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Why isn't Applejack at the top. She's not shy, caring and understanding like Fluttershy, Competitive and strong like Rainbow Dash, Funny and excitable like Pinkie, Put's her heart and soul into everything like Rarity and learns valuable lessons every time she's in an episode like Twilight! Applejack is an outstanding pony who'll die hard trying to protect her family, she'll never give up no matter how hard the task is! She'll stick with her family and friends no matter what the cost (More loyal than Rainbow eh? )! And though she may seem boring or her colour isn't the most outstanding like Rarity or Rainbow Dash she's still got a fabulous personality and may I say a sad backstory (of her parents death and all..) Applejack deserves more attention and less people should be liking a stupid rainbow showoff named Rainbow Dash.

Applejack- our fave! The first time I realised that she was the least well-loved of the six I thought that was quite sad. We like her for her personality, her honesty, her hard-working, brave & independent nature, maturity, her upbeat, healthy athleticism & physical strength, and her down-to-earth nature. Rarity is easily our second choice, and together they are the greatest- they are so hilarious. So it's too bad that Rarity also rates lower with others, all things considered! Maybe it's because they seem like older characters, or also because they have outlier accents/stereotypes (working class country farm girl & 'posh 'girl). Admittedly like Fluttershy's sweet kindness, gentleness and natural beauty & care for nature, and Rainbow Dash's badass-ness & striking cool design, too... they are a great set of characters, all six...

It's times like this I wonder why Twilight Sparkle gets more attention than Applejack. To me, Applejack is a much better role model. She doesn't care about things being perfect; she doesn't act like a complete know-it-all; she's more hard-working; she knows when to have fun; she's cares more about her friends and family; she doesn't act like a complete psychopathic creep when stressed out; she doesn't need magical powers to prove that she's awesome; and she's actually more mature once you think about it.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash are my favorite characters. Applejack is nice, athletic, humble, and funny. She has a great heart and cares about all the other ponies.

She is honest, kind, loyal (her accent is amazing) and she is a brilliant character who deserves to be praised. I love her because she works hard and she also saved Spikey-Wikey! (LOL) Spike is really cool as well cause he is so cute and a great helper to Twilight. Applejack may have gone against Fluttershy's idea in Bats! But in the end she knew that it was right.

We almost forgot the honest pony, Applejack. She's honest, hardworking, brave, powerful, determined, but at least she HAD a reason to be dishonest, to save her family. Even though not my most favorite, she is very protective to her little sister Apple Bloom and stands up for her. Her human counterpart even helped human Twilight Sparkle in the archery game, so that Twilight wouldn't be disqualified. - AinezoChan

I love Applejack way more than Rainbow Dash. Seriously, can there be more than one tomboy in the main six? Sure, Applejack might be the tiniest bit racist. But at least she isn't extremely annoying and prideful like Rainbow Dash. Applejack is also very pretty, hardworking, strong, and mature. Face the fact she's orange! Put her to the top, people!

Sorry, meant to thumbs up D: Anyway, I agree, but Lauren Faust (to my knowledge, I don't know exactly) has stated that they're not tomboys, just not completely girly. Anyway, yeah, I agree with you--also, she should be at least at #4.

Awesome character. Not a jerk like Rainbow Dash, (no offense) not boring like Twilight Sparkle, and not annoying like Pinkie Pie. She's loyal, adventurous, and honest. Best pony ever.

Apple jack is a great example to follow she is honest and is hard working
She is by far my favorite pony

Applejack has the best of all the ponies. Even though she might not pop out as much as the other ponies, she's still cool. She's tough like Dash, caring like Fluttershy, has um... energy like Pinkie Pie, is mature and wise like Twilight Sparkle, and sassy like Rarity. And she has a cool hat! How can you top that!

She is AwESOMe! Her personality is like me! She is also like my favorite disney princess Pocahontas! I love how Applejack is in tune with nature, is strong, loyal, honest, adventurous, friendly, and totally my type! She should be #1! GO APPLEJACK! :D

In my opinion, Applejack is awesome! Rainbow Dash might be cool, but I think that Applejack is so cool too! She's a tomboy who doesn't mind getting her hooves dirty. Not to mention that she's really strong! And I know a lot of people don't think that she's pretty, but if she were a person she would be really pretty. I like Pinkie pie and twilight and fluttershy, and I like rainbow dash, but why is RD always at the top?

She teaches a good lesson for kids nowadays! Honest, modest, and hardworking!

Applejack is the BEST pony ever. I don't see why everyone is voting for rainbow dash, fluttershy and pinkie pie above her (no offense);. I am so much like her. She is the pony worthy of all the votes. she is honest, generous, funny, kind and loyal (all except magic. come on ponies... Let's all vote for APPLEJACK! The BEST PONY in ALL OF EQUESTRIA!

I love Applejack. I can relate to her a lot, tomboyish, not fussed about fashion, loyal to my friends and outgoing. She's my favorite pony by far and has been for ages. She's so capable independent and cute. Not to mention how hard working, tough, brave and strong she is.

Applejack is one of the most underrated MLP characters ever. She is tougher than RD and is kinder to Fluttershy and doesn't taunt her or mock her unlike a blue pony I know. She is a rock too Apple Bloom and having lost her parents at a young age she strives to help her family. I truly love Applejack, she is my favourite along With Nightmare Moon and Twilight Sparkle. She is not racist or sexist, it is you AJ haters that are racist and sexist, racist because she is different from city people and sexist because she is a hardworking GIRL. She is the girl Knuckles the Echidna (no, even better! ) and I love her, I don't care what you haters say. - TwilightKitsune

I love how Applejack helps her family and I love her southern accent. She is awesome and I love her colors. What happened to her mom and dad why do they not tell that in the show?

Applejack is a loving pony who will help a pony when they need it, if I was a pony I know I would want to be her friend

AppleJack is best pony. Enough said.

Love her! Don't say that her voice is annoying cause it's not! Your just judge mental.

Applejack is the first pony to ever break a Pinkie promise and live. Enough said.

Some people think Applejack is worst pony, and refer to her as "worst background pony". I, however, think differently. Her athletic rivalry with Rainbow Dash makes her 20% cooler.

Applejack should be above Twilight, because she's more fun, awesome (next to Rainbow Dash), adventurous, likable, and caring.

Applejack is one of the best ponies on the show. I can't believe people don't consider her a main character, she should at least be at number four.

Even though I love rainbow dash apple jack is a great pony honest hardworking and sassy