pegasus and is very timid and shy. She takes care of the animals. She represents the element of kindness

I just simplistically find that Fluttershy is the best pony of them all, and she is very kind and understanding, which is something that the world is seriously lacking these days, so even just watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and seeing Fluttershy be kind and often times extremely generous (especially to Angel... Like a lot, like when she went out & was generous enough to spend her own money over and over just so that Angel could have what he wanted. When he did not get the cherry on the top, he through it out. ) However, a lot of people can relate to her as well, there are a ton of kind people out there, she enjoys nature, and lives with woodland creatures around her home, where she cares and nurtures for ALL OF THEM, if she were in the real world, she would use less electricity and make less green house gases than most people to say the least.

I fell in love wih her when I saw her talk to the big red dragon and after that I was Hooked on the show, also, she is so funny with her "yays" and how cute she is it is just awesome, and if I had to pick one personality I could have it would be hers, cause I just wish I was quieter and I am just a bit 2 loud, and holy crap can she sing, I think when it does best singers I think she is number 2 (Rarity being 1). Also I love it when a character gets out of their shell, it just makes me so happy, so yay Fluttershy all the way

Fluttershy is my favourite out of the mane six because she is, to me, the most relatable. I think introverts can relate to some of the things she says and does. - tinytootsierolls

I want her to be #1! ;-;

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3 Pinkie Pie Pinkie Pie Pinkie Pie is a major character in the 2010 show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, based on Surprise from My Little Pony G1, She represents the element of Laughter.

To be honest I don't understand why Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are above Pinkie. Don't get me wrong I love Dashie and Fluttershy but Pinkie should be above them. I know Dashie is badass and extremely awesome but sometimes she only cares about herself. And I know fluttershy is cute with her "yay" and shyness and how she relates to lots of people and how caring she is but that's really it. Pinkie pie has way more ups, like her desire to make everyone smile and always look at the bright side. I really love that when ever there are bad things happening she always has a smile on her face. She also has a strong spirit and good determination. She also always sees the good side to everything! She is the funniest pony in the whole entire series! Way funnier than Dashie and Fluttershy. She always wants to make her friends feel better that is the best thing about her. Even though she is a bit annoying sometimes she also has a lot of ups and she has a great caring personality not just for her ...more

Pinkie is the sweetest and best pony. She loves making others smile and has the greatest parties! She's crazy but she accepts it. I can relate to her: I'm goofy and fun and if she was real I would be her best friend. I mean Fluttershy is cute and sweet and Rainbow is fun but she can be a little rude at times and Fluttershy is just shy. I love them too but Pinkie has a great personality. And I love her party canon and her Smile song. The smile song is my theme song! Pinkie Pie is awesome! She makes gloomy days happy and fun. She is very nice to others and respects her friends. Take Rainbow Dash from the top and put her under Pinkie as # 3 and Put Pinkie and # 1 and Fluttershy at # 2. I love to smile and I'm always happy and when I am sad or upset about something I listen to the Smile song and watch all the episodes with Pinkie mostly in it. Roll out the Party Canon and Smile!

I agree so much with you. Pinkie Pie is just so goofy and crazy (like me) and she accepts it. She respects her friends (maybe not privacy ), and she is so kind to every pony and makes them smile. I also love the smile song

Pinkie Is definitely the best pony, she does everything she can to make her friends smile even if it means giving up what she loves,(like in the episode with cheese sandwich) you can always count on pinkie for a good laugh, sure she can be annoying at some time's, but she brings the good out of all of us. Pinkie even goes to extreme fiscal measures to make the ones she loves happy (like in "pies of lies" where she makes rainbow dash a pie for every training session she has because she thinks Dash loves e'm)
Believe it or not, pinkie pie has taught me a lot about myself, to enjoy life at the fullest and not everything has to be looked at through the worst view, find the rainbow in the rain, and just smile,smile,smile.
Pinkie derives 1#

Pinkie Pie is the funniest thing on television right now. Any episode when she's upset is just dark. The crew behind the show did very well in developing her character and I can't wait to see what happens to her before the show ends - tinytootsierolls

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4 Twilight Sparkle Twilight Sparkle Twilight Sparkle is the primary main character of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She is a female unicorn pony who transforms into an Alicorn and becomes a princess in Magical Mystery Cure.

