England is an amazing team that is looked down by many because of their lack when performing sometimes but we all know they are very good

England are all way on the minds of every other team in every World Cup, they know that even when they play bad they still can beat you. And when they are on there game nobody can beat them.

England is the best I honestly think england could beat Spain right now and they have shown that they can tie and beat Brazil Italy is tough for them but they are still a better team and really Germany at number 3 that's just stupid

Not had the best couple of years but with now a strong goalkeeper and experienced players but also a young team I reckon they will win the world cup in Rio

GO ENGLAND! England may have only won the world cup once but when they are playing in the league games they are on FIRE!

england don't win world cups but there still graet wayne rooney is in there team - acdcthunderstruck

My country great country
Gary lineker
Bobby charlton
Bobby moore
Loads of great players

England is a great team but over the last few years, they can't win in those big situations.

England invented football + the best team in the world Manchester United are from England =England are the best.

They have the best soccer league in the world along with Italy and Spain

The sport wouldn't exist without England - CoolCat999

Love this team. Just wish they get better again. The good ole days

They have a lot of good player on the team like David Beckham

They have so much talent they have to win something soon

In my point of view... England and Italy is best team.

England are the best they have one the World Cup

This team is full of great players, superb team

They have a good squad and won the world cup in 1966

England should be a better then Germany

That dude said david beckham twice

We are so amazing we have Harry Kane, Dele Ali,

England best team in the world by far

They need lampard, Walcott and Lennon. Paul Robinson was good but hart is also good

I don't know why they're not higher, the team of 1990 was better than any Italian, German or Argentinian team that's ever been and were very unlucky to get knocked out. They could have won that world cup.

Players include: Gary Lineker, Steven Gerrard, Bobby Moore, Bobby Charlton, Michael Owen, Wayne Rooney, Paul Gascoigne, Kevin Keegan, Stanley Matthews, Alan Shearer, Peter Beardsley and John Barnes.

I think England should at lest be the second best yhey got all these good players