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I really love Naruto, I'm a HUGE fan. I just want to know what you fans think about these scenes I've read and watched and consider the most beautiful and awesome scenes.
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1 Itachi and Sasuke fight

That was just awesome! I loved it it was so incredible! The fight between them I was like THEY'RE FINALLY GOING TO FIGHT! YEAH! And I was so nervous but at the same time excited!

2 Obito reveals the truth about Itachi

this scene was so relieving, I mean, all this time Sasuke thought Itachi was evil and actually it's a twisted plot.

3 Pain vs. Naruto

This was one of the best moments/fights! mUsT waTcH

yh really one of the best part

4 Naruto vs Sasuke Fight

How is this not #1 the entire naruto series was building up to this moment.

5 Naruto and Kushina meet

I really like how Naruto thought his mom was the true form of the Kyuubi and how Kushina got triggered. Makes me smile.

That is just beautiful! I love that scene. I really do. I cried so much!

I cried.. So hard. Such a beautiful scene!

Can't tell how many times I rewatched that scene

6 Gaara vs. Naruto fight
7 Itachi's last words to Sasuke

I cried I felt totally ripped apart, I bet sasuke totally regretted hating him after. One of my favorites parts of the show though.

No words. Just bittersweet.

So sad yet wonderful

omg this scene was heartbreaking :(((

8 Gaara gets revived
9 Neji and Naruto fight

Probably one of the best fights in my opinion. Naruto's words was cool and how Naruto took down Neji. He also awakens the Kyuubi, the large amount of people that watched would be amazed.

That was awesome! I really hated Neji at first, I hated how he thought that you couldn't go against destiny, and I hated how he said that some people were born as losers like Naruto and some winners. But then Naruto won and proved his point! (Even if he ended up badly hurt)

Best fighting scene in Naruto (but not naruto Shippuden)

Haha yeah, this one was pretty cool

10 Rock Lee Versus Gaara

This fight is still one of the greatest battles pre-Shippuden. The only one that tops this is Rock Lee vs Kimimaro.

This fight was so epic, when he said he was going to fight serious and put off those weights - EPIC

Lee earned everyone's respect! Kinda sad how they don't show more of him now

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11 Naruto and Kyubi become friends

The music was so hype and it was just a vibe. ya know? I wanted them to become friends the whole time and it was just a beautiful moment

That was amazing! I had been waiting for that time to come for ages! Until the Kyubi FINALLY accepted Naruto as a friend! I loved it.

The most amazing scene

12 Haku vs. Sasuke and Naruto (Naruto awakens the Nine-Tailed Fox)
13 Naruto returns after ''making friends'' with Nagato

I loved that scene, you know when he comes back, and the whole village's like super worried about him and they congratulate him, and cheer for him, and he's so happy with that ultra adorable and stupid smile of his. That's just incredible.

Pain Arc was the best!

14 Naruto's last words to his father

Man this scene was too emotional. I literally cried for the whole time watching this.

This is one of the saddest scenes in the series. I cried SO much! :(

15 Hinata protects Naruto

What a moment! It's great. Hinata grew up to be a big and brave ninja. She is incredible. She wasn't afraid to go to Naruto when she saw him in trouble. The Will of Fire and much love moved her there. Exciting!

The hinata vs pain moment... Then Naruto getting beefy out of anger... Best kyuubi moment in the serie

16 Jiraiya dies

This was sad, thinking we will never see Jiraiya again. Especially the moment where Naruto remembers memories about Jiraiya after founding out that his sensei died. Heartbreaking. And the icecream omg :((

I understand why Naruto meeting his mother is number one but the reason I chose this instead is not after first watching it when you just feel angry/ sad because such a great character has died but it's the second time I saw it.

Man it's so awesome and beautiful in the anime especially with the three stages he goes through which is wonderfully accompanied with three songs from the great soundtrack. The first is regret and a sense of failure in his life.

The second is realisation that he isn't a failure and that he found the pupil that will change the world and his a great shinobi.

Lastly was the ninja way that he and naruto both abide by which is the guts to never give up and the come back from brink of death to past the message and the passing of the torch to realise Jiraiya dream onto naruto with the pat on shoulder. I mean damn it may of been sad at the time but it was so bloody beautiful and great I am kind of happy I saw it as I never seen a anime death so ...more

One of the saddest deaths

It was so so so sad. But I didn't cry... I guess I'm heartless.

17 Obito gives Kakashi his sharingan eye

I know this is REALLY sad, but in my opinion it was one of the best scenes yet, I mean come on, even if it was sad it was just beautiful how Obito gave Kakashi his eye AFTER saving him.

That was so epic with the fight against tobi

18 Night Guy

That was a dream even for the great madara to fight against

To awesome for words

19 Sakura protects Sasuke, Naruto, and Lee

I love that scene! I remember the time I read it, I was like: "Finally you show some guts girl! Finally you stopped being a damsel in distress and let everybody save you! Finally you stop being a crybaby and do something! " Even if I love Sakura, and she is one of my favorite characters, I still think that at first, she's just a useless (not completely) fangirl who only knows how to cry. But then she becomes really cool!

20 Naruto is about to rip off the seal and Minato stops him

This scene is so emotional! And the music is perfect

That's one is perfect

21 Kimimaro vs. Naruto, Rock Lee, and Gaara
22 Zabuza Repents

Lots of good fights, but when Zabuza charges into a mob with two useless arms and a kunai in him mouth... Perfection. Gato knew true fear in his final moments.

This scene was just amazing naruto reaching into zabuzas heart was just amazing

The moment when Zabuza's tears stained the earth...

23 Asuma's spirit appears

You know, that scene after Shikamaru defeats stupid Hidan, and then Asuma's spirit kinda like appears outta nowhere (or was it out of the cigarette's smoke) and speaks about Konoha's will of fire.

24 Naruto and the rest of the toads get summoned by Shima to fight Pain
25 Zetsu “HELLO”
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