Although I love nearly every character on the list, Twilight Sparkle just appeals to me more. While cuteness of appearance is kind of a given for a mare -- or a filly -- I find Twilight to have a mostly adorable personality, as well, in the way that she has to consult a reference book to find out if a tree in one's home is an appropriate aspect of a sleepover, or goes from somepony who seems to care more about book than friends to a pony who has to be convinced to save the town lest she be seen as showing off. I wanna hug all the mane nine, but Twilight most of all.

As a bookworm myself, I find Twilight really relatable. Not as relatable as Fluttershy but she's very relatable for anyone who loves books or is a bit of a neat freak. However, I get that she's the protagonist of the show but I feel like they give her a bit too much glory. Especially recently. - tinytootsierolls

She is very intelligent - ElSherlock

She is the strongest and most special because of her powers, she is brave, and a great leader. And as a leader she swallows her fears to lead the other ponies and tries to keep the calm. Leaders can never show weakness, but we all have them. Twilight Sparkle know that. She shows this time after time. She can't afford to be reckless like Dash or scarred like Fluttershy, and I know it's human to have weakness, but real heros are the ones who overcome adversity and try to reach a higher level of being. Fluttershy is a mother to spike because she has to take care of him. That has to be hard for a young pony in school. She takes on all this responsibility without ever complaining. Twilight deserves the top spot. enough' said.

Ashlyn you said twilight is mean and stubborn, right? So if I say sunset shimmer is ugly and dumb? - Sugarcubecorner

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5 Rarity Rarity Rarity is a female Unicorn pony from the 2010 Animated Television Series My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic. She is the element of Generosity and her main passion is fashion.

Rarity is an awesome and underrated character. Most of the fandom disliked her because she's "sassy" but that's just who she is. In fact, it's not even wrong to be sassy or prissy. Well, being prissy can be wrong in some ways, but Rarity isn't always stuck up about it. I don't really understand why she has to be so disliked just because she's a bit girly and sort of rude to her sister. It's not like Sweetie Belle's any better to her, but of course she's liked because she's "cute". She should be WAY higher in this list. Ok, ok, she does make some mistakes and puts herself first, but she always learns from them and isn't a total show off like Trixie is. Plus, she made her friends AMAZING dresses and them, being the idiots they are, said they didn't look good. Who puts all of their time to make beautiful dresses for her friends and then takes even more time to make their dresses how they want them, even if she knew they weren't the best choose? Rarity, that's who! ...more

Rarity has the potential to be a wonderful character, when she actually wants to be. She's by far the most "adult" of the six, holding a high esteemed professional position and carrying multiple establishments on her back (not to mention dozens of dress orders). She has the careful eye to understand what somecreatures's outside should look based on their inside, and manages to catch the true essence of a pony's soul in dress more than once. In her work, she can be meticulous, serious, driven, and constantly experimenting; in my opinion, that represents the purest form of artistic genius (and insanity). In terms of her social personality, her worst can be dismissive, blunt, melodramatic, narrow-minded, and posh, to an extent that burrows under other creatures' skin. Her best is generous to a fault, attentive, understanding of others, contemplative, self-aware, passionate, courageous, ambitious, and highly respectful of others' emotions. During her best episodes, she can be a deeply ...more

Rarity on the outside may encompass what everyone hates about being feminine like being a drama queen and too concerned with what you are wearing. However Rarity demonstrates that its not just to make you look good it also makes you feel good. Many people like her have a passion for fashion because it is an art form that deserves appreciation. She is also very generous and will go out of her way to make sure her friends feel and look good. I love her expressions such as "Darling" and who can forget her hilarious drama induced moments "Of all the worse things that can happen this is THE WORST POSSIBLE THING! ". I don't understand why she is so low on this list, everyone can relate to an aspect of her.

I think rarity is a capable, independent mare. The way that even celebrities are her clients shows that she is a very good business pony. This also shows that she very capable and she can take care of herself. Some people think she is way too girly, like the way she faints or has so many crushes. I think the way she faints is just a way od showing her excitement and her many crushes well... That's just something that happens to people and ponies it just happens. I also think her relationship with her sister is only natural and is something that is very relatable to most of us. She does seam sort of stuck up and sometimes the opposite of her element but I think this is just something that the writers overlooked. But people should really look at her good quality.

