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Fluttershy is a female pegasus pony from the 2010 animated TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is a kind pegasus and is very timid and shy. She takes care of the animals.


Fluttershy is best pony cause she is the one a lot of people can relate to just think about all the people out there who are the shy ones the ones that are so kind they get over looked put in the back of the class but they don't mind they just think of I must taking up space I'm sorry and they sit down and do work and I just love how adorable she is

Fluttershy, in my opinion, is the pony people can best relate too. She is so generous, and kind, which is what I admire about her. Fluttershy is very quirky in her own way, and even though she is timid a lot, I can see that she is a fun, party girl, even though you have to dig deep. Fluttershy is the type of pony that you would want to confide in, or talk about anything too. She understands everything, and loves nature. I fell in love, with Fluttershy the first time I heard her voice. She is so angelic, and even her appearance screams angelic to me. Basically, Fluttershy, in my opinion, is underrated, but she is so sweet, and lovely, and is definitely the best pony.

Fluttershy is simply the best pony of them all this is because she was the one that got the mane sixes cuties marks not showoff Rainbow dash if Fluttershy wasn't getting picked on then Rainbow dash wouldn't of done the race and none of the mane six wouldn't of got their cutie marks in fact they wouldn't of even be friends like they are today. I also want to point out that in my opinion I don't think that Fluttershy gets much attention from her friends at all and because Rainbow dash is so loud and brags all the time people are all gonna think it's her when it's quiet ponies like Fluttershy who are really the cause off it.

Rainbow is my favorite BUT Fluttershy your so sweet and kind so cute and um well quiet I am VERY loud I get told off a lot because of how loud my voice is she is my number 2 (sorry but I really like Rainbow Dash) but even though rainbow is my favorite you helped me to crack out of my shell like how you helped Rarity with her dresses by modeling them to Photo Finish and well ya Fluttershy your great!

Used to be my favorite pony ( shes now #3 on my list ), but I can relate to Fluttershy, a lot. When I was little ( I'm in high school right now ) I used to act like Fluttershy! We both loved animals, we were both extremely shy, and we both spoke in a very soft voice. But Fluttershy is very, VERY, ADORABLE. If shes not the best pony, she's definitely the cuttest one! Oh ya and she gets a bunch of laughs too ( for example: yay ). But I really feel bad for her because she has to deal with Mr. Crapface Angel Bunny ( that's another story ). And yes, I sadly agree that Putting Your Hoof Down was not the best MLP episode, but it did teach us that Fluttershy can stand up for herself. Hey, lots of people hated her before this episode because of how timid she was, so this is what they asked for :P. Overall Fluttershy is the most cutest thing to ever appear on TELEVISION.

A super timid pegasus with a heart of gold who prefers to look after nature. She has a cute design, is the 'motherly' member of the group and has many cute moments in the seasons: 'yay', 'Fluttershy, you're such a loud-mouth' 'i'd like to be a tree' and my personal favourite 'were we arguing? I'm sorry'
But the main six (Yes, I used 'main' get over it) all blend well to make an enjoyable series~!

Fluttershy is the best pony! I like her because she always has the most interesting and hilarious episodes. Her special trait of kindness and cautiousness is my favorite out of all the ponies, and she's just great! Seriously, how can she go from being scared of a leaf touching her flank to literally making a full grown fire-breathing dragon CRY!

FLUTTERSHY IS BEST PONY EVER! I think she should be one on this list. NOT TWILIGHT! , she's the worst pony ever and she definitely does NOT deserve to be on top. Fluttershy is by far better than her and Applejack.

Fluttershy is literally my spirit pony... Every personality test I do I always get her. I really like her because I can relate to her in a lot of ways. I am also an animal lover, and I'm quiet and shy. She's my absolute favourite! It's sort of weird because since I consider myself pretty much a human Fluttershy, if I were a pony, I'd be a pegasus... and I'm not competitive at all! I have pretty much no pegasus traits which is kinda funny!

I love fluttershy because she made become a Brony and she show many weaknesses but she strong inside and her cutie mark and her element it makes me happy and let's all my anger go out whenever I'm sad. And I'm glad that I saw the show fluttershy is my element I'm kind everywhere! But the point is she the best pony ever and I'm glad that I saw the show and have a pony that's my element in real life I saw the show in 2013 and she will always be in my heart!

Fluttershy is kind and caring to all creatures big and small. She has an amazing singing voice. Her element is kindness which is a quality we should all posses. I mean what is not to love about this gal pal? Everyone vote up for fluttershy and help her get in the lead.

Fluttershy is a sweet cute Pegasus who is really shy. In my opinion, I am like fluttershy because I'm the one who always gets picked last for a team or she feels like she doesn't fit in sometimes just like me even though she has friends I don't think she was satisfied. Just a shout out for everypony when you pick your favourite character don't change who you are to be like them. Please vote! Thanks

I love fluttershy a lot because she is adorable and even though she is the weakest in the mane six she understands them and she's cute with her yays and I love how she's also taking care of her cute animals I think she should be number 1 in the top tens not fair! - loskyou

She is ADORABLE! She's very shy, but if you get her mad she will show you the best part of her. The best part is The Stare, it gives her so much personality! - ThisIsAUsername

Fluttershy is just so sweet and cute that she just melts your heart. She is so adorable and delicate and endearing, and so so caring for others. She has the best heart. You have to be a cold-hearted evil person not to love a pony as sweet as fluttershy!

I love Fluttershy as well too because she is always kind and caring most of the time. And also I love her cute animal pets.

Not many people may think this but Fluttershy, even with her shy, kind, generous personality, she is brutal, which I sort of like that she can still stand up for herself and she is also pretty much the best MLP character, but that my opinion

Fluttershy is so cute! I glad that she is top 3! The reasons I love this character because she is so kind and nice towards others... she still accept Angel's quest no matter when Fluttershy is in bad mode! She is now my official number one favourite my little pony characters!

I am just like her. Shy most of the time but not with friends. I love animals any kind. I help others and sometimes I need help of my own. And what I love about her is that she stands up for her friends.

Fluttershy is best pony she is sweet kind and gentle although it is a little weird when she says something mean or gets angry don't miss with her or she will give you the talk or the stare

She's personally my most favorite character from the show. In my opinion, she's super pretty and adorable. Especially her relationship with Discord and Rarity. - AinezoChan

I like Fluttershy because she is sweet and kind. And, she is kind to animals. I like her cutie mark and how she can understand animals. She is very cute and adorable.

She is the most adorable pony. She is so sweet and sensitive. I share personality traits with her and she just appeals to me. She is so innocent and kind. That makes her the best.

She is so adorable! Fluttershy is the reason I stuck with the show! Shes so adorable with her "yays". She is so quiet and shy. I just adore her!

I just think Flutters is adorable. And honestly, she's a pretty funny character. Well, in a way. I'll not write a book about it, so you either understand, or you don't.