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6 Applejack Applejack Applejack is a female Earth pony and one of the main characters of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She lives and works at Sweet Apple Acres with her grandmother Granny Smith, her older brother Big McIntosh, her younger sister Apple Bloom, and her dog Winona. She represents the element of honesty. more.

Honest, hardworking, tomboyish, capable, kick-ass, athletic, cool, wise, grown-up and... orange! Her accent is neat, too. Sure she's not as awesomely, flashily cool as Rainbow Dash (who I liked right off the bat), and doesn't have the absolute coolest or most beautiful, best design (Rainbow Dash & Rarity for me... Fluttershy has a really natural beauty, too), but she has her own things going for her. I like how smart and knowing of others she is, and how she really loves and takes pride in her job. Her family's kinda neat (especially Granny Smith! ) and although I'm truly a city kid she makes me really like the country side of life. Also, my favorite boy pony as a kid was Tex- the yellow one in the cowboy hat- so cool that she carries that over! Her one flaw that gets her into trouble is that stubbornness and occasionally myopic vision, but that makes her a fun character to watch (Rarity is hands down the funniest to me though, and a close second for favorite pony. That girl's a hoot- ...more

I just absolutely adore applejack. I've begun to accept that most people don't appreciate her as a main character on the show just because her character was developed almost fully before anyone else making her far less interesting but that's what I love about her. She's the most mature if them all (er, maybe not bypassing Twilight... But... ) and I get why everyone loves rainbow dash and don't get me wrong, she's my second favorite in the show, but can't you be a bad tomboy with athletic skills and adventure scenes and also be kind, sweet, generous, loyal, and honest? Yeah, she might as well be all of the elements of harmony, just saying. (And she's the only pony who uses sarcasm for her gags in the show. That earns lots if points

I love her overall character. I like how both she and Rainbow Dash aren't your generic "pretty ponies" that try to look pretty and run away from evil. I also like Applejack because she proves girls can work hard too but I do hate her personality sometimes and I always felt like she was the meaner one of the mane six. - tinytootsierolls

Applejack- our fave! The first time I realised that she was the least well-loved of the six I thought that was quite sad. We like her for her personality, her honesty, her hard-working, brave & independent nature, maturity, her upbeat, healthy athleticism & physical strength, and her down-to-earth nature. Rarity is easily our second choice, and together they are the greatest- they are so hilarious. So it's too bad that Rarity also rates lower with others, all things considered! Maybe it's because they seem like older characters, or also because they have outlier accents/stereotypes (working class country farm girl & 'posh 'girl). Admittedly like Fluttershy's sweet kindness, gentleness and natural beauty & care for nature, and Rainbow Dash's badass-ness & striking cool design, too... they are a great set of characters, all six...

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7 Derpy Hooves Derpy Hooves Derpy Hooves is a female Pegasus from the 2010s kids show My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic. She is described as dumb and clumsy. Her occupation is a delivery mare.

I love Derpy, she is funny, cross eyed, a pegasus pony, and LOVES Muffins!

Derpy is the best - ElSherlock


Why isn't this number one? LIFE EQUALS MUFFIN

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8 Discord Discord Discord, also known as the Spirit of Disharmony, is a former-antagonist-turned-supporting-protagonist in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Discord is really funny, because it's not predictable as other characters. You never know how he will act, making you enjoy the surprise. Not to mention his incredibles powers that simply open every door and make almost all possible, and his chaotic lifestyle, relaxed and easygoing, is easy to like.
Moreover, he breaks the stereotyped vision of chaos, seen as bad. Chaos, if good provided, can be sometimes fun, and better than an order generated by a need of control. Definitely, I like Discord more than others character because with him around nobody is going to be bored!

Coolest villain in childrens T.V.,... He'd BETTER be ahead of flippin Diamond Tiara!

Discord has the best personality and character growth of the entire how, he should be higher than eighth in my opinion

He is most interesting character in entire show, and one of best villains of all time!

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9 Spike

I love spike he is my fave character and I have always respected him and wish the writers did more with him as he is from my point of view the most deep character in the show. He is the one of if not the only tame dragon in a world of ponies who he has been raised by. His relation ship with twilight is also really interesting it is like mother/son, brother/sister and best friends.
I feel many of the fans can relate to spike in some of the problems he has had in the show like jealousy, fear, love drama, friendship dilemmas and not feeling needed and the problems he has are probs the reason I like him so much!
For example in owls well ends well he feels like he is going to be replaced and that twilight didn't love him anymore which was really touching for me because I no how that feels.

In dragon quest the one scene with the mirror and when he kept saying who am I where am I from who am I meant to be was super touchy for me as I felt so sorry for him. The fact that he did ...more

Best dragon - ElSherlock

It's a shame that Spike is not considered part of the mane six as he does so much for his friends and they treat him like crap. Rarity steals his birthday presents and Twilight treats him like a slave. It looks to me that this poor little dragon doesn't get much rest at all. This little guy gets shouted at in nearly every episode by Twilight. This guys life it totally unfair VOTE FOR SPIKE LETS GET HIM TO THE TOP!

Glad he's above Sunset and Glimmer

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10 Sunset Shimmer Sunset Shimmer

She's awesome simply because of how far she's come

Sunset is my FAVOURITE character one because I am in LOVE with sunsets and I can relate to her in many ways. She is also super bad*ss. VOTE FOR SUNSET SHE DESERVES THE WORLD!

Sunset Shimmer is best character ever! She always gets the best stories, songs, you name it. The best MLP movies are Rainbow Rocks, where she gets so much character growth, and Forgotten Friendship, which is her first solo movie(finally! ). But I feel like she doesn't get as much love for her villain time as she should. Have you seen the faces Sunset makes?! She is good at everything she does, and she so deserves at this piont to be an alicorn princess. Why Hasbro decided to make Sunset start sharing the spotlight with SCITWI, of all characters, I have no idea. The fact that she is confined to EQG is kind of annoying, too. I think that it's understandable to like Twilight Sparkle a little more than Sunset, but I will never understand the weirdos who think that Sunset Shimmer is a horrible character, or that SciTwi is a better character. Sunset Shimmer is cute, awesome, underrated(mostly villain form for this one, but a little of regular Sunset Shimmer too. NOT DEMON SUNSET. DEMON ...more

She's a character with flaws, one who has complexity. While the other characters (minus Starlight) just seem to handle any possible issue that happens to them, this character had to go from villain to protag while also facing adversity and disdain from others. She's still blamed for her past transgressions in the 2nd film, and constantly reminded of it. This also leads to more complexity with her, where she's not perfect, has moments of anger and pride, while trying to better herself. This is why she's the best character.

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11 Princess Celestia Princess Celestia

I feel like I'm the only one who likes her better than Luna. No, not because she has a "pretty" mane or is a god. Mainly because Luna is super overrated. "HEY GUYS! BECAUSE LUNA IS A DARK PRINCESS WHO IS YOUNGER WE SHOULD TOTALLY GLORIFY HER AND TREAT HER LIKE SHE'S AWESOME WHILE WE DISS THE OLD ONE! ". No, I have nothing against Luna, but I think Celestial is better. Don't say I like her just because she's the main Princess. It's because she's done so much. She' banished her sister for a reason and she's helped Ponyville several times. She's the reason Ponyville has day and she is very kind. What has Luna done? Well she's become a raging villain that the Mane 6 had to defeat and then she turned back to normal while her older sister comforted her, then the Internet worshipped her because she was cute. The end! Yeah... Celestia is a wonderful person, and not because she's a goddess, but because she's a hero

Everyone loves "Luna",your typical edgy and dark character who doesn't fit in - hey everyone, love her! Celestia is brave and noble, and there's more then just that to her. Yes, she may not be the strongest pony in the world (she is very strong though) and seems to have a low amount of stamina, but its her emotions and determination that drives her. She is truly good at heart, and she seems to represent the elements of harmony, without being completely perfect. Everyone probably thinks she's some sort of mary sue, but she's not. Often, she's had had to have others step in for her. She's like Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter, wise but STILL relatable. Some say she isn't relatable, but she is. She shows that even if times are rough - even if your sister, the one you love so much, the one you HAD to banish to the moon even if you cared for her, for the safety of your kingdom is gone, you can still show kindness and generosity. I love her

Great princess - ElSherlock

Honestly, I love all the characters equally and can't honestly pick one over the other as they are all an integral part of the well oiled machine that is the elements of harmony.

I do have to pick fault with the fact that so many people give Celestia such a hard time just because they have a hard on for Princess Luna!

Don't get me wrong, I love Luna as much as the rest of the characters but all this Celestia hatred is just so unnecessary and frankly...just plain wrong!

For starters, there's a reason she earned the nickname "Mum-lestia"! It's certainly not because she "a tyrannical dictator who serves only her own needs" as so many seem to believe!

So far, everyone seems to have overlooked a very important part about the how she "does business" with her students of harmony!

She is a truly incredible and remarkable teacher! What better way to teach her students to be brave and strong and independent and to fight like ...more

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12 Princess Luna / Nightmare Moon

Luna is definitely quite attractive, with her model looks and slender shape, beautiful but not dazzling colors, and gorgeous wings you can drown in! But the reason she is so adored is not good looks by and large - she is very intriguing as a character.

Once a great hero and savior of her nation, she was overshadowed by her own sister, dared to envy and paid the ultimate price for it, which left her scarred and hurt. And after a thousand years of going mad from loneliness she returns to find out that her entire nation perceives Luna only as soul-eating bogeypony and definitely not someone who only wanted to be loved! The irony is tangible.

Just look at her in Luna Eclipsed! You can't possibly get more moe even if you dedicate your whole life to it. And yet she still manages to remain regal. And should I mention she has several centuries of life experience and is probably more entertaining company that any real-life person that you can think of?

The point I was ...more

Well, I like Princess Luna because she is NOT always the "Goody-Two-Shoes". I mean that because of her "Nightmare Moon" personality, she is one of the most interesting ponies in this show. Unlike her " Such a beautiful pony" sister, she is daring, funny and sometimes NOT serious and sometimes, yes, she is serious. And the best thing I like about her is... HER ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE!
JUST LOOK AT THIS PONY,! She is beautiful like..!
Bro, understand her. She got overshadowed by her own sister, wanted to be loved and respected. Due to her "then" envious character, she payed the "hellish" price. After returning from her banishment from the moon, she got hold of the fact that every pony in her "so-called" home, perceives her only as a "trusty soul thief." After watching the show, I simply couldn't understand if they were innocent, lovely ponies or horrible, empty- hearted blamers who lock their blame on other ponies for their own folly!
Luna is so beautiful, but after I saw the ...more

Luna is best princess, that's all that needs to be said.

Best princess - ElSherlock

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13 Princess Luna Princess Luna

Her tiny butt excites me so.

Come on, people! This girl is badass! She should be in the top twenty five! Of course, when she was Nightmare Moon, I was pissed, but she's awesome! Get her on the top twenty five! - airplain313

You do know there's another slot for princess luna that's in 7th place, right?

The best character of them all. Everything that needs to be said.

Princess Luna all the way

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14 Scootaloo Scootaloo

Scootaloo is probably one of the best characters I've ever seen in cartoon history. She's my favorite on the show. She's a confident tomboy who loves to ride her scooter and looks up to Rainbow Dash, but at the same time, she's self conscious, has insecurities, and fears many things. Scootaloo is a pegasus who cannot fly, pretty interesting if you ask me. Ever since she got bullied by Diamobd Tiara and Silver Spoon in Flight to the Finish, she became more determined to fly but realized things you can't don't make you worthless, and it's okay if she doesn't fly and should use it to her advantage.

She's a very mysterious characters too. It's been 5 seasons and we still haven't seen where she lives and who she lives with.

She has some of the best episodes and moments in the show up to date. Sleepless in Ponyville and Flight to the Finish were amazing episodes that developed her character very well.

Well, that was my recap and thoughts about best pony. Hopefully ...more

She is awesome - ElSherlock

Simply AWESOME in the best way possible! Also, she has neat scooter skills.

Am I the only one waiting for Hit Girl's theme to start playing whenever she comes on screen?

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15 Apple Bloom Apple Bloom

Aww, baby Pegasus pony!

Adorable - ElSherlock

17th place?! She = best pony - XYZeed

Apple bloom is adorable - Jaker747

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16 Starlight Glimmer Starlight Glimmer Starlight Glimmer is a recurring character, initially an antagonist, in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She first appears in the season 5 premiere, The Cutie Map. From The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2 to Celestial Advice, she is Twilight Sparkle's student in the ways of friendship.

I USED to hate Starlight Glimmer, not because of her evil past, but because I felt she was so shoehorned into the plot after the cutie re mark. Like she's all of a sudden allowed to live in the castle of friendship as a "student" on the path to "reform" which would normally sound good but she would still make snarky remarks and references to her path I would ve skeptical of her true intentions. BUT, shes totally grown on me, as her character developed shes actually become a favorite of mine because she was affected by all of the mane 6 and the elements they represent. She used to be boring and predictable, sarcastic, and just all over the place but now shes funny and sort of original, and proved to be a great friend by saving everyone from the changelings. Not better than the mane 6 but close enough - Penguinsfan7171

I must be one of the few that's liked Starlight Glimmer to begin with. She's always reminded me of a more laid back Twilight Sparkle and I love any episode that she features in. - tinytootsierolls

Starlight Glimmer should be # 1 if you ask me. Her magical powers surpass Twilight's and she had no mentor nor is she an Alicorn. She was a great villain and I think she is even better now.

I think so many people hate her because they are Twilight Sparkle fanboys. Hey, Twilight is in my top five but I think they are just sour because she at least matches Twilight's abilities and in some areas, surpasses them.

Starlight can be a bit socially awkward like me and like me, she is sometimes reckless in trying to solve problems (Every Little Thing She Does) but it is things like that which make me like her so is proof that she isn't perfect.

Many people say she ruined the show but I disagree. I think she breathed new life into the show, particularly giving Twilight a student and as has been the case recently, a good advisor. Think about it, had it not been for her, Twilight would have folded like a lawn chair to the highly unnecessary E.E.A.

Personally ...more

Shes awesome

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17 Trixie Trixie Trixie Lulamoon, is a female unicorn pony and traveling magician. She tends to speak in the third person and refer to herself as "The Great and Powerful Trixie".

Trixie has so much depth and realism. I love her sassy attitude. It makes her enjoyable! Most of the characters on the show have no discernible personality, so Trixie was like a fresh breath of air.

Magic and powerful Trixie - ElSherlock

Probably she is now one of the most realistic characters in the entire MLP: FiM series, because most of the Mane 6 are basically Mary Sues (especially Twilight Sparkle) and they are too perfect and unrealistic with hollow personalities in the latest seasons (in the first seasons they were more good characters).
But Trixie is an realistic and imperfect characters. She is redeemed now, but her personality is here. She along Discord, CMC, and sonetimes Starlight are for me the best characters.

I like Mlp. My favorite character is she, Trixie. I identify with she, because it is more credible a character endearing and with defects, is more realistic. Mane 6 are too perfect to be identifiable at least with me. Many see she as bad, but it is a character rich in history, although still unexplored. I hated Twilight in 'No second prances' because she is the 'Princess of Friendship' but rather looked like the PRINCESS OF HYPOCRISY TWILIGHT, since she did not want Starlight to be her first friend because she distrusts Trixie. In short, Trixie is a good character, and more in seasons 6 and 7. The best pony ever (for me).

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18 Queen Chrysalis Queen Chrysalis Queen Chrysalis is a female changeling who serves as the main antagonist for the season 2 finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Awesome villain - ElSherlock

I hope she appears in season 4

I wonder what happened to her and where did she go after Thorax became the leader? She just flew off. - ashlyn

She's just kind of an interesting villan... - TheRobertsFamily3

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19 Princess Cadance

Cadence is a really great character, and deserves a better rating.

Cadence is underrated- she’s an awesome character.

She is beautiful and kind. I think she is just a great charecter

The light of my life! Beautiful! Flawless! Sweet! Kind! Amazing! Graceful!

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20 Sweetie Belle Sweetie Belle

I love Sweetie Belle! I loved her since she was in G3 and I definitely think she is the most underrated out of the cutie mark crusaders. - tinytootsierolls

She is sweet - ElSherlock

Sweetie belle is great - Jaker747

She sings well, is very cute, and I think she has the best morale of the group.

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21 Diamond Tiara Diamond Tiara

Out of ALL of the villains on the show, Diamond Tiara was the best and I think it's because we encounter the likes of her in real life through being bullied. - tinytootsierolls

Idiot rat when you die you will be known as a street lady
Go to hellfire

She was bad at first but now she became good - ElSherlock


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22 Snails

Snails is cringy - Jaker747

I just think he can be funny sometimes!

I wish he was higher up on the list. - girlcool

No. Just no. He sucks! - RiverClanRocks

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23 Vinyl Scratch Vinyl Scratch

Music pony - ElSherlock

You don't see her often, but she is one of the coolest ponies.

Coolest looking pony with the cuteness and is a unique looking pony with the different color pattern compare to the other ponies, she deserves to be more than a background pony.

Not seen often in the show with no speaking lines, but definitely one of the coolest. She looks awesome, and has tons of character potential. I wish she was more than a background character!

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24 Dr. Hooves

Sorry, nerd speaking. Whooves is best background pony.

UGH. Dr Hooves is a BACKGROUND PONY with no canon personality, no canon name, and is so boring that I can't stand seeing fan art of him. PLEASE vote him down, he isn't even a real pony..

Why would just anybody vote for him. To be honest he is such a hurrying man pony with a sick butt

Awesome pony! First stallion on the list.

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25 Big Macintosh

He is nice

Yup - ElSherlock

I can do a awsomev impretion of him eeyup

When he talks other yop then he is savage - Jaker747

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26 Adagio Dazzle

Welcome to the show! - ElSherlock

I hate she singing

She's cool but she is only in equestria girls; rainbow rocks.

Senata is best Dazzling not Adagio!

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27 Cheese Sandwich

Weird Al totally nailed cheese sandwich. Probably should be #5. But that is my opinion :3

CHEESE SANDWICH? UM YEAH! If you vote Pinkie Pie, how could you NOT vote Cheese Sandwich? He's literally the boy version of her! Plus, who else do you know that has a rubber chicken named boneless?

Cause I just love to see smile smile smile yes I do, it fills my heart with sunshine all the while yes it does, cause all I really need's a smile smile from these happy friends of mine! Pinkie Pie needs to sue this guy.

Weird Al earns my vote. More Cheese Sandwich, please.

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28 Princess Twilight Sparkle Princess Twilight Sparkle Twilight Sparkle is the primary main character of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She is a female unicorn pony who transforms into an Alicorn and becomes a princess in Magical Mystery Cure.

She is lovely

love her

Why is it double? Princess Twilight Sparkle is Twilight sparkle.

She is the one who inspires me most. If it wasn't for her all ponies would be suffering. GO TWILIGHT!

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29 Mr. Cake

Mr. Cake is 1 of my favorite characters, but I don't really get why. - girlcool

Mrs and Mr cake are awesome and great cooks

She's funny I guess

He is great cook

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30 Braeburn

Of course the main ones are gonna be top. Braeburn is great.

Not very much personality at all, we need more of him for me to form an opinion

Braeburn is by far the best pony in the apple family (aside from apple jack)

Bradburn is so stupid

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31 King Sombra

I loved him in the season 3 opener because he was a truly terrifying villain but in the recent season 9 opener, they changed his voice actor and now he just sounds like a goofy version of Scar from The Lion King. - tinytootsierolls

Great villain - ElSherlock

He has cool design but he died in a Y show - Jaker747

He might not be as fleshed out as other villains but he sure created the best atmosphere compared to the other season openings. Also Sauron from Lord of the Rings who inspired the development of Sombras character had not much screen time either and was still a good villain.

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32 Maud Pie

Good character - ElSherlock

She is fun

Maud Pie roasted Discord so hard - Jaker747

Maud Pie for the win!

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33 Spitfire Spitfire

Just get out!
Because you when you where 9 you made every one sad you slapped their butts and said heck ya
Do not mess with her

Get out of my nerves you're so annoying because your talking like a two year old girl screaming in my ears

You even like crazy frog cha cha slide

You need naughty medicine

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34 Sonata Dusk

SOOO FUNNY! She is my favorite out of all three of the Sirens who, by the way, are the best villains ever! She is probably not even evil by anything other than the fact that her nature is too drain magic from other creatures and cause bad feelings, and if it was just her, I guarantee that she would not have been mean and probably would have been a very nice, kind of clueless girl.

Tacos! - ElSherlock

Aria Blaze is better, I spelled it wrong the first time. - RedTheGremlin

Arya Blaze was better - RedTheGremlin

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35 Lightning Dust

Lightning Dust should be higher than 45! I don't really consider her as a villain, since she regrets what she did when she got kicked out from the academy. She's one of my favourite characters and tought me to stand up for myself, to trust my abilities, and to do my best to be the first!

Lightning Dust has nothing on Dash! Nothing!

I love lightning dust I have a pic on my wall

She should be number one! She is better than Rainbow Dash!

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36 Daring Do

I love daring do! And Rainbow dash!

Daring - ElSherlock

She is shown very less on (Only 2 times) the show, but she is the best pony in the whole world! She is so daring, awesome and cool!

She is awesome and cool. And daring!

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37 Snips

These comments make me cringe - XYZeed

creepy - Jaker747

Oh yeah my favorite!

I really think that this pony is one of if not the best ponies because he is so unique and he is also very odd but adorable. - anonamoose5

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38 Cheerilee

Cheerilee is sweet - Jaker747

I think cheerilee definitely needs a REALLY PRETTY horn

Cherries dose not have a horn

Every teacher should be so nice like her!

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39 Snowdrop

Not as good as Lyra but she is fine.

To me she is a bad pony and she is a oc anywa so yeeeah

This girl is nice in all but really she is pretty dumb I think she is a fake character they should of thrown her design in the garbage they shouldn't have created her. She won a contest by making a cheesy paper snowflake to me that is just like totally unheard of is say boo snowdrop a 2 inch snowman is better than her

Okay if you're gonna say why you don't like a character, use some actual reasons okay - ListerBlister

Wow... Uh.. I'm gonna get a lot of hate for saying this, but Snowdrop isn't he most flattering character, in fact, she was pretty lame.. Now before you throw tomatoes in my face, hear me out. She's a little blind filly with a squeaky cute voice and has no friends. Yeah, can we please like a character before we feel bad for it? Sure she's nice and has some development but come on! She's just another OC with a sad back story.. But if I had to be honest, she's pretty interesting

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40 Moondancer

She's pretty cool. By the way, this is one of the official spellings of her name, the other being Moon Dancer; both have been used in official material.

Moondancer is awesome in so many ways

I just love her name so so much

She is like a lucky charm

41 Fleur de Lis

And by the way rainbow dash is my fave

Yes agreed! Best characters ever! She's more beautiful than Rarity! She should have mad appearances in more episodes

Cutest pony ever

Alacorn and not a princess AWESOME

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42 Tank

He is cute and a loyal friend!

He is a turtle


Tank is so adoreable he is loayl like rainbowdash

43 Lyra Heartstrings Lyra Heartstrings

One of the most known background pony, amazing design and her friendship with Bon Bon is so cute. This character must have her own episode,

Green-blue pony - ElSherlock

Best of the best.

Lyra is awesome, especially because of all the awesome work that many of the fans have given her.

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44 Princess Skystar

She is a cool seapony! I love her design and voice.

45 Gilda Gilda

I will never let you go to the main six

She is so never good

She is good now - ElSherlock

No matter how there may be something likeable about her as a character people just be STUPED and overreact focus on the one thing that she done. Yelling at Fluttershy, that shouldn't matter anymore, this shouldn't matter anymore, can people just look to the bright side of things and just forget about what she done! At least get her off the bottom of the list.

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46 Minuette

Very nice pony!

The Pinkie Pie of Canterlot! Her energy and happiness is contagious!


Minuette sucks she has no commen sence and deserves to be last. Honestly she is as bad a s pinkie pie

47 Capper Capper
48 Pipsqueak

Did you hear pipsqueak's gonna get his cutie mark? If so, please reply back to me. Reply back anyway about my opinion on my favorite little colt

Who is pipsqueak


I love pipsqueak! sooo cute! hate diamond tiara. BOO HISS x 3! pip's gonna be a great pony president

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49 Lemon Zest
50 Gummy

Gummy's monologue in "A Slice of Life" is the reason why I exist

Wo go gummy. Although he is a little of putting when he sis there doing nothing, in slice of life he dose something that I totally wasn't expecting and it literally blew my mind! ARR!

Gummy had the highlight of the season in slice of life!


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